Best Sims 4 Bunker CC & Lots For Your Safehouse Build

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No one knows how the world will end.

But what we do know is that it won’t be pretty. This is true in the real world, and it’s also true in the virtual worlds of The Sims 4.

Chaos will reign, crime will run rampant in the streets, and your all-knowing deity of choice will burn us all.

Sound too dark for you?

Well at least you can find comfort in the fact that you can exercise your talent for interior design with your very own bunker!

So before the world goes all Book of Revelations on us, get your SIms ready for their last chance at survival with all this fantastic CC for their own bunker.


1. Bunker Furniture

Bunker Furniture Set / Sims 4 CC

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I’ve never had to live in an actual bunker, and I hope to God that I never have to.

Still, whenever I see them in movies and shows, I always hope to see one in person.

The furniture in these places has this worn-and-torn aesthetic that implies deeper backstories than we will ever know.

To give your virtual bunker the same feeling, spruce things up with this fantastic furniture set from Severinka!


2. Apocalyptic Bunker in Ruins

Apocalyptic Bunker in Ruins / Sims 4 CC

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What’s one of the best places to build bunkers?

In ruins.

This is because A) their strength is proven by simply withstanding the test of time, and B) looters will be too scared to enter and risk awakening some ancient evil lurking in its depths.

Assuming, of course, that they’ve seen all those Mummy movies starring Brendan Fraser.

Well that’s exactly what this Apocalyptic Bunker custom lot offers your Sims. It’s got that classic aesthetic, along with the comforts and convenience of a modern-day bunker.


3. Apocalypse Bunker Lot

Apocalypse Bunker Lot / Sims 4 CC

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A common theme in end-of-the-world and disaster movies is classism.

When sh*t starts blowing up, it doesn’t matter how much you have in the bank.

We’re all flesh and blood at the end of the day.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t at least secure a bunker that can satisfy your lavish lifestyle.

If your Sims are a part of the top 1%, maybe save them from getting eaten by hunkering down in this custom lot made by GenkaiHaretsu.


4. Safe Tec Comfy Bunker

Safe Tec Comfy Bunker Lot / Sims 4 CC

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Blending in with the surroundings is a key characteristic of a bunker.

But you can go a step further and make yours look super dull.

If that’s your goal, then this Safe-Tec Comfy Bunker Lot by CharlesDrake is for you.

It’s designed to look like a local records archive, which is genius – because who the hell wants to look through local records during the apocalypse?

Underneath this snoozefest disguise is a fully stocked kitchen, a comfy living room, and a bedroom with a huge flatscreen TV!

Now you can turn to dust in style.


5. Kitschy Slip 42 + Underground Bunker

Kitschy Slip 42 + Underground Bunker Lot / Sims 4 CC

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On the surface, this is just some weird trailer home where a discharged Army Doctor and his 17-year-old daughter reside.

But underneath, it’s some bizarro playground where said doctor conducts experiments on the outlandish plants growing in StrangerVille.

Do you dare enter and discover what lies below?

Well, your Sims don’t have a choice right now because the Sim world (as we know it) is about to come to an end. Probably.

So get this customized underground bunker by joiedesims and practice your hiding skills.


6. The Supernatural Men of Letters Bunker

The Supernatural Men of Letters Bunker / Sims 4 CC

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The Men of Letters are arguably one of the most intriguing characters in the long-running and well-beloved TV series, Supernatural.

And as the “perceptors, observers, beholders, and chroniclers” of the world’s weirdest mysteries, you just know that they have an awesome bunker.

Although this recreation is not 100% accurate (the canon bunker is around 3-4 stories while this replica has only 2), it’s easy to see that Winchesterssims did a killer job with this custom lot.

It’s easy to setup and it works with just the vanilla game, no CC needed.

Good thing you don’t need to be Dean or Sam to call this bunker your home!


7. Underground Military Research Base

Underground Military Research Base Lot / Sims 4 CC

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Thanks to the Internet, we’ll never run out of apocalypse scenarios to consider. And we’ll never know if the government would tell us or not.

But it’s kind of sad to think that we may never know the truth that could come.

It’s most likely that the best we’ll get are theories formulated by stoners and people who have too much time on their hands.

Oh well – at least we can let our imaginations run wild with creative builds like this Underground Military Research Base lot, created by simmer kaly_t07.


8. Bunker 2020

Bunker 2020 Lot Build / Sims 4 CC

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Considering all the sh*t that went down in the 2020s, it’s surprising that we’re still not living in bunkers and fending off looters 24/7.

I guess that’s one thing to be thankful for – because I sure as hell do not want to be living in this strange and hellish world that Frau Engel imagines in this custom bunker build.

It’s bleak and depressing, but at least there’s a badass bunker thrown in the mix to balance things out.

The video link above shows you how to build it, but check the description for a full downloadable link to the lot if you wanna save time.


9. The Zombie Bunker

The Zombie Bunker Lot / Sims 4 CC

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Zombies have become such a staple in pop culture that I automatically thought of the undead when I started writing this article.

So, unsurprisingly, here’s a bunker specifically for a full-on zombie apocalypse!

Its exterior is made entirely out of concrete, ensuring that nothing can go in or out.

And if something does manage to get in, your Sims have plenty of space inside to run for dear life.


10. The Secret Bunker

The Secret Bunker Lot / Sims 4 CC

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Bunkers aren’t just for the end of the world – you can also use them for storage space or many other things too.

You can turn them into man-caves, laboratories, torture dungeons, a private prison for that one b*tch at school who won’t shut up about their trip to Spain (no one cares, Lisa) – the possibilities are endless!

And if your Sims can be just as creative, then grab this secret bunker lot by ElaaraWylder and get those creative juices flowing.

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