Sims 4 Custom Casino CC, Mods & Lots: The Ultimate Collection

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If there’s just one thing that no one can argue, it’s that people like money.

Young or old, rich or poor, people like having money and getting more.

It’s rather surprising that as much importance is placed on having Simoleons in The Sims 4, we don’t have a dedicated way to gamble and play with money like we do in real life. Those risks, life changing triumphs and miserable losses, are adrenaline rushes for many people.

You can live dangerously without risking bodily harm… though I imagine losing money has made some people sick.

But while not everyone can be winners, there have to be some.

And you’ll feel like you and your Sims are among the lucky few thanks to all of the custom content out there that allows you to build a casino and live that risky life of a gambler.


New Vegas Casino Stuff

New Vegas Casino Stuff for The Sims 4

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Beneath all of the fun and flashing lights, casinos don’t exactly have a reputation for being clean.

I mean, it’s not like they’re cesspools.

But people often visit them during big nights out and for once-in-a-lifetime sort of fun, so nobody’s stopping to wipe their shoes or you know… not puke in a potted plant.

Wear and tear is just bound to happen in places that are so heavily frequented.

These decorative machines and tables have a rather beaten & worn look. The wood is faded and the machines are a little battered, but they’ll still get the job done.

Each one has a good variety so your casino will never have to look too repetitive.


Poker Player Trait

Poker Player Trait Mod / TS4

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For some people, playing a little poker now and again isn’t enough.

It’s a lifestyle, part of who they are.

Sims aren’t quite as nuanced as people, seeing as how the biggest part of their personalities are determined by no more than three traits.

But that’s actually what makes custom traits so cool.

By giving your Sim this Poker Player trait, you’re really making a statement about them in a unique way.

As far as I can tell, this is the only mod of this nature – which makes it that much more special.

This’ll really make your Sim’s love of cards a part of their life.

While playing cards at the table, they’ll get a variety of new moodlets. But even when they’re not actively playing this trait gives them a whole new pie menu where they can talk about all things poker.


Casino Machine Décor

Casino Machine Décor / Sims 4 CC

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Here’s a set of some great machines to really get your casino looking right.

These are bright and colorful, which are two things you’ll definitely want!

The items here include a slot machine, roulette table, wheel of fortune, and some tokens.

While all of these look fantastically smooth and realistic, the tokens may just be the star here. Without them, whatever will your casino use as tender?!

They come in six different styles too – so you can really mix and match as you spread them throughout the build.

Since these machines are detailed so well, they’ll add a great energy to the atmosphere. It’s certainly never a good sign if a casino looks empty.

Sims will have a dilemma or where to go first – the inviting slot machine that promises they’ll win big? The colorful roulette table?

Well, in the end their Simoleons will always be safe since these are decorative items.

But once you fill the space with some appropriate chairs, you won’t be able to tell the difference.


Casino-Style Carpet

Casino-Style Carpet for The Sims 4

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Casinos tend to have a distinct interior that really sets them apart.

You’ll see things you won’t ever see anywhere else – such as really interesting carpet.

Busy & vibrant designs like these have no place outside of somewhere designed for gambling.

They’re so bold, it just might rub off on the patrons.

There are six swatches here, and each one comes with a different unique pattern.

The color brings it out in some awesome ways, and the lighting you choose will make it pop even more.

You may not have considered how important the flooring is in a casino, but just think about what a difference that makes.

It’s easy to see now what a perfect fit this is – but it all says something a little different.

Wood floors say the place is haunted, by the way. Only casinos that used to be saloons with shootouts have wood floors.

And tile? Well, I don’t know about that. It just wouldn’t look right.

Modernized places go with daring carpet designs!


Décor Dice

Décor Dice / Sims 4 CC

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When playing casino games, dice can decide a lot.

They can seal your fate, whether you go home thousands of dollars richer, or without a dime to your name.

That’s a lot of pressure on some tiny cubes, isn’t it?

But that’s just the way it is. Many games incorporate them, like craps, roulette, blackjack, and plenty more.

A casino without dice is like a Sims house without a roof. It just doesn’t work.

But we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

My poor building skills aside… dice are deeply connected to casinos and you’ll be able to use these in a number of ways.

They’re intended to simply be space fillers, and you can of course do that.

Using simple size down cheats you could even place them along tables, too.

Their surfaces are a bit faded, but that’s bound to happen with hundreds of people touching them every day. Hypothetically, of course.


Casino Hollywood Lot

Casino Hollywood Lot Build / TS4 CC

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You may have already realized what a project it would be to make a flashy, realistic casino.

It could definitely be fun.

But if you’d just like somewhere for your Sims to visit, then you’re in luck.

Creator BrandonTR built this incredible casino lot for TS4 – and it’s ready for use.

The atmosphere is great, featuring tons of bright lights, fountains, bars, card tables, and lounge areas.

Everything you’d expect from a 5 star casino in real life, basically.

The exterior alone is enough to catch the eye of every Sim for blocks, and that’s partially thanks to the CC.

That incredibly vibrant look wouldn’t be possible without the custom wall tiles, or the creator that knew just how to use them.


Viva Las Vegas Set

Viva Las Vegas CC Set / The Sims 4

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While there are thousands of casinos throughout the world, none are quite as renowned as the ones in Las Vegas.

That’s the first thing many people think of when the city is mentioned, which definitely makes sense, seeing as how casinos were one of the defining factors that turned it into the vast metropolis we know today.

From songs to movies, the heart of Vegas is clear.

And now your Sims can have their own little piece of Sin City.

This set has a ton of items that will be fantastic additions to your casino build.

Pretty much everything incorporates the signature symbols like cards, poker chips, dice, and more.

You’ll have décor and furniture for all of your needs, and maybe even a few pieces so your Sims can take their love of gambling home.

I mean, I don’t know of any casino that would place a queen sized bed… but maybe that could be something unique for your Sims.

Even the plant’s pot has a card design!

It doesn’t get much more wonderfully kitsch than that.


Chess Game Table

Chess Game Table for The Sims 4

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There have been numerous items listed here for décor, and of course that’s very necessary and important.

Half of the casino experience has to do with the appearance of the place, right?

But if you’re going through the trouble of designating a whole lot for an idea, it’s best if there’s something for your Sims to actually do.

This table will be a game changer for your Sim’s casino night. And yes, the pun was intended.

As if it’s not awesome enough already how perfect and smooth this table looks, complete with the roulette wheel… it’s functional!

That’s right, your Sims can actually sit down and get to gamblin’… for the most part.

It actually functions as a chess table, but it sure doesn’t look like one!

The mesh includes the typical designs for such a table, as well as some chips.


Aurora Cards

Aurora Cards / Sims 4 CC

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If I had to choose one definitive item that symbolizes casinos, I would have a hard time choosing between dice and cards.

They’re both integral to the games available. And since we already have seen some dice listed above, it’s high time we got some cards.

These flawless, detailed, decorative pieces come from the same CC creator as the functional game tables.

And they might be small, but they will truly be a valuable addition to any casino scene – or even added onto a poker night in your custom man cave.

I mean, just imagine playing with no cards:

No poker, no blackjack, no gin… you might as well just close the place down!

But you can place these all over and they’ll only add to the realism.

Plus they come in two color variations, green and red.


Retro Casino Wallpaper

Retro Casino Wallpaper for The Sims 4

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Man, if this carpet could talk.

I’m sure it would be able to tell you about the millions of dollars lost since it was installed about 40 years ago.

Not every casino stays hip, happening, and up to date.

Many are satisfied to just make do with what they have. It’s not like people come from miles around to look at the carpet, anyway.

But in The Sims, each part of a build is important.

This custom carpet CC, made specifically with inspiration from retro casinos, will certainly be a great choice for some unique flooring to set it apart from the other establishments.

It features spiraling designs available in 4 swatches, and definitely has an old school look.

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