Best Ancient Greek CC & Mods For The Sims 4

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I have a soft spot for Ancient Greek history. Mainly because it was the only interesting subject in my world history class.

After all, having to memorize twelve godly names and recounting Homer’s works were more enjoyable than analyzing algebra.

Up to this day, Googling “Ancient Greece” remains to be a great way to kill time until the Percy Jackson series finally premieres on Netflix.

If you have as much love for Grecian lore, culture, and history as I do, then this list of CC should offer plenty of fun.


10. Ancient Kitchen Stuff

Ancient Kitchen Stuff Sims 4 CC

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When making the food of the gods, Ancient Greeks didn’t have the luxury of a pressure cooker or a fancy sauté pan.

Their kitchen would instead be littered with bronze cauldrons and dozens of jars in every size – much like this Ancient Kitchen Stuff from Snowtato!

Give it a try, I think your Sims will really enjoy it.


9. Greek Columns

Greek Columns for Sims 4

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There’s a very good reason why the influence of Ancient Greek architecture can still be seen today.

Their distinctive attention to detail and symmetry remains unrivaled, making every structure in the world of The Sims pale in comparison.

With that said, inject some history into your Sims’ world with these Greek-style columns!

Homebuilding has never been so fun.


8. Half Greek Dress

Half Greek Dress TS4 CC

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Greek summers were brutally hot, even before global warming came into the picture.

As advanced as the Greeks were in creating democracy and the Olympic games, they still didn’t have the knowledge to create sunscreens and air conditioning units to battle the heat.

That’s why the Ancient Greeks weren’t as fussy about their clothing, and preferred wearing fancy potato sacks in the form of this dress CC.

Long or short, this traditional dress for males was the hottest trend in 8th century BC!


7. Persefone

Persefone Sims 4 CC

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In Greek mythology, Persephone was the unlucky goddess who married her kidnapper – Hades.

From being the goddess of springtime and rebirth, Persephone did a total 360 and became the goddess of the underworld overnight.

We could assume that her marriage with Hades literally went to hell after this.

However, rest assured that your Sim will not suffer the same fate when they wear this Persephone-inspired dress!


6. Ancient Greek-inspired Hairstyles

Ancient Greek-inspired Hairstyles for Sims 4

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The Ancient Greeks had high standards when it came to personal aesthetics.

As seen in classic sculptures, it was almost a requirement to have a six-pack, as well as hair curlier than twister fries.

These two things are not so easy to get in real life. But this CC can easily give your male Sims a Greek makeover in under 5 seconds.

Look like a Grecian prince or Brad Pitt’s Achilles in Troy with these Ancient Greek-inspired Hairstyles from Plasma-Jane!


5. Greek Glam Set

Greek Glam Set Sims 4 CC

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Looking like a Greek goddess is easy when you have this custom glam CC on hand!

Style your Sims with an elegant one-shoulder dress and updo hairstyle that comes in 18 colors.

With an ensemble this gorgeous, expect Zeus to come knocking at your Sim’s door for you know what ~wink~.


4. Athena Hair

Athena Hair TS4 CC

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ICYDK, Athena is one of the twelve main Olympians or deities in Greek mythology.

She’s the badass maiden goddess of wisdom, with a crazy origin story that starts with Zeus eating a pregnant goddess, and ends with Athena emerging from his forehead, becoming the world’s first C-section baby.


Afterwards, Athena showed prowess in warfare and strategy, which ultimately led to having the city of Athens named after her.

I think that’s enough reason to emulate her in-game, don’t you?


3. Poseidon

Poseidon for Sims 4

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Poseidon isn’t the biggest a**hole in the whole Greek pantheon (that goes to big daddy Zeus).

But he’s no saint either.

Being the god of about 71% of the Earth’s surface, there’s bound to be some ego contest with some of the Olympian gods, especially his brothers.

But for what he did to Medusa, he deserves to get crushed by a tsunami.

Still, he’s one of the most powerful deities in Greek mythology.

And this CC shows just how cool it would be to dress up as a sea god.


2. Ares

Ares Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Before Kratos, Ares was the OG god of war with severe anger management issues.

He personified violence and cruelty, and possibly insanity on the battlefield.

Because of this, his parents – Zeus and Hera – and all the other gods hated him for being a huge jerk (and for promoting slaughter, of course).

Yet, who wouldn’t want to wear this Ares CC Set? Especially on Halloween.


1. Medusa

Medusa Sims 4 CC

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Medusa has had a bad rep in Greek mythology and modern media, all because Poseidon couldn’t keep his trident in his tunic.

After seeing them in her temple, Athena shamelessly victim-blamed Medusa and cursed her into what we know of her now.

It was a stupid move coming from the supposed goddess of wisdom. But at least Medusa came out stronger (and more murderous) than before.

And now you can turn your Sim into the famous Gorgon with this Medusa set from Natalia-Auditore!

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