Best Chris Brown CC For The Sims 4 (All Free)

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It’s hard to find an artist these days that can grow, adapt, and bounce back no matter what.

Whatever you may think of his music or his public persona, you can’t deny the fact that Chris Brown is one of those rare artists.

While he’s not as popular as he was back in the mid-2000s (not to mention his controversial past), he’s still constantly making monstrous hits.

He’s even frequently collaborating with top-tier artists today like Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Young Thug.

I guess Michael Jackson didn’t call him a “bright and shining star” for nothing.

So let’s bring the Prince of R&B’s talent into The Sims 4 with this handy collection of custom content.


1. “Hello Ego” Poster

“Hello Ego” Poster for The Sims 4

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People weren’t ready when this track dropped in 2017.

Not only did it feature Breezy and Jhene Aiko’s heavenly vocals, but the lyrics were also the most vulnerable either artist had ever written at the time.

This was their fourth collaboration together, so in hindsight, it isn’t surprising that they could reach that level of comfort with each other.

I say we take a trip back to 2017, put up this “Hello Ego” poster in your Sim’s room, and play the track at full blast.


2. “Five More Hours” Animation

“Five More Hours” Animation / Sims 4 CC

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What you may not know about “Five More Hours” is that it’s the third version of a song by DJ Deorro.

Originally titled “Five Hours,” it became huge thanks to dance compilation videos in 2014.

People loved it so much that Deorro made a third version featuring Chris Brown on vocals accompanied by an outrageous music video co-starring Travis Scott.

Given the song’s history, it’s only apt that we have this dance animation for The Sims 4 thanks to creator Junkoda.


3. Karrueche Tran Tattoos

Karrueche Tran Tattoos (Chris Brown) TS4 CC

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At this point, everyone knows that Chris Brown has a lousy track record when it comes to romantic relationships.

I know he’s hot.

But if he slides into your DMs, it’s probably a good idea to throw your phone into the ocean – because you probably wouldn’t be able to resist.

However, one girl who was so close to making him change his ways was Karrueche Tran.

Their relationship didn’t end well – but Chris tried to get her back multiple times, and even spoke about being a better person for her.

Welp, that didn’t work.

But at least we can rewrite history in The Sims with these Karrueche Tran tattoos!


4. Wild Townie Tattoos

Wild Townie Tattoos / Sims 4 CC

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I hate to say it, but a huge part of Chris Brown’s appeal is his bad-boy image.

It’s the reason why, despite his shady past, we’re still drawn to him and his music.

A big factor in that image is his tattoos.

He has a ton all over his body – most noticeably around his neck and chest.

And I know this Wild Townie Tattoos set may not be a complete copy of everything Chris has. But it’s close enough to use when you want to recreate R&B’s prodigal son in TS4.


5. Chicago Bulls Caps

Chicago Bulls Caps for The Sims 4

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Back in high school, it seemed like everyone suddenly started to wear snapbacks overnight.

I thought it was some weird trend that would die as quickly as it started, but it lived on until my second year in college.

Almost a decade later, I think I’ve finally found the source:

Chris Brown.

Sure, he didn’t invent the snapback, and he wasn’t the first one to wear them.

But my god he wears them well.

Although he seems to have a wide variety in his collection, what he loves the most are the ones from the NBA.

Let your Sim copy Breezy’s snapback game with these custom-made Chicago Bulls caps, created by the one & only Pinkzombiecupcakes!


6. Chris Brown CC Build

Chris Brown CC Build / The Sims 4

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Rounding up this list is none other than Chris Brown himself!

Yep, a full build that’s ready to download.

Brown Girls Gaming did an excellent job recreating Breezy in TS4, and now you can grab it for yourself and add him into any neighborhood you want.

Just download the complete CC list (in the description) and watch their video for a step-by-step guide.

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