Should There Be a League of Legends 2?

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With Smite 2’s closed alpha weekend playtest having just come to an end; the general consensus was that of positivity and hope for the future of Titan Forge Games’ successful third-person MOBA. However, despite the warm reception towards this new installment in the Smite franchise, a resounding “Why?” seems to be circulating around most forums and YouTube comment sections.

Smite 2 has made history as being the first MOBA out of the big four (League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Heroes of the Storm) to receive a sequel (Dota 2 being the official release of what was previously nothing more than a glorified mod for Warcraft 3). And yet, when looking at the MOBA genre as a whole, the criticisms for Titan Forge Games’ very expensive financing of a second installment in their Smite universe, despite having the smallest player-base and generating one of the lower annual revenues out of the big four, are well founded.

To finance such an expensive step in your game’s future despite not being the most lucrative of all of the MOBAs does warrant concern from its fanbase, especially in the coming months where a content drought may appear.

So How Come There Has Been No League of Legends 2?

Alternatively, Riot Games are a multi-million-dollar company who in recent years have been no stranger to releasing tie-in games to their League of Legends universe, from their indie endeavors such as Mageseeker to their mobile projects such as Legends of Runeterra. With news of there also being a League of Legends MMO on the horizon, Riot obviously maintain the budget to produce high quality content, and to produce it fast.

This has made Riot Games the most likely candidate to produce a League of Legends 2 for some years now, and that is a request that the community have vocalized. League of Legends was released the better part of a decade ago and consequently it is running on an older engine that can only generate a certain amount of quality and fluidity in its content. To take the MOBA back to the drawing board and transfer all of the game’s assets onto another engine would require a lot of time and yes, another game for us all to invest our time in and likely lose our souls to all over again, but it would provide League with the necessary update moving into its second decade and beyond.

As for now, developers at Riot Games have shot down any speculation as to whether they will pursue a sequel to their hugely successful MOBA. Only time will tell, if the developers decide to follow in Titan Forge Games’ footsteps. What is certain however is that the imminent release of Smite 2 has changed the trajectory of MOBAs forever.

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