Best Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods (All Free)

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With an estimated 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone, homo sapiens are bound to meet some extraterrestrial neighbors.

But even with our sophisticated space tech and Elon Musk’s determination to colonize Mars, aliens are still avoiding (or ignoring) humanity’s desperate invitation to hookup.

This continued rejection only fuels the human obsession with the prospect of alien life – and what they might look like once they’ve accepted our friend request.

And this intrigue naturally carries over into our Sims gameplay.

Sustain your fascination with the unknown and create an alien of your own making thanks to these free Sims 4 CC packs!


15. Dangly Antennae

Dangly Antennae CC for The Sims 4

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When thinking about alien physiology, there’s an expectation for appendages to look otherworldly – or just downright freaky.

And what could be freakier than having insect-like features?

Attach colorful Dangly Antennae onto your Sim (which may or may not enable telepathy) and look hella cuter than the Prawns from District 9.


14. Haunted (Skin Recolor)

Haunted Skin Recolor TS4 CC

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Production designers for films have practically given up on revamping alien aesthetics.

It’s like every fictional alien nowadays is a Guardians of the Galaxy reject, with skin color that’s either Gamora Green or Nebula Blue.

Let’s make your Sim stand out among the Marvel cast by flaunting a gradient skin color that glows like a lava lamp!

Plus with this mod you get to choose from 77 swatches which should be plenty enough to define an alien population.


13. Lips 153

Lips #153 - Alien Sims 4 Mod

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Scientists still don’t have proof of whether or not aliens actually have lips. But in case they do, here’s a lipstick palette to kiss off disbelievers.

Coat your Sim’s lips with galaxy-like flair with these chromatic shades from Taty!

Pick your fave among 25 swatches and enjoy showing it off on your next interplanetary night out.


12. Holo Alien Eyes

Holo Alien Eyes for The Sims 4

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If a person can fall into the black hole of UFO culture, what’s to say they can’t get lost in the eyes of an alien?

Kaleidoscopic, vibrant, and unearthly, these Holo Alien Eyes by Pseudosim have perfectly captured the beauty of the cosmos.

If you ever catch the twinkle in an alien’s eye, then you best be feeling starstruck – literally.


11. Star Skin

Star Skin Tone CC - The Sims 4

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Compared to the Na’vi from Avatar, the alien from The Thing is not exactly easy on the eyes. And is probably the most disgusting (if not the most terrifying) organism I’ve ever seen in science fiction.

I’m hoping against hope that NASA would discover an alien with Star Skin, rather than a murderous monster with an appetite for human flesh.

Customize your alien Sim to look more like a Miss Universe contestant, and less like a gory nightmare with this CC from ratboysims!

This pack contains 18 swatches and 4 face paints that will bring out that ethereal alien presence we know and love from PG-13 sci-fi movies.


10. Cyber Girl Makeup

Cyber Girl Makeup TS4 CC

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Admit it: Iron Man is one of the coolest Avengers to date.

And it’s not just because he’s portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. But rather because he represents the peak of human intelligence and empathy – which are completely alien traits to 21st-century humans.

And because he looks dope with the high-tech holograms and shizz.

Transcend human simplicity and become an alien on earth with this Cyber Girl Makeup from Jennisims!


9. Third Eye Accessory

Third Eye CC for The Sims 4

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If a human third eye is supposedly a manifestation of psychic powers, then what can a third eye mean on an alien?

My guess: it can shoot lasers at anyone stupid enough to make eye contact with it.

Pop a cool Third Eye Accessory onto your Sim’s forehead with this CC. It looks way cooler than a stubborn zit or even a few freckles.

Make other Sims uncomfortable with your extra line of sight and become a walking anomaly in your neighborhood.


8. Cyborg Set

Cyborg Set - Sims 4 mask and outfits

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Skynet may be created by human hubris. But its goal to wipe humanity through a nuclear holocaust is an alien standard.

Don a cyborg mask and put on some sinister contact lenses that would fit right into Skynet’s army of red-eyed Terminators!

If your Sim has a passion for time traveling and genocide, this CC is the perfect evil get up.


7. Space Invaders Outfit

Space Invaders Outfit CC for TS4

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The space dress code isn’t exactly fashionable. But it’s not all that bad.

Rather than focusing on style, survival is at the core of any space-appropriate attire. Which surprisingly includes skin-tight suits that any Totally Spies member would dig.

On your next trip to the planet Sixam, don’t forget to pack this Space Invaders Outfit which has 40 reasons why you should embrace being an outfit repeater.


6. Pastel Alien Suit

Pastel Alien Suit CC for The Sims 4

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Having only one space suit won’t cut it.

Not when your Sim is traveling around the vast expanse of the universe.

Add this Pastel Alien Suit to your Sim’s wardrobe and look like a self-aware humanoid robot who fancies too many colors at once.

Add-on killer boots and sprinkle some space dust on your Sim’s cheeks, and you’re good to go roaming the galaxies in style.


5. Alien Crown

Alien Crown CC for The Sims 4

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Who doesn’t want to be the monarch of an unknown alien race?

There are too many pros (and too few cons) to becoming an Alien King or Queen.

Some of the “pros” include unlimited flight time on advanced spaceships, and an army willing to decimate other planets when you feel like it.

As long as it doesn’t follow the same fate as queen bees, then I’m all good with offering my Sim as the heir to the alien throne.

Have your Sims looking regal in this Alien Crown by soloriya, and enjoy whatever alien royalty does in their free time.


4. Overwatch Headpiece Conversions

Overwatch Headpiece Conversions for Sims 4

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If you have the Get to Work expansion pack installed, then you’re aware of the lackluster job EA did on their version of aliens.

How many times have we seen a bald alien with soulless eyes?

Honestly, it wouldn’t have been so bad if they were just given more props like Symmetra’s and Widowmaker’s Visor.

That way, they would’ve looked cooler and more unique, and not like a cheap alien rip-off from Prometheus.


3. Enhanced Aliens Mod

Enhanced Aliens Mod Preview for Sims 4

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Want to improve your Sim’s unearthly interactions with the extraterrestrial?

Then dive right into this Enhanced Aliens Mod by Nyx!

This will introduce new alien abilities into your TS4 session, such as boosting and decreasing the needs of Sims.

They’ll also have the power to force Sims to clean the house and repair broken objects, which is exactly the hostile behavior we can expect from highly intelligent beings.

Lastly, players will have to cater to a new need called Brain Power which will decrease over time the more you abuse your alien abilities (bummer).


2. UFO Hotspot

UFO Hotspot Modded for TS4

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It would be unethical to use humans as bait to prove the existence of aliens.

So we’ll use the next best thing: Sims.

This UFO Hotspot mod will increase the chances of alien abduction at residential or community lots.

Whether by the road or at your backyard, this mod will redefine close encounters to become regular meet-up sessions with E.T.

If this isn’t the most sadistic mod ever, then I don’t know what is.


1. Stellar Stuff Pack

Space & Alien Stuff Pack Mod

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Through the collaboration of 10 different creators, we’ve been given a CC pack that is truly out of this world.

The Stellar Stuff Pack houses a massive set of CAS and Build & Buy items that are simply too many to mention (check the CC page for details).

From constellation-themed dresses and tattoos, to a huge Moon Laboratory that would put Area 51 to shame, this CC pack has all the essentials and novelties to build a vibrant alien world of your choosing.

If your Sim still feels bound to earthly desires, then this CC will blow their mind.

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