Sims 4 Chef CC: Outfits, Hats & More (All Free)

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From the moment you’re born, food is a subtle focus in each and every day.

You’ve always got to consider your next meal so your body has fuel to do the things you need it to do.

And except for super healthy eaters, food is often like entertainment. Doing that too often isn’t the best idea, but come on, what movie night is complete with popcorn? Who wants to go to a party with no refreshments?

And when you have a passion for food, then you might be destined to become a chef.

Plenty of career paths were left out of The Sims 4, but what has always been there? The culinary career, of course.

In this game just as well in real life, those passionate about food see it as an art. As something that requires high levels of skill to properly execute.

Well your Sim can play the part, but not really look it.

Real-life chefs tend to have a distinct look that’s absent from much of the game. But as always, anything is possible with CC!

Here you’ll find not just things to bolster your chef Sim’s wardrobe, but also their kitchen experiences as well.


1. Chef’s Hat

Chef’s Hat / Sims 4 CC

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Ah, the chef hat. A classic.

And the very thing that pops into most people’s heads when they imagine a chef.

The custom of a chef wearing a hat goes all the way back to the early 1800s, and the rule of thumb used to be that the height of the hat signified the wearer’s experience and superiority.

So a hat that brushed the tops of doorways meant they were the Supreme Master Chef Overlord or something.

Yeah, I’m just paraphrasing. This stuff doesn’t really matter in The Sims anyways.

A hat is a hat for them – but you’ll still want one that looks authentic.

This set of three hats will allow you a lot of personalization when it comes to your Sims who are experts in the kitchen (or are trying to be).

First, there’s your standard upright chef’s hat, plus a taller version!

Now remember, the taller the hat, the more experienced the chef.

You can use these throughout for your Sim’s climb of the culinary career later.

And lastly there’s the sous chef hat, which is the type that looks puffy like a cloud.

I’ve always thought “sous” referred to making a specific type of food – but apparently it actually just means they’re the second in command in the kitchen.


2. Shop Chef Buffet

Shop Chef Buffet for The Sims 4

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I assume that any career chef has a home kitchen that’s at least slightly better than the average person’s.

They know the importance of owning and using the proper tools, plus how impactful fresh ingredients are.

With a little imagination, this buffet set will allow you to really give your chef Sim the kitchen they deserve – plus there’s plenty of potential here if you want them to ‘cater’ events or serve their own food at parties.

After a hard day in the kitchen, these buffet trays can be placed on any countertop and stocked with a variety of food.

It even comes with one of those lovely spit-shield things buffets have, for ultimate realism.


3. Chef Outfit

Chef Outfit Attire / Sims 4 CC

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Careers in this game are so tough.

And dressing your Sim appropriately for their career is even tougher.

In past games, you could just cheat your Sim’s way to the top and unlock the right outfit or uniform in Create-A-Sim.

No amount of cheating will allow you to access some career outfits in The Sims 4, though.

I was really confused after I bought StrangerVille and saw how cool the military uniforms look, but I couldn’t dress my Sims in them.

They actually have to work for that? The horror!

Well now your Sim can look like a chef regardless of their merits.

This is simply the outfit your Sim would get if they worked their way through the culinary career, but you can have them wear it from the get-go instead.


4. UntraditionalNerd’s Chef Outfit

Custom Chef Outfit #2 / TS4 CC

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Here’s a set of more casual cook outfits.

These consist of a button-up with rolled sleeves and pants with cuffed legs, all beneath a nice apron.

I must say, as far as chef outfits go, these will make your Sims look quite handsome.

They’re fitted just right – not quite as chunky as some of the official uniforms.

It just depends on how you look at it… most real-life employers focus on functionality and professionalism over how cute the wearer looks.

But the opposite is definitely the priority for Simmers.

There are several different variations to choose from here, with each part of the outfit changing depending on the swatch.

You can have a light shirt and black pants, a black shirt and light pants, or both light or both black.

As for the apron, you’ll have plenty to choose from there as well.

For some swatches it’ll be solid white or black.

But there are some where it’s sheer, and even more like pink or patterned.


5. Narissa Knife Block

Kitchen Knife Block for The Sims 4

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You won’t find a professional chef sawing at vegetables with a butter knife.

They’re all about what will get the job done best – and you might be surprised how big of a part knives play.

For making a kitchen look like a kitchen in this game, we don’t have a ton going on in the utensil department.

This CC has a very modern look, featuring three sharp knives in a transparent block, ready to get cutting and chopping at a moment’s notice.

And for an extra bit of visual appeal, you’ll have some swatches to choose from that will change the color of the handles.

More professional settings may require black or silver knives. But the purple or orange colors are certainly more fun!


6. Female Apron Accessory

Girl's Apron Accessory for The Sims 4

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We’ve only seen aprons for guys thus far – so it’s high time to level the playing field.

This CC set has a good selection of accessory aprons just for your female Sims.

The best part is that because it’s indeed categorized as an accessory, you get to choose what your Sim wears under it… if anything.

But if you want them to seem like a real chef, I do recommend giving them clothing beneath the apron.

That defeats the whole purpose otherwise, ya know?

An apron is meant to protect clothes!

Once their outfit is all figured out, you’ll have 55 swatches to choose from. You can’t get much more personalized than that, right?

Those swatches include cute floral and fruit prints, gingham patterns, and solid colors, amongst others.


7. Marble & Wood Kitchen Set

Marble & Wood Kitchen CC Set for The Sims 4

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Kitchens that get used frequently usually have some signs of that.

A Sim’s kitchen is hard to get adequately cluttered, in my opinion.

I guess we should just assume the things we see them using while preparing food, like a cutting board or bowls, are neatly stored away in the cabinets the rest of the time.

Well, that doesn’t leave the kitchen looking very lived-in… but this set will.

It features some kitchen staples like a rolling pin, canister, jar, and a mixing bowl, plus a few cutting boards.

Everything comes in marble and wood swatches which complement each other really well.

This stuff will work in any kitchen, from a retro build to a modern San Myshuno apartment.

A chef can do their thing anywhere. And now they can have the kitchen that best suits them and their passion.


8. Kitchen Deco

Kitchen Decor Set / TS4 CC

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Being a chef isn’t just about your clothes and cookware.

That stuff is necessary, sure, but keeping key ingredients on hand is just as important.

You can’t cook without pots and pans any more than you can cook most things without salt!

This décor set will give you the things you need to further clutter your chef’s workspace, and make it appear like they really do have cooking always on their mind.

The creator lina-cherie took things almost everyone probably has in their kitchens right now, like cooking spray, baking soda, and spices, and created exact replicas for your Sims.

But there are plenty of other items as well – and with them, your Sim’s counters don’t have to seem so empty anymore.


9. Chef Set (Dine Out Needed)

Chef CC Set For The Sims 4

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If you’re a huge lover of all things culinary, then you probably have already got the game pack dedicated to such matters.

Dine Out makes the cooking skill more important than ever, and with great skill comes… a better uniform?

That’s the way things go in The Sims.

But this recolor gives the same old uniform you’re used to seeing a fun, refreshing makeover.

Jaru Sims gave the normally white outfits a splash of color, and the aprons and hats have matching cupcake patterns.

Sometimes a new look is all something needs to feel completely different.

That’s the effect recolors usually have on Sims content, especially clothes.

And this set is no exception.


10. Kitchen Clutter Set

Kitchen Clutter Set for The Sims 4

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Finally, here’s one last bit of clutter to push your chef Sim’s workspace from “casual cook” to “experienced expert of the culinary arts” with nothing more than cookware.

This is all the stuff that has always been missing from your Sim’s kitchens, including two wall knife racks, a measuring cup, a baster, tons of spoons, knives, spatulas, and forks, plus much more.

At last, it’ll no longer seem strange when your Sim comes up with all of these things out of thin air as they’re cooking.

Grand Meals should require some supplies!

And with this CC, your Sims will be equipped with everything they’ll ever need.

Whether they’re baking cookies or preparing high-level meals that are truly worthy of a chef’s expertise – we’ve got you covered right here.

Plus with four different cutting boards and décor pots, it’ll be clearer than ever that your Sims know what they’re doing.

Don’t worry if they catch the stove on fire again, that’s just a minor side effect of greatness.

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