Sims 4 Apocalypse CC & Mods For A Custom Build

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The apocalypse has been a source of interest for a long time.

People just love to imagine these scenarios, come up with their own survival plans, and live out their dark fantasies through video games.

And honestly, a life simulator such as The Sims is absolutely perfect for that.

It automatically factors in the little things that most games actually geared towards the apocalypse gloss over, like needs.

There’s more to life than eating and sleeping, even after doomsday!

But while The Sims 4 may be pretty easy to twist for an apocalyptic experience, build mode is another story.

Obviously, players were never meant to build extremely rundown houses – which is what you’ll need for this type of play.

But with custom content, you’ll never be left unsatisfied just because your Sim’s house looks a little too nice. This list has everything you’ll need to make a build with that abandoned & forgotten look you desire.


1. Disastrous Set

Disastrous Sims 4 Set / TS4 CC

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The set itself is not disastrous, rather the things in it are.

They look like something straight out of a long term post-apocalyptic scenario, which is pretty great.

There are plenty of items here to give your build that beat up, abandoned, decaying look.

First of all, the pillar of the apocalypse is here – pallets!

They take several forms, including a headboard, tabletop, and décor. Anyone who’s a fan of the end of the world (in fiction only, I would hope) knows how useful these are.

People always wind up breaking them to use for firewood, kindling, barricades, or even as a flotation device.

But as much as I like the pallets, there are many other awesome things here – including a wide assortment of raggedy, dirty furniture, decorative barrels, doors, and cinder blocks, and furniture.


2. Survival Clutter

Survival Clutter for The Sims 4

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This stuff might look a little familiar if you have Strangerville, but there’s a twist.

This creator has made the items separated from their shelf, which really makes a world of difference.

Now you can use these official items with much more freedom. They’re very fitting for the apocalypse, since they’re specifically geared towards survival.

I guess we can assume these are in all of the conspiracy theorist secret bunkers around Strangerville.

But do you know when a conspiracy theorist stops being the crazy social pariah? When they turn out to be right in an apocalypse.

Your Sim can be the one telling everybody “I told you so” while also having a nice little stash all to themselves.

These are just the sort of things that will be more precious than gold in the apocalypse. An ammo case, bag of potatoes, canned food, gas mask, flashlight, toolbox, and plastic jug are all basic but important things for any survivor to have.


3. Post-Apocalyptic Life Set

Post-Apocalyptic Life Set / Sims 4 CC

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There are so many amazing things included in this set that it could be its own pack.

Every item here is battered, dirty, and old-looking, making it very authentically apocalyptic.

The exterior items are extremely impressive, including broken down vehicles, crooked and rusty chain link fence, busted pallets, and plenty of debris.

Yet it’s the indoor items that really shine, in my opinion.

Especially since (if you’re like me) your Sims rarely see the light of day anyway. Too much juicy drama and shenanigans happens in-house to let them outside.

With all this stuff you won’t have much reason to send them out, anyway.

This is as good as it gets in the apocalypse.

Sure, the curtains are torn, everything is grungy, and most of the furniture is battered beyond repair. But you know what?

Your Sim will have a house that’s still standing, and they’ll have somewhere safe to rest.


4. Apocalypse City Backdrop Replacement

Apocalypse City Backdrop Replacement for The Sims 4

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Depending on what way you would like the world to end, the picturesque, flawless backdrops the game currently has just might not cut it.

It’s the end of the world, Willow Creek and Newcrest should be in shambles!

There should be flames, smoke, and anarchy!

Well you’ll definitely get that feeling with this creation from Bakie.

It’s really rather eerie to look at, with towering flames and billowing smoke coming from previously normal buildings… yet it’s kind of fun, too.

Changing up huge parts of the game is always good to keep The Sims fresh, and nothing will accomplish that quite like seeing multiple buildings burning in the skyline.


5. Industrial Stackables

Industrial Stackables / TS4 CC

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90% of survival is improvisation.

That’s probably a real quote. I don’t know. I just made it up.

But it makes sense, right?

After a while, what your Sim has at home will run out, break, or become obsolete. The apocalyptic world is their oyster, though.

Once law and order have gone, everything is there for the taking.

Like crates, barrels, and oil drums, all of which come in very handy.

They can serve as tables, raincatchers, fuel storage – do whatever you want, there are no rules anymore!

But only a few things will be actually possible for your Sims, as fun as it is to pretend. These are all functional like tables, with slots on top for you to place lamps or clutter.


6. In-Brick Hole Window & Old Roof Tiles

In-Brick Hole Window & Old Roof Tiles / Sims 4 CC

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As great as it is to use builds that have been made by other Simmers, it’s also very fun to create something yourself. Something that’s all you.

When it comes to apocalypse builds, you may feel a little limited.

The Sims 4 isn’t exactly geared towards the end of the world.

But with a little CC and a lot of creativity, you can make your post-collapse dream home a reality.

The brick hole window is very true to its name. It’s legit just a hole with a brick design around it.

But what’s really cool here is that, because of the way it’s made, you don’t just have to use it on brick wall coverings and try to match them. You can use it on anything, from paneling to paint, and it’ll just look like the interior layer has been exposed.

The roof coverings will come in really handy, too.

One style is a rusty tin roof, and the other has old tiles, where it appears some shingles are missing.

Both look very natural, and will work well when you want a house to look like it hasn’t had upkeep on it for a few years.


7. Radium Dining Room

Radium Dining Room for The Sims 4

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No matter the scenario, a Sim still has to eat.

Come radiation, zombies, or radioactive zombies, having a dining room would still be nice.

It just won’t look as nice as you’re used to.

This set will allow your Sims to feast in style, at least as far as the apocalypse goes. From toppled chairs, battered tables, and crooked paintings, you won’t have to leave an inch of the room untouched by doomsday.

There are even some decorative empty cans, so you can make it clear this isn’t your Sim’s first time making do with what they have after The End.


8. Bunker Furniture

Bunker Furniture / Sims 4 CC

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Some people may disagree, but I think the whole idea of a bunker is really fun.

Plenty of people clearly agree, since the idea has been brought to The Sims many times now.

Imagine just chilling underground, everything you’ll need for a good long while well within reach.

Honestly all I’d need is a supply of snacks and a power source so I can play Sims, and I’d be down to weather out the apocalypse indefinitely.

Normal non-Sims-playing people require a bit more than that.

It’s why preppers take so much time to perfectly build up their bunker, being mindful of every inch of space.

This set here, made just for a nuclear fallout, focuses on necessities as well.

It has many military grade storage boxes, simple and practical bunk beds, as well as all of the furniture your Sim will need after the apocalypse.

No more, no less.

Being sensible is how you make it through!


9. Bunker Equipment

Bunker Equipment Set / TS4 CC

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As important as furniture and tangible supplies are, it’ll take a little more to keep your bunker up and running.

Fortunately, Severinka_ (the same creator who made furniture set mentioned above) has got everything you’ll need right here.

The 9 items included here are mostly for setting up a post-apocalyptic tech center, complete with a radio station, two electrical panels, oscilloscope, and microphone.

Your Sim will be able to keep an eye on the outside world without ever leaving the safety of their bunker.

There’s also an air conditioning unit, which is a lovely touch. You just know no A/C during summer would be the end of most people’s bunker life.


10. Dirt on Any Floor Mod

Dirt on Any Floor Mod for The Sims 4

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No matter what way the world ends, there are endless possibilities.

Except it’s basically guaranteed it won’t be a very clean ordeal.

Tidiness definitely takes a back seat to survival. For some people, it wasn’t even that much of a priority to begin with.

Looking at you, Slob Sims.

The safehouse, bunker, or whatever other place your Sims decide to make home in the apocalypse won’t stay clean and organized for long.

Grime might accumulate on its own as your Sims just let things go like the stove or counters, but this way you can make the filth more permanent.

These are technically rugs, and there are 5 designs you can place and layer anywhere.

And they’re available in six swatches: grubby, sooty, chalky, dusty, greasy, and mossy.

Hmm. Lovely.

But they don’t just come in one shape like a typical rug, there’s actually a lot of room for you to get creative here.

There are small, medium, and large sized overlays, as well as wall-length and corner pieces.


11. Blood Splats Stickers & Rugs

Blood Splats Stickers & Rugs / Sims 4 CC

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It just wouldn’t be an apocalypse without blood.

Every book, movie, and television show has tons of it – for good reason.

Because people are creepy and like gore? Maybe that’s a little bit why.

But mostly, it’s just because no matter how hard you try, your luck is bound to run out eventually.

You’re someone you love will surely get bitten, infected, poisoned… whatever the case may be.

And your body’s first response to any of that will probably be to bleed.

Hence, more mess.

Whether it comes from you or someone else, you’re bound to get blood on your hands at some point… and feet, and on the walls, and so on.

These stickers and rugs will allow you to “decorate” your build more fittingly, with bloody footprints, handprints, splashes, and smears for both the floors and walls.


12. Broken Windows

Broken Glass Windows for The Sims 4

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Windows will probably be among the first things to go in any structure.

Glass is fragile. ‘Cause you know, it’s glass.

With these decorative spiderweb breaks, your build can have a bit more realism. There are a few different sizes and designs, fitting for windows both big and small.

The large breaks make the window a sad sight – once more than half the glass is gone, it’s not really a window anymore, just a hole.

But the smaller breaks paint a less dire picture, where the window is still mostly intact – it’s just been through the wringer a bit.


13. Boarded Window Décor

Boarded Window Décor / Sims 4 CC

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Once your windows finally do get busted out (for whatever reason) you’ll certainly want to cover them up.

When you’re already in an apocalypse, the last thing you need to worry about is Peeping Toms or intruders.

Boarded up windows are a solid part of the apocalypse aesthetic, so it’s a good thing this creator has made it possible for you to have some!

Peacemaker has a few different designs here, for both interior and exterior usage. You can mix and match the thicker board covering with the more sparse ones for a nice, realistic effect.

The wood design even comes in 5 different swatches, from faded and graying shades to bold browns.


14. Garbage Set

Garbage CC Set for The Sims 4

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After the apocalypse, the garbage men won’t be coming by. But you’ll still have plenty of trash.

It’ll just keep accumulating and piling up until it’s overflowing in the streets, blowing through towns, flooding the rivers.

Trash is how the world truly ends.

You know the good days of civilization are gone when you have to start figuring out what to do with your own waste.

The best solution would probably be to put it out in your own yard, at least for a while. And that’s where this set comes in.

It’s all about garbage, but it looks pretty good. Better than you’d ever expect garbage to look.

This creator made a few full garbage bag designs, as well as plenty of loose litter.


15. Seven Cities Ago Clutter

Seven Cities Ago Clutter / TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

This clutter set, which takes inspiration from another video game series (Half-Life) will go a long way towards grunging up your build.

It has quite an array of totally new items for The Sims 4, like dirty mattresses and gas canisters. Exciting!

No but really, it’s pretty cool.

Because with this stuff, you can capture the desperation of the apocalypse in a way The Sims 4 otherwise wouldn’t allow you to.

There are also some dumpsters, cinder blocks, traffic cones, a bicycle, books, pots & pans, plus much more.

Everything comes in varying degrees of “beat up”, so it looks very realistic without getting too realistic for TS4.

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