Sims 4 Café Lots & CC (All Free)

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Out of all the things you can do in The Sims 4, running a cafe is definitely one of the most fun.

But even though functional cafes are limited to the lucky owners of the Dine Out gamepack, there’s a lot more cafe goodness to enjoy from the perspective of a gamepack free (AKA broke) Sims player.

I don’t just mean the aesthetic factor of having your sim own a cafe, either. Cafes are the perfect place for a first date, not to mention outings with friends and being an awesome study location.

Have I mentioned that they’re awesome for sim solo trips, too?

Just like cafes are the ultimate spot for social or antisocial gatherings, this list is the ultimate spot for finding custom CC & cafe lots that you need for your next build.


1. Wake Up! Cafe

Wake Up! Cafe Lot / Sims 4

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The Wake Up! Cafe is exactly where your coffee loving sim wants to start their day.

From the huge glass windows to the rich coffee ground browns with green accents, this upbeat cafe CC is not quite a Starbucks lookalike.

It has all of the same visual appeal, but with some of its own unique flair.

Unfortunately, I can’t vouch for whether or not this shop also has coffee that’s as good as Starbucks. Only one way to find out!

Either way, this modern, upbeat cafe deserves the first list slot.


2. Urban Café

Urban Café Lot / Sims 4

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Contrary to its name, this CC-free lot actually looks quite in touch with nature.

To be fair, it’s still a highly modernized cafe despite dripping with greenery… but it’s nothing like the concrete jungle set piece that you might have expected.

You can rest assured that the inside is brimming with just as much character as the outside.

It even has its own tropical fish tank!

Thankfully, the Urban Cafe only serves drinks and bakery goods, not seafood.


3. Cafe Moca

Cafe Moca Lot / Sims 4

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Moca is the Spanish word for “mocha”. And this cafe lot has the look of a Spanish cafe to match.

The black and white awnings only add to its charm!

Cafe Moca also has everything you’d need to get it started as a bona fide restaurant, from a state-of-the-art kitchen to plentiful indoor (and outdoor) seating.

The only catch is that you’ll need the Get to Work, Luxury Party Stuff, Perfect Patio Stuff, Get Together, City living, and the Cats & Dogs gamepacks to be able to call this cafe your own.

But if you have all that already? Absolutely give this one a try.


4. Greenhouse Cafe

Greenhouse Cafe Lot / Sims 4

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As enticing as the hustle and bustle of modern cafes is, there’s no denying that it isn’t for everyone.

Does that mean that some sims will have to do without cafe visits?


Pralinesim’s Greenhouse Cafe is the all-natural coffee fix that your nature loving sims have always been dreaming of.

Perhaps even more exciting is imagining what the owner of this store would be like.

They would need to be at least a little eccentric to try and mix cafe, cacti, and climbing plants together in one lot!


5. Juliet Cafe

Juliet Cafe & Coffee Shop Lot / Sims 4

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When I said that cafes are a great romantic location, the Juliet cafe is precisely the type of place I had in mind.

It doesn’t get much more classy than striped awnings, draped curtains, and royal chairs!

Compared to others, this lot is impressively in-depth.

Not only does it include a bathroom with multiple toilet stalls, but it has all the kitchen equipment a real restaurant would need, too.

Overall, the Juliet Cafe is a great lot for anyone who needs an elegant cafe to impress their Sim’s beau.


6. Mavi Cafe and Bar

Mavi Cafe and Bar Lot / Sims 4

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At first glance, the Mavi Cafe looks like a less elegant and more cutesy version of the Juliet Cafe.

That impression isn’t wrong per se – but it has plenty of its own unique charm, too.

I mean, just look at it.

It’s like a jazzed up ice cream shop!

Like the other lots on this list, it has plenty of seating and could totally be cleaned up and used as a functional restaurant if need be.

And contrary to the Mavi Cafe’s innocent appearances, it actually doubles as a bar.

In other words, it’s perfect for a night out.


7. Industrial Cafe

Industrial Cafe Lot / Sims 4

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Modern industrial design is growing in popularity for cafes (and interior designs in general), and I can’t say I dislike it.

If there’s one negative thing to be said about cafes, it’s that they can feel a little prissy and too “clean”, which isn’t always a good thing if cafes are where you do your creative thinking.

Creative-type sims can head on over to the sturdy brick Industrial Cafe, where industrial design elements make for a great (and ultimately, inspiring) atmosphere.

It also seems more focused on dishing out quality coffee break snacks than it is with premium roasts and coffee drinking culture, which means your sim will feel right at home even if they aren’t big on cafes.


8. Wonder Cafe

Wonder Cafe Lot / Sims 4

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Looking for something that can do more to spark your imagination?

Introducing The Wonder Cafe, designed by LotsbyManal.

And it doesn’t just provide the typical hum-drum experience that other cafes do.

Admittedly, it’s still just a cafe, so it’s pretty regular in most ways…

I mean, it has a regular kitchen, regular seating (exceptionally good looking regular seating, might I add), and a regular cafe menu.

But it also features a wonderful book nook, so your sim has an excuse to visit this lot for more than just their morning coffee.

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