30 Best Apartment Lots & Mods For The Sims 4 (Free To Download)

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I’ve lived in apartments all my life. And when I play The Sims 4, you can be sure my Sims will be doing the same.

After so many expansions, the sheer variety of possible living quarters can be mind-numbing – and all the Stuff Packs and custom CC out there adds even more variety.

But I think it’s always the user-created custom lots that feature the most fantastic designs. They stretch TS4 to its limits, and the results are beautiful.

I’ve spent a lot of time checking out custom apartments for my Simmies in the last few days. And I’ve found some fantastic ones that I love, and I’m sure you’ll love them too.


30. Tiny Living Apartment

Tiny Living Apartment Sims 4 mod

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To celebrate the Tiny Living pack release, creator Maddiexz3 graces us with this fantastic space-saving apartment that crams absolutely everything you need for a healthy life in an 18×7 lot.

It has all the bases covered – you can even do some gardening in it!

It has the Great Soil plot trait, so your Sims will find much success growing their own veggies indoors.

At one bedroom and one bathroom, it’s ideal for lone Sims or inseparable, cuddly couples who can’t spend too long apart.


29. Oxis Apartment Life

Oxis Apartment Life mod for Sims 4

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If keeping prices low and occupying as little space as possible isn’t what you’re looking for, consider the luxurious Oxis Apartment Life lot.

Creator Autaki implements several straight lines and sharp edges on the outside of this apartment complex but softens them with lots of greenery, including some vines hanging from the building’s side that give it a very eco-living look.

The inside is tastefully decorated in a toned-down industrial style somewhat reminiscent of the HQ of some big-tech company in Silicon Valley.

There are also many plants to be found throughout its four bedrooms, two living rooms, and even common bar.


28. Neon Apartments Part II

Neon Apartments Part II Sims 4 mod

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Bright apartments with plenty of natural light are great for a Sim’s skin. And this appealing apartment complex by YorkieLadPro has it in spades.

A tasteful combination of reflective surfaces, marble veneer, and even some murals adorn the outside of this gorgeous four-story building.

The “Neon” part of the name comes from the inside.

Some rooms in the apartments are covered in bright hues from the floor to the ceiling, while others use strokes of vivid color to break the monotony of more sober light browns, light olive greens, and whites.


27. 930 Medina Studios LOFT

930 Medina Studios LOFT Sims 4 mod

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One of the most interesting lot projects I could find was the Medina Studios LOFT series by Victor_tor, which tries to create an integrated three-apartment community where tenants are welcome to enjoy each other’s commodities.

It relies on the fact that Sims in TS4 are rather… invasive, often coming into your home to use your bathroom and even watch TV.

My favorite apartment in the series is the 930 Medina Studios, which features two large indoor greenhouse gardens where you can grow trees.

The set is completed with the 910 and 920 Medina Studios lofts.


26. Tiny Apartments 5×5

Tiny Apartments 5x5 Sims 4 mod screenshot

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If you’ve got several Sims who want to move out of their parents’ basements and strike out on their own, the 5×5 Tiny Apartments complex by Heymei is a fantastic low-cost option.

It’s a series of four small townhouse apartment lots stacked next to each other.

The small living space will keep pricing down, but it has everything a Sim needs for a full life – including small front yards and a shared backyard where they can do some gardening and interact with the neighbors.

The inside of each apartment is fully furnished and uses space smartly, so it doesn’t feel stuffy whatsoever.


25. Miami Apartment 2

Miami Apartment 2 mod for Sims 4

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Talented creator duo PralineSims brings us the second version of their fantastic Miami Apartment, maintaining the same tropical, luxurious look with some mild improvements on the side.

The building features plenty of glass walls that let in as much natural light as you’d expect from a day in Miami.

Lots of cream, beige, and white tones make it feel even more spacious, and intense splashes of color stimulate the eye and keep it from feeling bland.

One of the living rooms in particular features bright pink furniture that really captures the Miami Vice feel.


24. Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Sims 4 mod

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Some of the most interesting lots you can get for TS4 are reproductions of spaces seen in famous TV shows and films – such as Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment from Sex and the City.

Unlike most high-end TS4 apartment designs, this has a simple and homey style that looks like somewhere a person might live in rather than an interior designer’s thesis.

Well, a somewhat wealthy person.

It’s based on the apartment’s look in the 2008 film, including the iconic walk-in closet where Mr. Big proposes to Carrie near the end of the movie.

Other than Carrie’s, there are three blank-slate apartments in the complex ready for you to furnish.


23. Apricot Apartments

Apricot Apartments Sims 4 mod screenshot

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As is the case with most of PralineSims’ creations, the Apricot Apartments stand out for letting plenty of sunlight in through the massive window panels in almost every room.

This 40×30 lot features two distinct spaces over four stories meant for wealthy families with a taste for modern décor.

There’s even an indoor pool!

Beige, cream, and white tones rule over most of the lot, with some stone veneer and sober wallpapers to keep things fresh without sacrificing elegance. Delicate decorations like cherry blossom branches are the icing on the cake.


22. Stonestreet Apartments #3

Stonestreet Apartments #3 mod for Sims 4

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Creator Decorativewax brings us their own version of the Stonestreet Apartments #3 located in Evergreen Harbor’s Grims Quarry.

Despite the relatively small lot size of 9×13, the author managed to use the space efficiently and include a fully-equipped kitchen, a large bedroom with a double bed, a small studio, and a little living room with dining space.

They even had space left for some plants, which come together with the light pastel colors to create a spacious feeling despite the tight quarters.


21. Boho Rooftop

Boho Rooftop Sims 4 mod screenshot

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The Boho Rooftop by PralineSims breaks the mold with intense colors, plenty of eclectic patterns, and an absurd amount of plants and greenery.

Colorful rugs and eternally-burning candles confer the indoor spaces a very bohemian feeling that goes surprisingly well with the modern furniture.

Despite the apartment’s massive size, there’s only one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen.

The rest of the place is there to party or hold crowded meditation sessions.


20. Paul Apartments

Paul Apartments Sims 4 mod

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If you’re looking for a residence to fit all lifestyles, the Paul Apartments are the way to go.

This gorgeous apartment complex holds eight two-story apartments within its walls, each furnished in a unique way appealing to different Sims. There’s one for the photographers, one for the musicians, one for the plastic artists, and one for the family-oriented Sims.

They’re all very spacious and fully-equipped.

Not only that, but every tenant has access to a pool, a kid’s playground – and even a BBQ area close to the pool where they can have fun with their friends or get to know the neighbors.


19. 1312 21 Chic Street – Eclectic Artist

1312 21 Chic Street – Eclectic Artist Sims 4 mod

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Author MarVlachou brings us a creative apartment full of visually-stimulating decoration fit for a Sim who’s not afraid of color.

The eclectic use of bright and contrasting colors like yellow and pink or blue and orange make a fantastic combination with the down-to-earth decoration. It feels like someone built their perfect space little by little.

Plus, the bathroom is bright pink. Your guests will never forget it!

Get this if you’re the kind of player who gets bored of perfectly neat lots with sober colors that don’t speak to your soul.


18. Praline Apartments

Praline Apartments mod for Sims 4

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Among PralineSims most varied creations are the Praline Apartments, which feature five uniquely-designed units that’ll appeal to very different Sims.

Just as there is an apartment with lots of wood, warm colors, and traditional patterns that invoke a homey feeling on one, there’s another one with a modern black-and-white style.

One way or another, they’re all exquisitely furnished for their respective target audience – and the classic brick-built building is just beautiful on the outside as well.


17. Pure White Apartment

Pure White Apartment Sims 4 mod

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Suppose your Sim is some kind of tech mogul or world-famous mindfulness coach. In that case, they need an apartment that represents them and impacts any incoming potential business.

This Pure White Apartment mod by PralineSims will definitely cause an impact, projecting a powerful futuristic image of order and sterility, only slightly softened by some specks of color here and there – such as the occasional indoor plant and the bottles at the very well-supplied bar.

Other than the bar, there’s also a well-equipped gym for all residents to enjoy.


16. NYC Apartment

NYC Apartment Sims 4 mod screenshot

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To live in New York City is the dream of many hard-working people – including Sims.

Creator PralineSims will help your Sims satisfy their Big Apple cravings with the NYC Apartment, mimicking the kind of dwellings you may find if you move to the capital of the world.

On the outside, this apartment complex is all-brick with some dark-colored details similar to what you’d find in any NYC street. However, the inside is creative and avant-garde, with lots of wooden textures to contrast the brick walls.

It’s also full of NYC-referencing decorations, such as wallpapers featuring NYC’s skyline and a tabletop model of the Empire State.


15. Sky Tower

Sky Tower mod for Sims 4

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Sometimes, you want to live in the middle of the city without compromising the benefits of a spacious suburban home.

With the luxurious Sky Tower penthouse, you can.

This massive three-story dwelling by Danuta720 has everything you’d expect from an ample country home. There’s a pool, plenty of space to bask in the sun, and even an outdoor basketball court on the top floor.

The apartment houses three bedrooms, two lounges, and a computer room for your young wealthy Sims to take care of business.


14. Snazzy High-End Modern Artist Apartment

Snazzy High-End Modern Artist Apartment Sims 4 mod

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Some artists like to have potential inspiration everywhere they look.

For these visually thirsty Sims, we have this Snazzy Artist Apartment by Madam_Hyjinks.

It’s located in San Myshuno’s Arts Quarter, and it looks the part. It’s full of art pieces, and every room is decorated in a unique style with plenty of colors. Somehow, all of these styles come together harmoniously to create the perfect artist’s abode.

Besides the usual must-have spaces, this apartment has a dedicated reading corner, a bar, and an office to receive any potential clients in your own home. It’ll show them you’re the real deal.


13. Industrial Loft

Industrial Loft Sims 4 mod screenshot

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Another fantastic dwelling fit for an artist is SimFabulous’ Industrial Loft, which includes two different one-bedroom apartments with everything you need for comfortable city living.

These dwellings feature simple and functional furniture in sober colors that blend into the brick walls to charming effect. Broad window panels let in plenty of natural light, avoiding a somber atmosphere to set in.

One of the apartments has a study room and a painting workshop, while the other one has an ample kitchen and a well-supplied bar. They share a pleasant garden terrace with a BBQ area and even a bonfire spot for peaceful, friendly soirees.


12. Industrial Apartment

Industrial Apartment mod for Sims 4

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If you’d prefer the industrial feeling permeated every nook and cranny of your home, the Industrial Apartment by GenkaiHaretsu is the way to go.

Metal furniture and dark colors go wonderfully with the brick walls, and an army of indoor plants keeps the space trendy, modern, and generally livable.

This space features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two terraces to enjoy the breeze of San Myshuno at night.

There’s also a studio that doubles as a gym, so you can stay fit despite working long hours.


11. SLRN Apartment Complex

SLRN Apartment Complex Sims 4 mod

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If you want your Sim to get the full apartment-living experience, the SLRN Apartment Complex by Simfulpixel is a fantastic choice.

This three-story apartment building houses eleven total units, ranging from individual studio-size to two-bedroom ones in the penthouse for big Simmie families. Most of these are nicely furnished, but others were left blank for you to decorate as you see fit.

All residents get to enjoy amenities like a small gym to stay fit, a pool and a hot tub to relax, and even a garden with a playground for family-oriented Sims to enjoy gardening while their children safely play some steps away.


10. Apartamentos Gran Via

Apartamentos Gran Via Sims 4 mod screenshot

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Another multi-unit apartment complex fit for the wealthier Sim demographic is Casmar’s Apartamentos Gran Vía, a luxurious residence with the air of a tropical villa.

The building houses four spacious apartments with sophisticated furniture standing on ornate rugs that bring a lot of texture into these spaces.

The ample walk-in closets contribute to the luxurious feeling to boot.

I love the bathrooms too, thanks to the bright-colored tiles and decorative mosaics that make them truly stand out.

Only two of these apartments are fully furnished. The other two are free for any new family to make their own.


9. Nocturne + Restaurant

Nocturne + Restaurant Sims 4 mod

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While some foody Sims are content delighting their family and friends with their culinary creations, others are more ambitious.

For those Sims, get the Nocturne apartment.

This building by Danuta720 houses both an elegant restaurant and an apartment right over it for the owner and their family, successfully eliminating commuting from their lives and letting them micro-manage their business.

If you’re ever too tired or busy to cook, you can always go down some stairs and order “the usual”.


8. Community Alley Cafe

Community Alley Cafe mod for Sims 4

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Apartment living can often be isolating – and you can retreat into only interacting with your neighbors during semi-uncomfortable elevator rides and then forgetting they even exist.

A residence that challenges this concept is the Community Alley Cafe.

This closed street is lined on both sides by eight two-story townhouse units ideal for lone Sims or young couples.

Picturesque benches stand beside 20th century-style lamps to create a dreamy feeling that’s ideal for social interaction, and the fantastic cafe that crowns the street is the perfect small-community meeting spot.


7. The Colour Castle from Rainbow Brite

The Colour Castle from Rainbow Brite Sims 4 mod

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We’ve seen many tastefully-decorated, high-end apartments, and we’ll see some more yet – but let’s take a moment to appreciate the work of art that is this Colour Castle from Hallmark’s Rainbow Brite.

It’s a reproduction of the castle where the magical Colour Kids live.

The furniture and decoration of each tower is color-coded to match its respective Colour Kid, and each has two entrances. One meets the outside, while the other accesses the central tower housing the Colour Console.

Even if your Sims aren’t magical children, this castle has everything they need for a healthy life – and you could throw some memorable parties in the center tower.


6. Marvelous Maisel Apartment

Marvelous Maisel Apartment Sims 4 mod

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Based on a more recent TV show is the Marvelous Maisel Apartment by Carl Dillynson.

It’s a faithful reproduction of the apartment where Rose, Abe, and Miriam Maisel live, using the Strathmore Apartments on the Upper West Side of New York City as an inspiration.

Some slight changes had to be made due to software constraints.

But seeing your Sims interacting and just living this beautiful TV-centric apartment is just like watching an episode from the show.

And at five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, and a dining area, you could house several generations of a family in this place.


5. Luxury Apartment

Luxury Apartment Sims 4 mod screenshot

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Living in a penthouse overlooking a busy city already sounds like a dream.

But this Luxury Apartment mod by Cross Design takes the concept to the next level.

It’s a two-story unit including a terrace and a black-tiled pool that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The tasteful interior design employs diverse materials rather than color to create contrast and style.

My favorite area is the living room, as the glass panel walls showcase the incredible view of the city all around its gigantic TV.


4. Modern Contemporary Apartment

Modern Contemporary Apartment mod for Sims 4

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One of the most architecturally striking apartment complexes I could find is the Modern Contemporary Apartment by Greek creator Malolos the Great.

Their Greek heritage shows up at first glance at this incredible building’s facade, which seems to draw some inspiration from the Parthenon’s proportions.

The apartments’ inside is tastefully decorated in mostly light colors like cream and gray with some darker accents in dark wood and black, which look fantastic with all the natural light the glass panels let in.

Residents have access to a well-equipped gym, a pool, a tennis court, and even a cafe to socialize with the neighbors.


3. Friends TV Apartments

Friends TV Apartments Sims 4 mod

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If you like The Sims, chances are you like Friends.

After all, watching your Sims living their wacky lives and dealing with everyday problems is almost the same as watching that beloved sitcom.

This apartment complex mod by Staralien crams everyone’s apartments from the TV show all into a single building in TS4.

There’s Monica and Rachel’s abode where most of the show takes place, Joey and Chandler’s with the two recliners and table soccer, but also Ross’ and Phoebe’s – reconstructed from a few scenes and the author’s imagination.

You’ll even find a bowling alley and even the Central Perk on the ground floor!


2. More FRIENDS Apartments (Better Central Perk)

More FRIENDS Apartments (Better Central Perk) Sims 4 mod

Check Out This Lot

The original “Friends-themed apartment mod” mentioned earlier is the most faithful reproduction you could ask for… but it’s hardly the only version floating around online.

This version by Candiii shines for having a much better Central Perk. And while the apartments aren’t quite picture-perfect, they do feature some fun details the other lacks – such as the weird dog statue Joey got when he moved out for a while.

This building also houses three entirely blank floors for you to fill up gradually with whatever furnishing style you like.


1. Twilight Dusk Apartment

Twilight Dusk Apartment mod for Sims 4

Check Out This Lot

I’m sure many of you would have loved a third Friends-based apartment at the top spot, but it has to be something with universal appeal – and the Twilight Dusk Apartment by PralineSims definitely has it.


This penthouse features a very open design with exterior glass walls rather than restrictive concrete ones. There’s a beautiful long pool on the terrace, and small gardens surround the main structure.

The inside is modern and fully furnished with a black, white, and green palette. Some textures here and there serve to break the monotony.

It’s absolutely dreamy.

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