Odd Job: Could You Be This Couple’s Simlish Wedding Singer?

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We don’t often get emails as magical as this one in the FandomSpot inbox, but as soon as we read this we knew we had to share it (with consent, of course!). A newly engaged couple is looking for someone to be their ‘Simlish Singer’ – someone to sing a variety of their favorite songs at their wedding, all in the language of Simlish from The Sims.

Yup, you read that right! The soon-to-be-wed couple are both superfans of The Sims and got in touch with us in the hope that a singer, musician, or band in our community would have an extensive knowledge of Simlish and be able to transform a list of their favorite songs into the language, as well as perform them at their wedding.

In their email, the couple explained that this would make their wedding day even more special to them than usual, as they have had it planned even before the start of the pandemic in 2020. The Sims superfans go on to explain that they now think of it as a blessing in disguise, stating that they had been searching for someone for a while who might be able to fulfill their quirky request, unfortunately with no luck.

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Simlish Wedding Singer Job Email

The wedding is set to take place in November of this year, so the couple is hoping to have the role filled by late August, giving the singer, band, or musician time to translate the songs and rehearse. The couple is hoping that the person hired for the role will also be able to perform the songs on the playlist as well as translating them but is willing to hire separately for each role if necessary. The ‘Simlish Singer’ will receive a payment of up to $5,000 for their work – divided between the hires as necessary – as well as a complimentary meal and free drinks at the wedding itself for those who attend.

Applicants will ideally share a keen interest in The Sims so they are able to expertly transform a selection of tracks into Simlish without losing the meaning of the songs.

Those applying for the role must be 21 or over and from the USA or willing to travel so that they can attend the wedding to sing live. No professional translation or musical experience is necessary and solo singers, musicians, and bands are all welcome to apply.

Shortlisted applicants will be required to translate one song and/or provide a video or recording of them singing so that the couple can choose the right person/people for the role.

Those hoping to showcase their SIMply superb talents can apply for the role here:

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