Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs: The Ultimate List

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For many players, controlling the day-to-day lives of Sims is their favorite part of the game.

For others, it’s having absolute freedom to build the house of their dreams without worrying about years of debt.

Just with the build mode alone, the possibilities are already endless for any aspiring architects and interior designers.

But putting up walls and adding wallpaper only builds a house, not a home. And the best way to have that?

By dumping clutter on your new humble abode.

If you’re a Marie Kondo believer, then this reverse psychology might be a hard pill to swallow.

Yet nothing makes more sense than scrounging the Internet for the best random stuff to bring comfort into your virtual haven.


20. Antique Stacks

Antique Stacks Sims 4 CC screenshot

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You can easily fool anyone to think you’re an intellectual, especially when you have a stack of hardbound books that could blend in a Hogwarts classroom.

Whether your Sim’s a budding spellcaster or a powerless nobody, this CC can weave a veil of curious enchantment over naive visitors.

Decorate your empty tabletops or forgotten corners with a sprawl of ancient tomes, where it will probably collect dust for years to come.


19. Sabrina Decor

Sabrina Decor Sims 4 CC

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It would take more than a cauldron and a magic broom to turn a Sim into a wicked witch or a mystical mage.

Convincing your whole neighborhood that you’re a magic-wielding entity would require more theatrics beyond dark makeup and ready-made costumes.

Take a page out of Severus Snape’s creepy potions room and decorate your Sim’s house with all things magical and dangerous – the perfect brew for spellbinding interiors!


18. Boxroom Decorative Set

Boxroom Decorative Set for Sims 4

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Times were simpler before TS4, when Sims only cared about eating, sleeping, and showering.

Now, laundry labor is a thing you can choose to adopt or suffer through with the release of the Laundry Day Stuff Pack. This chore has little bearing to the overall playthrough, but if you want your Sims to embody a spotless style, then your house should have the necessities to support the act.

This decorative CC set from Solny has all the essential cleaning clutter to back your spick and span image!

It has 9 creations containing gloves, sponges, cleaners, and additional storage that you can also use for other chore-heavy spaces.


17. Limoges Bathroom Accessories

Limoges Bathroom Accessories Sims 4 CC

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Watching Sims bathe is a magical event to behold… especially since they have this uncanny ability to instantly dry themselves by simply twirling.

This low maintenance routine doesn’t even require bath creams or shampoos. Which actually render these bathroom items useless.

But vanity is such a hard habit to let go.

Your Sims might not have use for mundane things like soap, but this CC pack from Onyxium can still provide an immaculate display of bathroom luxury.

This set contains items that you’d usually take home from a hotel, including a reed diffuser, a showy toilet paper stand, a wooden towel holder, and more!



16. Kitchen Clutter

Kitchen Clutter Sims 4 CC

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The kitchen is the stomach of the house. A place that is always hungry for renovations, space, and a month’s worth of food.

Arguably, it’s also the most important room known to humans and Simkind, as long as it doesn’t look like a rat-infested Taco Bell.

This set from PQSIM4 has clean and simple storage units that can keep any neat freak happy. As long as Sims with low cooking skills are far, far away from the premises.


15. Daguerre Photography Set

Daguerre Photography Set for Sims 4

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If your Sim is a true creative with mad photography skills beyond taking selfies, then it’s only right to fuel their passion with enough clutter to fill up their own studio!

Nurture your Sim’s love for photography with this CC pack from Syboubou that has all the telltale items of a master photographer.

Scatter a collection of photos on the table, on the wall, or even by the ceiling along with a set of vintage cameras and sleek furniture.

And for the final touch, your Sim can also show off an assortment of photography books that they will never read.


14. Professional Makeup

Professional Makeup Sims 4 CC

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This may look like a professional’s usual spread of cosmetics. But trust me when I say that this is only a small pile compared to today’s beauty standards.

Still, this CC pack has the variety and number of items to litter a vanity until there’s no space left for one more lipstick.

Feel like a true artist with this massive set of makeup must-haves that also comes with a vanity and chair to bring in the full glamorous effect.


13. Alberta Decor

Alberta Decor Sims 4 CC screenshot

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It’s always so nice to see an organized desk before it’s ravaged by a storm of tasks and deadlines.

Thankfully, CCs keep work clutter like this fixed and tidy at all times, making it the perfect set-up for any type A players who suffer from having to see misplaced memo pads or off-center calendars.

Motivate your Sim through hump days and weekdays with this CC set from soloriya that could make anyone enjoy actually working from home.


12. Breakfast Clutter

Breakfast Clutter Sims 4 CC

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No human or Sim can argue against the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Waking up from a long sleep and seeing all your breakfast favorites assembled on a table is one of life’s greatest aphrodisiacs.

A fact that EA devs didn’t bother to code into the game.

Let’s right an unacceptable wrong and start serving some quintessential breakfast clutter to your Sim’s empty table!

From cereal boxes and toast, to a buttload of juice packs, this CC pack will give your Sim’s house a taste and look of home.


11. Mist Living Room Decor

Mist Living Room Decor Sims 4 CC

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Now if you want an interior design copied straight from a celebrity home, then you’ve hit the jackpot with the Mist Living Room Decor.

This CC offers an elegant upgrade to lackluster living spaces with its contemporary, clean, and cool style.

The 10 items in this set include an assortment of coffee table books, bookends, incense, and geometric items that have no other purpose but to look pretentiously expensive.

Even if these items aren’t made from real gold, this pack still shines in displaying a cohesive look of simple luxury.


10. Storage Squared Cubby Inserts

Storage Squared Cubby Inserts for Sims 4

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It’s a no brainer that we often store the most important (and also most worthless) belongings in our bedroom.

From old toys to dusty art supplies, bedroom clutter will always spark joy when given the time of day.

Of course, Marie Kondo wouldn’t approve. But if your Sim’s room has enough space for some good old-fashioned cubby holes, then you can save those precious trinkets for a little while before they get sold off to the next garage sale.


9. Kitchen Jen Part 3

Kitchen Jen Part 3 Sims 4 CC

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Kitchen clutter dynamically changes depending on one’s needs and lifestyle.

Although in this case, it depends on the player’s mood and attention span, leaving Sims powerless in choosing how their own kitchen will look like.

If you agree that this CC pack is gorgeous AF, then I’m sure your Sim’s kitchen interiors are in good hands.

The last part of the Kitchen Jen decor set has a total of 10 stunning items that would make anyone want to take up cooking lessons on YouTube.

Satisfy your cravings for beautiful CCs and enjoy a stylish collection of plates, bowls, bottles, cookware, and more!


8. Animal Crossing Clutter

Animal Crossing Clutter Sims 4 CC

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When Animal Crossing: New Horizons was launched for the Nintendo Switch, I didn’t expect to see my twenty-something gamer friends fall into a video game addiction.

And like the Sims, it’s a life simulation game. But the similarities end there.

The preschool-friendly characters and gentle gameplay of Animal Crossing are light years away from The Sims’ WooHoo-laden interactions. And yet somehow we still have Animal Crossing CC, ain’t that something?

But even with the galaxy-wide difference in graphics and visuals, okruee’s AC-inspired clutter still manages to fit perfectly in TS4. Some very cute clutter for AC fans.


7. Build Your Clutter

Build Your Clutter - Sims 4 CC

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When you’re falling out of love with your Sim’s home, that’s a sign that you’re in dire need of A) a cat, B) a massive overhaul, or C) plants.

I’m going to pretend you answered C and tell you exactly why indoor plants can breathe new life into your aesthetically decaying home.

While most physical clutter is bound to be thrown away, indoor plants are one of the few items you can keep on growing.

Having little pieces of nature to care for can give you a sense of purpose to improve the surroundings around it (or not ignore climate change).

But don’t grow a jungle just yet. Start small with this CC pack, which enables you to mix and match different plants and even office accessories with various containers.


6. Peg To Differ – Entryway Set

Peg To Differ - Entryway Set Sims 4 CC

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Whether your Sim is living the high life in a mansion, or squatting in a tiny home, every residence has its own treatment of welcoming guests.

For the rich and ravishing, they can easily have a grand foyer to make anyone feel like royalty.

For the modest middle-class, it would take more creative thinking.

This entryway set from Ravasheen is by no means extravagant. But it can set a warmer and more inviting ambiance than a Kardashian mansion.

Give your visitors a unique sneak peek into the personality of your home and enjoy this 10-piece set which includes a smart speaker, functional dresser, lights, and more!


5. Music Posters Add-ons

Music Posters Add-ons for Sims 4

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Growing up with no bedroom of my own, it was hard to satisfy my fangirling tendencies.

Having no place of worship for my teenage idols was like missing out on pre-adolescent traditions.

It’s a bit too late to indulge my obsessive admiration, but it’s not too late for our Sims.

Ditch the boring wallpaper and decorate your walls with these posters from BottsBotts!

Enjoy more than 20 posters creatively designed to bring a pop of color and Simlish music to your home.


4. Little Ceramics

Little Ceramics Sims 4 CC screenshot

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If you’re a millennial or Gen Z-er who’s afraid to commit to nurturing a child, then potted plants can be the perfect replacement for that living clutter.

With a low mortality rate and attention span, indoor plants require less emotional investment and offer more benefits than any spoiled kid.

Start decorating the small spaces of your Sim’s house with Little Ceramics and enjoy building an oasis one house plant at a time.


3. One Billion Pixels Recolor

One Billion Pixels Recolor Sims 4 CC

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Thanks to the revival of Polaroid, instant cameras are now a hot commodity.

The vintage appeal has urged digital natives to take a step back from Instagram filters and smartphone selfies and appreciate the finite supply of moments they can immortalize.

These shots of life are often the subject of mainstream Pinterest aesthetics. But who could deny the beauty it brings to life?

This CC won’t be able to feature your Sims in film. But don’t let that stop you from hanging them up and appreciating them anyway!


2. Mirake Conversions

Mirake Conversions Sims 4 CC

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It’s not that easy to think of interior design when you’re building a Sim home from the ground up.

But when you least expect it, inspiration strikes from the most random of finds.

This CC pack by Mirake has an unrelated set of items that truly embodies the term “clutter.”

It has a stereo, sewing basket, frame, bamboo vase, and more stuff you would find at a dollar store.

The whole collection doesn’t really make any sense.

But you can trust that these items can fill in the gaps of empty rooms.


1. 90s Bitch

90s Bitch Sims 4 CC

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You may or may not be a ‘90s baby, but no one can ever resist a nostalgic trip to the best decade ever.

This CC pack from simmerberlin compiles items that would make anyone remember the good ‘ol days.

From a Game Boy Color to a stack of cassettes, this CC set has all the essentials to remember the glories of life pre-iPhone and confuse this generation’s brightest.

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