20 Best Shiny Grass-Type Pokémon Worth Chasing

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Shiny versions give Ken Sugimori’s fantastic Pokémon designs new life.

Whether you’re doing it the old-fashioned way or using a technique such as International Breeding, getting that perfect grass shiny is always worth it.

So if you’re partial to the CO2-breathing guardians of nature that are Grass-type Pokémon, you’ll find the best shiny options in our ranking here.


20. Tangrowth

Shiny Tangrowth

Tangela is one of those OG first-generation Pokémon we’ll never forget – in part due to its unusual chromatic design.

I mean, it’s the “Vine Pokémon”, but it’s entirely blue.

When have you seen blue vines?

Its evolution only added to the confusion with its reddish-purple arms reminiscent of a bruise or a corpse rather than a plant.

The shiny version of both critters changes the game by making the vines a bright green. While the tips of its “fingers” are till the same color, it looks much more natural on a green plant rather than a blue one.


19. Lotad

Lotad Pokémon

There’s nothing wrong with Lotad’s base coloring. They’re sentient lily pads, and that’s exactly what they look like – but there’s always room for improvement.

This Water/Grass-type’s shiny version sports a rich wine color on his body and a slightly blueish leaf that complement its confident gaze and imposing aura.

The Water Weed Pokémon had never looked this good.

Regrettably, this third-gen shiny critter doesn’t look quite as interesting after evolving into Lombre and later Ludicolo. So you better keep an Everstone handy.


18. Chikorita

Shiny Grass-Type Chikorita

I’ll be frank with you – Chikorita’s shiny form is nothing too creative.

But I love the cutesy Grass-type critter, and I’ll get it into as many rankings as I can.

Instead of its original all-green color palette, the shiny version sports a warmer, yellow tint on its body and an orange leaf on its head.

This change is subtle but meaningful, making this second-gen Pokémon look less like daikon radish and more like peeled yam or something of the sort.

According to the Pokédex, Chikorita releases a delicious calming smell from its skin. Something tells me this over-ripened shiny version must have the sweetest smell in the Pokémon kingdom.


17. Gourgeist

Shiny Gourgeist

It’s the Great Pumpkin Pokémon, Charlie Brown!

Despite being a Ghost/Grass-type with an evident Halloweeny aesthetic, Gourgeist’s original color palette makes it more suited to celebrate Thanksgiving than spooking anyone on October 31st.

Its shiny form goes a long way to make this sixth-gen pocket monster much more eerie and menacing.

Its Jack-o-Lantern face jumps out more thanks to the increased contrast with the darker gourd, and its purple hair/arms look like props in a classic horror film.


16. Roserade

Roserade Pokémon

The elegant Bouquet Pokémon was introduced in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl as an evolution to the much-loved Roselia, and their joint popularity has only grown from there.

Considering Roserade looks like a fusion between Roselia and Persona 5’s Joker, its shiny version’s darker colors are just fitting.

Instead of red and blue bouquets at the end of its arms, they sport a dark and mysterious black and purple combination.

The new color scheme brings out the Poison in its Grass/Poison typing and may serve as a reminder that under those flowers rest thorny, poisonous whips waiting to catch unsuspecting prey.


15. Gogoat

Shiny Gogoat

Gogoat is one of the coolest-looking Pokémon introduced in Gen VI.

It’s dignified, imposing, and it’s generally an example of what Ken Sugimori can achieve when he puts his mind to it.

The shiny version only makes this pure Grass-type cooler with more contrasting black and white fur, along with brighter leaves and golden horns.

This is the primary transportation form around the Kalos region, but its exotic shiny version looks like the kind of mount you’d want to have in an MMORPG.


14. Ferrothorn

Shiny Ferrothorn

Gen V’s Ferrothorn looks remarkably alien thanks to its saucer-design and spiky tentacles.

Its shiny version takes it one step further by taking the green tentacles – the only thing keeping the Grass in its Grass/Steel typing – and changing them into a bright pink color.

It’s simply too unnatural to be a plant, and I love it.

The color of its steel-hard shell is also closer to gold, whereas the original is silver.

Find one of these hanging from the ceiling while exploring a cave, and you may just think you’ve just had a close encounter of the third kind.


13. Dhelmise

Shiny Dhelmise

Despite being a Ghost/Grass-type, Dhelmise doesn’t look all that haunted.

It makes me think of sailing the Caribbean in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag rather than some ghostly underwater encounter.

Since the Sea Creeper Pokémon’s body is actually the algae that’s attached to the anchor, that’s the only thing that changes colors in the shiny version – but what a change it is!

Once the algae has gone from a deep green to a bright blood red, it’s hard to keep thinking of this seventh-gen critter as a friendly nature spirit.

It looks bloody and even a bit demonic – kind of like a boss from an early Devil May Cry title.


12. Eldegoss

Shiny Eldegoss

Gossifleur’s fluffy evolution is cute in any color.

Its usual yellow and green combination is reminiscent of Spring, and it’s very fitting for a Pokémon well-known for its nutritious seeds.

That said, the shiny version of this adorable eighth-gen critter is much more attractive and eye-catching.

The combination of pink and purple hues gives this pure Grass-type a flowery appeal.

Eldegoss’ shiny form puts the “bloom” in Cotton Bloom Pokémon.


11. Tsareena

Shiny Grass-Type Tsareena

Known as the Fruit Pokémon, Gen VII’s Tsareena is true Pokémon nobility – and its shiny form drives that point home.

While the Queen of the Steenee and Protector of the Bounsweet looks fantastic in its original colors, its shiny form drapes this high-class Pokémon in gorgeous lilac and pink hues befitting its royal status.

Don’t let these delicate colors fool you, though.

There’s a reason why Tsareena was chosen for the job by its fellow Steenee. Devastating kicks from its strong legs can bring down foes many times its size – and it’s not afraid to use them.


10. Breloom

Shiny Breloom

Here’s one of my personal favorites.

Known as the Mushroom Pokémon, Breloom stands somewhere in the middle between a dinosaur and a Shiitake. And its shiny version makes it even more interesting.

Rather than an edible mushroom, this shiny Grass/Fighting-type looks just like an Amanita Muscaria – a poisonous mushroom that’ll give you intense hallucinations if you consume it.

I love all things mushroom, so this third-gen critter just tickles my funny bone.


9. Amoonguss

Shiny Amoonguss

Continuing the shroomy trend comes Amoonguss. Another mushroom.

I guess there are only so many ways to categorize a pocket monster.

This Grass/Poison-type is notorious for its resemblance to a Pokéball, which it uses to lure in prey before striking.

Why a wild Pokémon would approach a giant Pokéball is beyond me.

This shiny version changes the red on its caps to purple, effectively turning this giant predator pokéball into a Master Ball.

I don’t think that’ll help this fifth-gen pocket monster hunt, but it’s definitely cool.


8. Rillaboom

Shiny Rillaboom

Shiny starters are some of the most coveted Pokémon around. And Grookey’s final form is definitely among the coolest.

The shiny version changes this Grass-type’s green leaves to something more yellow, reminiscent of early Fall. It also has a warmer and slightly darker fur tone that greatly contrasts with the brighter, lime-green leaves.

It gives Gen VIII’s beloved starter Pokémon a laid-back charm.


7. Sceptile

Shiny Sceptile

I’m a big fan of shiny forms that completely change a Pokémon, such as Sceptile’s aquatic-looking alternate color scheme.

Rather than a Grass-type, this third-gen starter now looks like a Water-type Pokémon, sporting much the same colors seen on Gen II’s Totodile.

Whether it’s a coincidence or a throwback is up to us to decide.

It looks terrific on Mega Sceptile too, who looks a bit like a Christmas tree in its traditional palette, but positively dangerous in its shiny form.

Since both Treeko and Totodile were some of my first Pokémon, this shiny form holds a special place in my gamer heart.


6. Lurantis

Shiny Lurantis

The Bloom Sickle Pokémon’s original colors are meant to give it a humanoid look by mimicking a Japanese kimono.

The pink, red, and white tones are too cute to feel menacing. And so we forget its arms could chop our heads off in one swing.

Lurantis’ shiny form has more or less the same colors as Leavanny – three tones of green.

It makes Lurantis look like the praying mantis it is, leaving no doubt as to just how dangerous this Grass-type can be.


5. Lilligant

Shiny Lilligant

Much like Tsareena, Lilligant is a sophisticated Grass-type Pokémon that’s just as suited to attend tea parties with the nobility as it is to wipe the floor with other Pokémon.

Its standard colors are already beautiful. Its gorgeous flower is a badge of honor for the trainer raising Lilligant, but it can’t compare to its shiny form’s fairytale colors.

Whereas regular Lilligant has all-green leaves and an orange/red flower on its head, the shiny form boasts some blueish leaves and a pink bloom that somehow makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a cuter Pokémon in the rest of Gen V.


4. Whimsicott

Shiny Whimsicott

Unova’s Whimsicott may not be quite as cute as Lilligant.

But we’re ranking shiny forms, and this Grass/Fairy-type has a unique alternate color palette.

This Windveiled Pokémon goes from a regular-looking plant to a menacing forest sprite.

Its bright orange eyes and striking blue “horns” create incredible contrast with its darker skin (bark?), and its all-white cotton ball completes the mythical look.

It’s by far one of the most eye-catching and appealing shiny Pokémon around. So it’s hard to believe I couldn’t cram this into the top 3!


3. Trevenant

Shiny Grass-Type Trevenant

On the lower tier of the winner’s podium we find Trevenant, a Ghost/Grass-type with a shiny form that’ll scare you colorless by reminding you of the disappointment that was the last Game of Thrones season.

This sixth-gen plant monster’s regular color palette doesn’t stray much from what you’d expect on a common tree, but its shiny version really pops out thanks to its white bark and orange/red leaves.

It isn’t quite scary, but it is oddly similar to the Weirwood in Winterfell’s Godswood.

On the other hand, it’s also reminiscent of the enemies in the starting area for World of Warcraft Blood Elves… or a haunted maple tree.


2. Decidueye

Shiny Decidueye

Decidueye is one of the coolest starters ever made.

It looks like the leader of the Pokémon branch of the Assassins – and its shiny form reinforces the look.

Rather than the beautiful colors of nature it usually sports, this seventh-gen starter’s shiny version brings out the Ghost in its Grass/Ghost typing with jet black wings, a darker leaf cowl, and some bright red accents.

It would have been hard to guess the studious-looking Rowlet would go on to become such a smooth bad-ass, but such are the wonders of evolution.


1. Chesnaught

Shiny Chesnaught

Gen VI’s Chesnaught might not be quite as cool as Decidueye.

But we’re evaluating shiny forms, and few of them have as much impact on a Pokémon’s as this one.

Frankly put, regular Chesnaught looks weird.

I mean, where did all that beige come from? It’s boring, and it makes no sense.

On the other hand, its shiny version sports darker colors that create more contrast with one another. They stand out, and they give this Grass/Fighting-type a much more menacing look.

It’s incredible how a couple of minor palette changes can give a Pokémon such a different personality.

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