Sims 4 Cargo Pants & Shorts CC (For Guys + Girls)

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Practical clothes are the best.

They serve your fashion needs as well as many others.

Cargo pants and shorts got their name from the fact that they can carry cargo… or so I’m assuming.

They’re characterized by their durable form and big pockets, eliminating the need of ever having your hands full or even carrying a purse again.

So many problems are eliminated when you can carry everything from your cell phone, wallet, and keys to a small laptop on your person.

Yes, some pockets really are that big.

But there’s a certain stylishness to cargo pants & shorts as well, hence why they take so many forms.

The custom content here includes plenty of different designs suitable for any Sim.


1. Eddie Cargo Pants

Eddie Cargo Pants / Sims 4 CC

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First up, these highly realistic cargo pants for men emphasize everything that has made them last for decades.

They’re very flattering to the male form, hugging and draping in all of the right places.

Plus there’s something especially handsome about the way they go around the top of a boot.

These are the pants of a guy who means business, or at least for a guy who wants to look like he does.

But hey, nobody will be able to tell one way or the other just by the pants.

You get twelve swatches here, including solid colors as well as camouflage.

Oh, and it just wouldn’t be right to continue without mentioning those awesome pockets. That’s what makes cargos what they are – and these come complete with a bulky one on each leg.


2. ShakeProductions Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants Long for The Sims 4

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Just for your ladies, these have a bit of a feminine flair while still maintaining the ruggedness you expect from cargo pants.

They’re more form-fitting without going quite as far as skinny jeans, and have modern trends like a high waist and cinched cuffs at the ankle.

All around, they look great.

Your Sim can rock these as casual wear, plus they’re quite appropriate for those in the military career.

These even have five pockets in total.

Just imagine having that kind of storage space on your body.

That would hold most of what the average Sim owns, honestly.


3. Cropped Cargos

Cropped Cargos / TS4 CC

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Here are some pants that imagine the traditional cargo pant design.

These are cropped, which is something you don’t see often, but I’m not sure why because it’s a great unique look.

Your Sim will have all of the mobility they need thanks to these baggy pants, which I bet are pretty comfy, too.

Best of all?

These are available for both males and females, and there’s an extra perk as well.

While most pants either come with a belt or don’t, you have the option here to include it as an accessory.

So at your will, you can use these for any outfit and decide if your Sim will be wearing a belt or not.

Pretty cool, right? It’s great when Simmers give us so many choices!


4. Sondescent Cargo Pants

Sondescent Cargo Pants / Sims 4 CC

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We’ve already seen practicality in action and mixed with fashion.

Now here’s something that focuses on style, on being a valuable part of your Sim’s wardrobe with no purpose other than looking good.

These pants, which the creator herself describes as “grungy”, are amazingly distinct.

CAS has never seen anything quite like this before, I’m sure.

They have a cool tapering thing going on with the legs, where they start out wide and the tap and get slightly narrower towards the ankle.

And that chain!

Oh, it would be a crime to not draw attention to that. It’s a lovely shiny little accent that drapes along your Sim’s hip.

This is another high-waisted bottom, as so many enjoy now more than ever. They also have some more subtle accents like stitching around the legs and vertically along the sides.


5. Baggy Cargos

Baggy Cargo Pants for The Sims 4

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Well, I said at the beginning that cargo pants can take many forms.

And the CC makers out there certainly are proving me right.

These baggy ones are about as baggy as pants can get before they just become a skirt.

But don’t worry, I’m just exaggerating; the legs are very defined, each one featuring detailed accents and pockets.

These have a slight retro vibe, in my opinion, reminding me of something folks would wear in the ‘90s.

You don’t usually see pants this long on Sims, so it definitely brings a new look to the game.

They’ll drape over your Sim’s feet, close to the ground, and you never even have to worry about them getting dirty.


6. “Idk What To Call These” Pants

Simple Tight Cargo Pants / TS4 CC

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The creator may not have been sure what to call these, but I do: cargo pants!

Check out those glorious pockets, there’s no denying it.

They actually may be a bit of a cargo-sweatpants hybrid, taking the drawstrings and ribbed ankle into account.

The regular hip pockets have buttons, and the thick ones on each leg have really great detail, looking a little like they’re already loaded up.

Every swatch here is a gem on its own.

They include not just solids and patterns, but some neat little accents as well, that really add a personal touch.


7. Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts Guys / Sims 4 CC

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These look like they were just plucked out of a real-life closet and placed in The Sims.

The level of detail here is just incredible.

Shadowing, wrinkles, you can even almost see the texture of the fabric. Very impressive indeed!

Any Sim could use more shorts to get them through hot weather – and this will without a doubt be a great addition to your game.

Each pocket is reinforced by a buckled strap too.

These are built for carrying some serious stuff.

Like leftover food and piles of dirty laundry.

Okay, so obviously Sims don’t have functional pockets. But given their inventories, that’s totally what would be in them if they did.

Your Sims will be very dashing in any of the 20 swatches.


8. Camo Cargo Shorts

Camo Cargo Shorts for The Sims 4

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You may have noticed that camo is a common occurrence on this list.

I don’t know why that pattern is more prevalent than any other, but it certainly looks cool.

Especially with colors like these in the mix.

MsBeary included quite a variety here, from classic blue, gray, and green swatches, plus fiery palettes and much more.

But these cargo shorts are just for the gals in your game.

They’re a high-waisted and belted design that will be super easy to incorporate as part of any outfit.

Just think about how sick your Sim will look wearing these with boots!

But pretty much anything will work.

A casual vibe with flip flops, something that says “I’m ready to party” when worn with a leather jacket… ah, this is the stuff that makes fashion fun.


9. Belted Cargo Shorts

Belted Cargo Shorts / TS4 CC

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Uh, is that you, Lara Croft!?

These probably weren’t made with everyone’s favorite tomb raider in mind – but they definitely harness that same energy.

Tough, fierce, daring… those are all words that could be used to describe these, and your Sim once she’s got them on.

To put it bluntly, they’re awesome.

It’s a great idea as well as great execution, these are flawless!

From the short length to the compact pockets, and the belt with a bit hanging loose, everything here just “works”.


10. XWCP Cargo Pants

XWCP Cargo Pants / Sims 4 CC

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Clothing is constantly being reimagined, that’s what keeps it interesting.

Without that type of innovation and creativity, we’d still be wearing hoop skirts.

And nobody wants that.

Each swatch available here has a really fresh look. They aren’t just regular pants, but great pieces of streetwear that include cool new details like belts and writing.

The legs are also cuffed and cropped, which will make them great to wear with boots.

A couple are like typical track pants, another has a plaid pattern, and others have your cargo staples like camouflage and plain colors.

But no matter what, the one thing they all have in common is the long distinct pockets on each leg.


11. Women’s Cargo Pants With Slim Belt

Women’s Cargo Pants With Slim Belt for The Sims 4

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It’s interesting the way fabric textures can change.

You wouldn’t think CC could represent different materials so well, but these creators manage to do so.

There’s no rule that cargo pants have to be made out of a certain fabric, of course.

These have a very soft appearance, which allows for some realistic shadowing and wrinkles.

I bet you also never thought of pairing heels with cargo pants, but this creator also shows what a fantastic bold choice that can be.

It combines femininity with edginess: two things that are always a win!

And it’d truly be a shame to overlook that belt.

It’s thin with a reptile pattern. Just the perfect thing to leave in sight with crop tops.

A good belt can make all the difference – and not just by making sure your pants don’t fall down.


12. Hashtag Cargo Shorts

Hashtag Cargo Shorts / Sims 4 CC

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Well this list has certainly brought forth a lot of modern articles of clothing – and it’s far from over.

These shorts are no exception.

And in fact, they’ll be among the most treasured bottoms your Sims have, I’m sure.

First off, high-waisted shorts aren’t very common in the game, it seems. So they’re automatically awesome just because of that.

The way they are cut will make your Sim’s legs look longer, too.

These have some interesting straps on each leg, with some decorative rings for ultimate stylishness.

There just aren’t enough accessories on shorts, ya know?

It makes them stand out a little bit more.

No blending into the backgrounds for the Sim that sports these!


13. Harlem Cargo Pants

Harlem Cargo Pants for The Sims 4

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We’ve seen baggy pants as well as skinny ones.

Now here are some that are the perfect medium.

Not too big, not too small, they’ll fit your Sim just right.

Yes, I’m like the Goldilocks of CAS sometimes.

When I have a certain look in mind, I want it to be played out just right. And I’m sure I’m not the only one!

These are a great casual option.

They have a slight sag in all of the right places, giving them a very natural, relaxed fit.

The strap, which has some different letterings depending on the swatch, is also a nice added accessory.


14. Dreamgirl’s Belted Cargo Shorts

Belted Cargo Shorts / Sims 4 CC

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Belts and cargo shorts go together so well.

It’s no mystery why so many versions of such an ensemble exist.

Now that I think about it, it’s a look that was probably born out of necessity – since once your pockets are full you’re just fighting gravity to keep from pantsing yourself.

What you see here is not a typical belt, though.

It’s a simple black strap style with a clip, similar to what you find on many bags. It looks pretty cool, and is definitely something unique to give your Sims.

The shorts themselves are also very new.

It’s a brand new mesh, meaning the model didn’t come from anything but creator Dreamgirl’s mind.

They have a little rolled part at the hem, and overall they look very smooth and simple.


15. Sweet Chaos Pants

Sweet Chaos Maxis Match Cargo Pants for The Sims 4

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Isn’t it fitting how close the words “chaos” and “cargos” look?

Nah, probably just me.

But nothing will get you feeling like unleashing a little chaos like a good outfit.

When you feel on top of the world, you want to crash it.

Or maybe that’s only those with the Evil trait.

Anyway, this awesome design features cropped legs, but they’re just cropped enough that your Sims will still be able to rock pretty much any footwear they want.

Plus they’re still perfect for the cooler months.

These have four pockets in total, two of which are distinctly held by a black strap.

You’ll also have plenty of cool swatches to choose from, including khaki, which I think would legally make these an option for formal events.

Who would confront someone wearing these Sweet Chaos Pants? Only fools!

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