Sims 4 Custom Calendar CC (All Free)

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Unlike the first, original iteration of The Sims (bless her soul), The Sims 4 actually has a proper calendar system in place.

It has 24 hours (or IRL minutes) for a day, seven days for a week, and then seven, fourteen, or 28 days for a season, depending on your settings.

Your Sims don’t really need to keep track of dates and events, as TS4 Seasons has a nifty built-in calendar/organizer feature that does that for you.

However, the aesthetic of an actual calendar? It’s cute.

Don’t deny your Sims the visual candy! Check out some of these awesome custom calendars you can add to your clutter/décor sets.


1. Voidcritters Calendar by Veranka

Voidcritters Calendar by Veranka / TS4 CC

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Voidcritters are literally some of the cutest characters in TS4, and they deserve just as much exposure as the pastel pink Freezer Bunny!

So any merch that’s even vaguely voidcritter-themed gets a go from me.

These custom calendars by Veranka are perfect for keeping track of dates and adding some elements of ‘cute’ to a plain wall.


2. Calendar Pack BGC by MadameRia

Calendar Pack BGC by MadameRia / Sims 4 CC

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Can’t decide on one calendar design?

You can get four in one go with MadameRia’s Calendar Pack!

All the items in here are cute, decorative, and base game compatible.

Each one’s distinct enough in terms of style and size, and it’s great that they have their own individual set of swatches to choose from.


3. Calendar (2022) by MeuryVidal

Calendar (2022) by MeuryVidal / TS4 CC

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Your Sim can keep track of the current year with you via MeuryVidal’s sweet and simple wall calendar.

As far as designs go, this mesh uses the classic two-page spread. One page shows the months and dates while the other is just a splash page with an artsy picture or nature photograph.

It’s not a flip calendar, though – since all twelve months look to be crammed on page. So I hope your Sim’s okay with looking at the same picture for twelve months straight!


4. Calendar Boys by The Sims Blues

Calendar Boys by The Sims Blues / Sims 4 CC

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Hey, you know what? Giggle all you want. (I know I did). Doesn’t change the fact that this concept is creative, realistic, and executed really well.

We’ve got Mr. January, Mr. February, and the like IRL, right? So why not enjoy the TS4 equivalent of some Male pin-up beauties?

It’s cute, it’s hilarious, and it’ll definitely brighten up your Sim’s wall!


5. Dorm Wall Calendar by greyzonesims

Dorm Wall Calendar by greyzonesims / TS4 CC

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This pretty wall calendar by greyzonesims definitely looks like something a Uni student would have in their room, if not in some communal area for the whole dorm. It’s the whiteboard-calendar-bulletin-board combo that’s got me sold.

Even if it’s not functional, its decorative appeal is top-tier.


6. Sims 4 Witchy Calendars Set 1 by simdertalia

Sims 4 Witchy Calendars Set 1 by simdertalia / Sims 4 CC

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Here are some standard wall calendars for practicing witches, mystics, and Sims who are just drawn to the aesthetic.

Hey, nothing wrong with appreciating the cult-y, arcane visuals!

These three calendars by simdertalia are small, practical-sized wall decors with distinctly bewitching – but not obnoxiously witchy! – designs. Primary color schemes are pink, purple, and autumnal.


7. Halloween Calendars by SimDoughnut

Halloween Calendars by SimDoughnut / TS4 CC

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For horror cult classic fans, SimDoughnut’s got some spooky and spoopy calendars for Halloween.

The art for the splash pages are appropriately dark, terrifying, and/or macabre.

Think grim reapers in a waiting room, a half-decayed bride and groom, and some slenderman-esque figures with Jack-o’-lantern heads. Feel free to click the preview photos for a bigger view!


8. Christmas Calendar 2015 by Rosana

Christmas Calendar 2015 by Rosana / Sims 4 CC

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Once Halloween passes, your Sim can swap out the creepy calendars for some more festive designs.

Rosana’s hanging wall calendars are rife with colorful squares, seasonal banners, and distinctly Christmas-themed graphics.

A snowman, a snowy white Freezer Bunny, and good ol’ Saint Nick are just some of the Christmas characters represented here.


9. Vintage Wall Calendar by hanraja

Vintage Wall Calendar by hanraja / TS4 CC

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“Vintage illustrations, vintage ads,” and “vintage botanical illustrations”—oh my?

This cute and sufficiently old-timey calendar’s got the classic novelty look down-pat; slightly faded illustrations, old-fashioned font, and lots of black and white design elements.

There are fifteen swatches in total, ranging from uncolored 80’s beer advert to minimalist watercolor flowers.

If your Sim is into collecting novelty knickknacks, this calendar should be right up their alley!


10. Write It! Calendar by alesimmers

Write It! Calendar by alesimmers / Sims 4 CC

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Sweet, simple, and aesthetically modern, alesimmers’ Write It! calendar looks like it belongs on someone’s Dream Bedroom Pinterest board.

It’s got the soft color palette, the simple images, and “cute but functional” element going for it.

If you’ve got Cats & Dogs installed, why not add this to your Sim’s wall art collection?


11. Esme Calendars by NekoChan-Simmer

Esme Calendars by NekoChan-Simmer / TS4 CC

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This calendar has a swatch with Baby Yoda on it. Need I say more?

Okay, fine.

This custom calendar is, sadly, not BGC. But if you have the Get to Work or Cats & Dogs packs installed, I highly recommend getting this unassuming hanging calendar to brighten up your Sim’s walls!

It has 10 different designs for variety and, like I said, one of the designs features the ever-adorable Baby Yoda!


12. Peg to Differ – Calendar by RAVASHEEN

Peg to Differ – Calendar by RAVASHEEN / Sims 4 CC

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Part of the Peg to Differ – Entryway set, this simple whiteboard calendar is super simple and super practical.

It’s more like a noticeboard or giant memo notepad, actually, since it doesn’t really have set days or dates.

Regardless, as you can see from the design, it can still be used for organization. Plus, the little scribbles and stickers make it feel a lot more personalized!


13. Yearly Calendar (2017) by hamburgercakes

Yearly Calendar (2017) by hamburgercakes / TS4 CC

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It’s a little late too late for this – by about five years, give or take – but I really like the designs.

Plus, not all of them have an obvious ‘2017’ printed on them, so you could sneak by with one or two of the swatches!

My personal favorites? The moon (one of the no-2017 designs) print, the one with the various mason jars (sadly has a 2017 in the upper left), and the “Like a Boss” design (also no year to be seen!).


14. Calendar Set (2019) by Sooky

Calendar Set (2019) by Sooky / Sims 4 CC

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This one’s not as late as 2017, so I’d say it deserves a pass.

Plus the colorful yet minimalist designs? Gorgeous.

There are two versions of the floral calendar and one version that’s just color.

Each one’s got a different swatch for each month of the year, for a total of twelve options. You’re going to need the Kilburn Bedroom Calendar mesh for this to work, but the direct link in the creator’s notes leads to a nonexistent page.

Use this link from Liquid Sims for an alternate download!


15. Yearly Calendar (2020) by hamburgercakes

Yearly Calendar (2020) by hamburgercakes / TS4 CC

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And we’ve shortened the gap to two years!

As with hamburgercakes’ 2017 calendar, their 2020 calendar has gorgeous designs that make me want to keep it.

And as luck would have it, plenty of the swatches for this set don’t have any 2020 text visible.

There are too many prints for me to pick a favorite, but I will say that the swatches with the watercolor motifs really caught my eye.

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