Best Sims 4 Christmas Clothes CC (Guys + Girls)

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Christmas may come once a year for us.

But it’s entirely up to you how often it comes for your Sims.

This CAS collection includes everything you’ll need to make sure the holiday season in your game is just as festive as you’d like, for every Sim.


1. Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas for Sims 4

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One of the cutest things about modern Christmas celebrations has to be family pajamas.

Every member of the family is covered by this set, whether they’re on two legs or four, toddlers or adults. Two different pajama styles offer some different options but red and green abound no matter what, of course!


2. Christmas Sweatshirts

Christmas Sweatshirts TS4 CC

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What Strenee has made here is a classic sweater that’s sure to make you feel nostalgic.

These appliques are so cute, featuring your typical holiday characters like penguins, reindeer, gingerbread, and more.

They’re just what your Sims need for chilling around the house and devouring Grand Meals!


3. Holiday Dress

Holiday Dress Sims 4 CC

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This classy little red dress with white fur just screams “Christmas” in every way.

That’s the only swatch it comes in. But that’s totally okay, because it’s already so beautiful.

You can’t improve upon perfection, as they say.

Maybe even throw a Santa hat on top to really complete the look!


4. Bright Lights Sweater

Bright Lights Sweater for Sims 4

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Lights are a defining part of Christmas decorating, no doubt.

Some displays are pretty elaborate but the old school single-strand design is always a solid choice.

These form-fitting turtlenecks have a design with lights strung across the shoulders. All of the swatches include neutral solid colors and the whites will retain a cozy yellow glow.


5. Christmas Jumpers For Him

Christmas Jumpers For Him TS4 CC

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We can’t leave the guys out of the Christmas sweater fun.

These jumpers from Simlark are just adorable with their retro knit texture and joyful critter design.

The three bold swatches consist of a reindeer, polar bear, and a penguin. Any cold-climate animal will do, and this creator picked the cutest!


6. Garland Gown

Garland Gown Sims 4 CC

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For something a little more elegant yet still Christmas-y, this Garland Gown is one of the best options you’ll find.

It has so many little details that bring the whole look together, such as the ruffled sleeves, cinched waist, and modest v-neck.

But the abundance of Christmas swatches is really what seals it as festive.


7. PJ Holiday Shorts

PJ Holiday Shorts for Sims 4

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These shorts are just what your Sims in warmer climates need.

All 8 of these swatches have just the sort of holly, jolly imagery you want to see during the holiday season like candy canes and reindeer, trees, and even a more chill snowflake pattern.


8. Holiday Pullover

Holiday Pullover TS4 CC

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Cutesy sweaters are great, but not for everyone.

This simple zip up retains a mature vibe even with the red and green themes. A few of these swatches come in some plaid designs, while there are typical patterns available with reindeer and trees and such.


9. Xmas Leggings

Xmas Leggings Sims 4 CC

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In this day and age, a holiday just isn’t worth celebrating if there isn’t a pair of leggings for the occasion.

These 5 variations are sure to be a key element for any and all of your Sim’s casual Christmas needs.

Anything can be paired with the timeless red and black flannel design!


10. Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings for Sims 4

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Just like in real life, stockings are a super fast and easy way to add a fresh twist to your Sim’s outfit.

There’s no overlooking the cheerful spirit they bring to the table. Finding the right skirt or dress to go with them should be a breeze thanks to the versatile length.


11. Holiday Long Sleeve Tees

Holiday Long Sleeve Tees TS4 CC

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Regardless of the season or occasion, t-shirts are the ultimate casual top, especially for men.

SimmieV’s long sleeve holiday shirts pack just as much of a festive punch as their holiday pullovers.

Some feature whimsical characters like gnomes, and others feature fun phrases.


12. Christmas Shoe Collection

Christmas Shoe Collection Sims 4 CC

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You might think that except for pointy elf shoes, your Sim’s holiday footwear options are limited.

Well, while there’s not exactly a surplus of Christmas shoes, this CC collection from Jius-sims is a nice little treasure trove.

Three very different and distinct styles are offered here, and there are some very cozy looking socks as well.


13. Unisex Reindeer Antlers Headband

Unisex Reindeer Antlers Headband for Sims 4

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Nowadays, reindeer antlers have become nearly as popular as Santa hats.

It’s up to you whether you’d like these to be part of a head to toe Christmas ensemble, or just a subtle nod to the holiday. In any case, both men and women can wear them.


14. Plaid Xmas Pajamas

Plaid Xmas Pajamas TS4 CC

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Flannel pajamas and matching tops?

What more could a Sim want for Christmas?

These two simple swatches have it all. They look incredibly cozy, and the graphics of snowmen and The Grinch will really have your Sims looking their part during WinterFest.


15. Madlen Christmas Sweaters

Madlen Christmas Sweaters Sims 4 CC

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Here’s another opportunity for families to match with the little ones in their life.

Not only do these sweaters have a very smooth appearance free of clipping, but the subtle fabric texture is really all it needs for a realistic feel.


16. Meowy Woofmas

Meowy Woofmas for Sims 4

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Clothing on pets is already an amazing aspect of The Sims 4.

But Christmas options can only be found through CC.

This pet clothing set will definitely expand your pet’s involvement in the holiday. Options for both cats and dogs of all sizes are included, in 7 different styles.


17. Holiday Wonderland Santa Outfit

Holiday Wonderland Santa Outfit TS4 CC

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If you have Seasons, then you’re familiar with Father Winter.

He’s a little ambiguous to keep the game fun for everyone, but a lot of people miss seeing the old fashioned Santa.

You can bring him into your game through any Sim thanks to this standard red and white suit.


18. Santa Outfits

Santa Outfits Sims 4 CC

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Now any toddler can play Santa and Mrs. Claus with this clothing set, because there’s nothing more photo-worthy than that.

Although the suit and dress are the main parts of this ensemble, the glasses and Santa hat round everything out and really complete the look.


19. Merry Dress

Merry Dress for Sims 4

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Here’s an option that’s nice and neat, tied up with a little bow.

No, seriously! In lieu of a belt, the middle is cinched with a bow and ribbon.

As you’d expect, both swatches focus on a mix of red and green.


20. Matchy-Matchy Christmas Pajamas

Matchy-Matchy Christmas Pajamas TS4 CC

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Most of the jammies here probably look familiar and that’s because they’re all base game compatible.

SimPlistic has transformed them from everyday sleepwear to a matching set for adults, children, and toddlers alike.

These swatches have a fantastic variety, offering everything from cartoony elves to simple snowflakes.

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