Sims 4 Artist & Painter CC: Clothes, Art Clutter & Mods

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When someone’s an artist, you can usually tell pretty quickly. That kind of passion burns bright, often becoming a way of life.

From the type of clothes an artistic person wears, to the way they furnish their home, it’s clear they have creativity and spend their time expressing it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to delve into this lifestyle in The Sims 4.

Painting is already one of the most popular hobbies amongst Simmers. It’s pretty cool when your Sim can decorate their own house with aesthetically pleasing paintings – and make a good chunk of change doing it.

Custom content and mods have taken this small part of the game and compounded it, expanding on what it means to be an artistic Sim. So let’s take a look at what’s out there!


1. Painter’s Paradise Clutter

Painter’s Paradise Clutter TS4 CC

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While The Sims 4 excels at providing opportunities to creative Sims, there’s much to be desired when it comes to making their living spaces match that energy.

We had plenty of decorative items available for painters in The Sims 3.

Lucky for us, this CC creator has converted those items over to CC for The Sims 4!

Fill your Sim’s art space with paints, brushes, and canvases, and it’ll very quickly begin to look “right”.

They may technically only need an easel and a good mood to start churning out those paintings, but everyone would like an area dedicated to their hobby.

Or job, in this case.

Sims can make a living off of their art, so it only makes sense that they have the supplies to do so readily available.


2. Watercolor Set

Watercolor Set for Sims 4

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Here we have more deco art items, this time geared towards watercolors.

It’s something most of us first experienced in childhood, but those soft, peaceful splashes of color just never get old.

If you have a Sim that would agree with that, well then these paints, pallets, and brushes will definitely be a worthy addition to their home.

There’s a wall color sample as well that’s practically a work of art all on its own.

Sure, it’s not like it is actually a picture.

But just a few dots of color is a vast improvement for many houses, you’ve got to admit.


3. Art Stuff

Art Stuff Sims 4 CC

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That’s right, even more art clutter!

This is a pretty simple little set, giving us more options for canvases and art supplies.

The pile of brushes, crayons, glue, and a sketchpad will nicely decorate any Sim’s desk or table.

I really appreciate the pricing of these items, too.

The canvases are §27 while the utensils and whatnot are §25. That’s in Simoleons, not dollars.

Anyone who has ever been interested in real-life art knows the real-life costs are much higher.

I guess it makes sense, though. If a Sim can paint for a week and then create something worth thousands, why shouldn’t their supplies be less expensive?


4. Artist’s Overalls

Artist’s Overalls for Sims 4

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I for one love my Sim’s physical appearance to reflect who they are and what they’re into.

It’s an added bonus if the result is actually cute.

That certainly won’t be a concern here, since these are paint-splattered overalls…

Overalls! The most practical & cute apparel ever made, in my book.

There are twenty swatches available here, pairing different colored splatters with various shades of denim. So your Sim can look like an artist and look good at the same time.


5. Default Easel Paintings Replaced

Default Easel Paintings Replaced TS4 CC

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Seeing the same paintings generation after generation can definitely get old.

Thankfully with this mod from DaisyTighfield, your Sim’s painting endeavors will produce new images for years to come.

There are replacements here for all sizes, categories, and mood. Your Sim will paint beautiful images that are sure to earn a lot of Simoleons, as well as spruce up any home.

Included here are some truly breathtaking scenic paintings, in styles varying from realism to pop art.

The new surrealism paintings are, in fact, more surreal than the originals. By definition they should be “bizarre”. And the creepy, strange images in this CC set certainly fit the bill.

But whatever your style, you’re sure to find some paintings here perfect for your Sim and their home.


6. Art Studio

Art Studio Sims 4 CC

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This CC set from soloriya will allow you to create an all-out art studio.

You can utilize much more space than ever before, from cups of wall-mounted brushes, to decorative sketches, and even more supplies that you can place on tables.

The tables themselves are even included, so you’ll never have to worry about your CC refusing to go where you want.

The floor paintings are a lovely touch as well, featuring picturesque nature scenes or realistic sketches.

Haha, get it? Picturesque? And autumn trees, they’re pretty as a picture!

Sorry, I’ll stop being corny.

What’s really nice about those floor paintings is that there are only two types of people who would ever place a painting on the floor: artists, or those in the middle of moving.

So I think they will add to an art studio in a big way.


7. Young Artists Stuff Pack

Young Artists Stuff Pack for Sims 4

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Most artistic people got started pretty young.

Finger painting, popsicle stick sculptures, and Elmer’s glue smears could eventually make for a world-renowned painter.

This stuff pack will definitely make your creative little Sim’s room reflect their personality.

These simple recolors of many base game items have given them paint splatters, since we all know the room won’t stay spotless long once you give a kid paint.

Many pieces of furniture in this pack have new colorful spots courtesy of the artistic children that own them, including a desk, end table, lamps, and even the bed!

Man, I understand getting some paint on the table you’re using or even the floor, but the bed? I sure hope this Sim’s parents don’t have the Neat trait.


8. Body Artist Career

Body Artist Career Sims 4 CC

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Not everyone artistic expresses themselves using paper or canvas.

Some turn to turning the human body into works of art.

And this mod allows your Sim to make a career out of that.

The Tattooist Branch has several levels for your Sim to rise through, from that person in the shop you would never even let near an ink gun, to a world renowned tattooist.

With tattoos being more popular than ever, I think this career mod is really great. It’s just a shame you can’t actually see them work like in The Sims 3.

Ah, the days where you could combine a saloon & tattoo shop and eventually give every single resident in the world a makeover…

And the second branch to this mod, Body Piercing, is equally elaborate and fleshed out.

While piercing may not be as universally accepted like tattoos (yet), piercings are indeed art!


9. Easel Recolors

Easel Recolors for Sims 4

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For a painter, the easel is ground zero when it comes to creating art.

It’s ironic that they’re usually rather boring to look at, right?

Well that’s no longer the case thanks to enticingsims. This Simmer has added 31 color options and dubbed this creation the EZ Easel.

Is that not the most brilliant play on words you’ve ever seen?

Basically all the colors of the rainbow are available to you now. I particularly love the hot pink one, myself.


10. Paint Splattered Jeans

Paint Splattered Jeans TS4 CC

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At some point, the clothes you use for painting can circle around to being cool again.

Add enough splatters and your jeans will have a whole new look.

Too bad the same can’t be said for gardening clothes…

Well these pants are a two-in-one. They’ll make it clear that your Sim is into the arts, while also being a new, stylish CAS item.

Like the overalls mentioned earlier, there are various shades of denim here, with paint splatters ranging from pastels to black and white.

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