15 Best Aspiration CC & Mods For Sims 4 Adventures

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One of the most important aspects of a Sim’s life is their aspiration: a series of objectives our simulated friends want to achieve so they can lead a fulfilling life.

While the base game and its expansions feature an immense number of aspirations, such as becoming a bodybuilder, a famous painter, or a musical genius… we know that hardcore Sims 4 players will have experienced them all by now.

Even the more bizarre ones like becoming Public Enemy #1 will get old after a while.

To make living life as a Sim interesting again, I’ve scoured the Internet looking for the very best user-created aspirations. No matter your preferences, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting among these amazing mods. Let’s dive in!

15. First Love – Child Aspiration

First Love Child Aspiration mod

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Children may see things differently from adults.

But they’re still just as human, and they have their own aspirations to pursue.

This mod by MarieLynette introduces just one such aspiration to The Sims 4: the desire to experience a naive, pure love story before they grow up.

You’ll find it under the social aspirations tab.

A Sim with the First Love aspiration will want to go through every stage of a tiny romance.

They’ll get a crush, get to know them, text back and forth, and even go on cutesy dates!

This mod was made to work with LittleMsSam’s First Love mod, which introduces the possibility of doing all these things as a couple of childish lovebirds.


14. Pursuit of Happiness Aspiration

Pursuit of Happiness Aspiration Sims mod

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Whereas some people are obsessed with working to make money, learning, building a legacy, and other such effort-heavy aspirations… others just want to chill and take care of themselves.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Creator Idioteque took it to the next level by making self-care into an aspiration.

Sims with the Pursuit of Happiness aspiration are obsessed with having more “me time”. And their objectives range from getting many massages to buying a hot tub.

Once they’ve done everything they want and achieved happiness through epicureanism, they’ll get the Bright Side reward trait which makes them more emotionally resilient and prone to feeling happy.

If only we could manipulate our lives to work like this, right?


13. Applied Animal Behaviorist Aspiration

Applied Animal Behaviorist Aspiration mod

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Some people seem to have it easier around cats and dogs.

Modder IlkaVelle decided to give such gifted Sims a chance to make it their life’s passion.

Sims with the Applied Animal Behaviorist aspiration have watched way too much “Dog Whisperer” episodes, and now they want to become animal behaviorists themselves.

This life path will have them befriend many dogs, walk and train them, develop their veterinarian skill, and participate in dog contests.

Yeah, I guess it’s more of an applied dog behaviorist kind of thing rather than “animals” in general.


12. Perfectly Balanced Aspiration

Perfectly Balanced Aspiration Sims mod

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Some people want money. Others want fame.

But the truly enlightened know these are meaningless objectives, as happiness lies in letting go of material ties and finding inner balance. Or so I’ve read.

Thanks to this mod by IlkaVelle, your Sims will begin to realize this too. By force!

Sims with the Perfectly Balanced aspiration will want to do yoga. Their home will always smell like incense.

And they’ll even care about whether they’ve had enough greens in their diet lately.

Once these Sims have trained their minds for long enough and achieved peace, they’ll get the Inner Balance reward trait. This gives them the power to calm themselves and others, removing all moodlets, good and bad.

Sounds awesome right?


11. Whimsical Aspirations

Whimsical Aspirations mod for Sims

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Have you ever met the kind of person that just does whatever they want every day?

Well thanks to this mod by PurpleThistle, your sims can become one of these free spirits.

Sims with the Whimsical aspiration, which you’ll find under the Creativity category, just want to experience life one day at a time.

Their objectives are simple: to satisfy their every whim.

Once you’ve done this around 500 times, you’ll get the Long-Lived trait as a reward. Which lets your sim live a longer and healthier life as a whole.

Hmm, maybe I should try this myself…


10. No Regrets Aspiration

No Regrets Aspiration Sims mod

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If there’s something we all have in common, it’s the fear that we won’t have enough time to do everything we want to before the reaper comes.

Sims living with the No Regrets aspiration have heard Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” way too many times.

And now they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands.

The progression starts during their teenage years and has them go through all the stages of a full life, like having fun as a teen, becoming independent as a young adult, and raising children.


9. Homesteader Aspiration

Homesteader Aspiration Sims mod

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I’ve always wanted to go off to some rural area where nobody can find me and spend some years just tilling the fields, fishing for trouts, and reading my immense backlog of books.

Or rather, I want to make my sims do that.

Thanks to JustJones’ Homesteader aspiration I can give my Sims the same impulse to be self-sufficient and live closer to the land.

They’ll want to grow plants, catch a lot of fish, and perform other such agrarian activities. All day long.

Do it long enough and they’ll get the Master ‘Steader trait, which improves your results when growing crops or fishing, helping you never need a supermarket again.


8. Beekeeper Aspiration

Beekeeper Aspiration mod

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Following a similar line of thinking, other sims would rather risk being stung by bees than getting all dirtied-up over self-sufficiency dreams.

Well with this mod by MarieLynette your sims can have the Beekeeper aspiration. Weird, I know.

It consists of becoming an expert in the field of apiculture, meaning they’ll want to raise bees.

Once you’ve learned the trade and gained enough experience they’ll earn the Honey Hotshot reward trait, letting them produce premium honey worth piles of simoleons.


7. Custom Aphrodite Aspiration

Custom Aphrodite Aspiration mod

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Our ancestors used to shape their lives around inspiring myths that made up their worldview and guided them towards a virtuous life.

And now your Sim can feel inspired by the stories of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

This aspiration will have them experiencing love to the fullest, requiring them to enter relationships, Woohoo, and even have children several times – all paralleling Aphrodite’s myth.

While not needed, it’s recommended you try this mod out along with PurpleThistle’s custom Aphrodite Trait.


6. Bloodborne Aspiration

Bloodborne Aspiration mod for Sims

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Being a vampire can be really fun for the first few hundred years.

But without some objectives and aspirations, eternity can feel like a very long time.

This mod by Sresla adds the Bloodborne aspiration, based on a book by Elizabeth Barrial called Vampires Don’t Sleep Alone.

In it she describes the way vampire genealogy works and the seven main vampire castes that have formed over the years. All this info has been condensed into one lovely aspiration.

Progressing through your objectives will take your vampire Sim on a journey of self-discovery, culminated by acquiring a caste-specific reward trait after finding out which one they belong to.

It’s engaging and brings a lot of that engagement to your vampire gameplay.


5. Renowned Photographer Aspiration

Renowned Photographer Aspiration Sims

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We all have that one friend that walks around with a professional camera and posts black & white pictures on their Instagram profile.

Let’s make your sim into that guy.

This mod by XbrettFace simply brings that stereotype into your gameplay, except they can actually become world-famous if they work hard enough.

Sims with the Renowned Photographer aspiration will always be thinking about the next great photograph and how to hone their craft.

And their whims reflect that.

If they achieve every objective in their aspiration, they’ll earn the Marketable trait.

This fancy trait makes their pictures worth a lot of simoleons. I wish my photographer friend had such a simple life…


4. UFO Investigator Aspiration

UFO Investigator Aspiration Sims mod

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I wanna believe!

That’s the driving concept behind R3M’s UFO Investigator aspiration, which lets sims explore their extraterrestrial inclinations and find out the truth about as-of-yet unexplained phenomena.

But as we all know, the truth is out there

They’ll have to learn Rocket Science, spend many nights gazing up at the stars, and even get abducted a couple of times. Wait, aliens do exist?

Well either way they’ll find the answer they were looking for and establish contact with an alien race.

This gives them the Alien Guru trait, which gives them some alien perks like commanding other aliens to abduct people and erasing other Sims’ memories. Now that I’m thinking about it, those perks seem pretty one-sided…


3. Famous Pastry Chef Aspiration

Famous Pastry Chef Aspiration Sims mod

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I had a period of my life where all I did was watch Cake Boss on TLC.

And let me tell you, that will do stuff to your mind. Hoboken style baby!

This mod by Xbrettface does the same thing to your Sims, turning them into Famous Pastry Chef wannabes.

This aspiration will take them on a four-stage journey from baking aficionado to world-class patissier.

If they work hard enough they’ll ultimately achieve the World-Renowned Baker reward trait, a mixture of the base game’s Fresh Chef and Unstoppable Fame traits.

Now who wants some cake?


2. The Art of Flower Arranging Aspiration

The Art of Flower Arranging Aspiration mod

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A lot of people feel naturally connected to plants.

But only a few have the creative mind and fine motor skills necessary to become a flower arrangement expert.

The Art of Flower Arranging aspiration by creator ItsMySimMod will make your sim into one of these people.

They’ll want to pick flowers, arrange them, then photograph and gift them to other sims to brighten up their day.

Among the mod’s best features is adding a whole slew of new floral interactions, like talking to other sims about your favorite flowers and the like. Really, who doesn’t like flowers?


1. Get To Work Active Career Aspirations

Get To Work Active Career Aspirations Sims mod

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One of the most content-dense and well-made mods for Sim motivations has to be the Get to Work mod by Konansock.

It introduces four new aspirations.

Three related to normal jobs like healthcare, detective investigations, and science research, and a “deviant” one that makes your sim obsessed with creating an artificial human – like Frankenstein’s Monster.

Each of these has very detailed stages and objectives, which the novel Active Employee trait can help them achieve by keeping them focused on work.

The mod is full of content to explore and will make the workday a very rewarding experience.

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