The Sims 4: Best College Dorm & University CC

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Heading off to college is a major turning point in anyone’s life. For many people, it’s their first time venturing away from home – that may even be their entire reason for going. It’s a whole new world, totally different from high school.

You have new responsibilities and meet new people, and possibly the most anticipated part of all: living in a new place.

By the time you get to college, you’re an adult. That means you get to do whatever you want!

Ah… maybe not, actually. There are always rules. And that’s true for your Sims as well.

There are a lot of ways to decorate and furnish your dorm, as well as show off your university pride, and there’s tons of Sims 4 CC out there for all your college dorm needs.

Let’s have a peek at some of the best.


1. Wall Tapestries

Wall Tapestries - Sims 4 CC

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Living in a dorm means very limited space to decorate and express yourself, and for that reason tapestries are very popular among college students.

It’s a quick (and usually inexpensive) way to put your own small spin on an otherwise drab room that doesn’t feel like your own – because it isn’t.

These tapestries from Helen-sims will definitely look great and fit right into any dorm room or communal living situation. And as far as wall art goes, I think it’s a pretty good choice. Cheaper and less formal than a painting, neater and less illegal than graffiti.

The perfect compromise if there ever was one.

And the images on these tapestries are all gorgeous.

There are several pastel nature scenes, colorful mandalas, a couple world maps, and a single one featuring Joel and Ellie from the video game The Last of Us.

I always appreciate when passionate Simmers give us so many amazing options like this through CC!


2. Polaroids

Polaroid Photos CC - The Sims 4

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Not only are Polaroids pretty popular right now, but they’re also a great way to make it look like your Sim has brought memories from home to their dorm.

These prints are all pretty varied and cool, from cats in hats to friend group photos and selfies.

They’ll brighten up your Sim’s room nicely, and give them memories of fonder times to look back upon when school gets tough.

And of course it will. College is tough.


3. Backpack Recolors

Backpack Recolors CC for The Sims 4

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These recolors of the base game backpack are a much-needed improvement, giving you options fit for Sims beyond elementary school.

I’m not sure how common backpacks are in college, but I imagine they’re handy from time to time. And they definitely get me in the ‘school’ state of mind!

Creator simforadream has given us seven new pastel colors to choose from. The books poking out of them have been changed as well to some more pretty designs.

And if you want even more backpack-style CC take a look at this other list we made.


4. Prisma Computers

Prisma Computers CC for The Sims 4

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Honestly, I’ve always thought it was crazy that there was only one laptop in the game.

And it’s ridiculously expensive.

And those desktops are so bulky and outdated. I don’t even know anyone who exclusively uses desktops anymore.

Laptops are just so much more practical and portable. It’s no wonder they’re so beloved by college students.

These computers from mlys_simblr will be quite the upgrade for your academic Sims. They’re much more sleek and modern, and will definitely look more fitting for a dorm room than most of the options already in the game.

In this CC set there are two laptops and a desktop, and one of the laptops is a cool new deco item.


5. Book Stacks

Book Stacks Clutter - Sims 4 CC

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This is a tragically familiar sight for anyone who’s had to do any sort of lengthy study session: towering stacks of books.

And not fun books, either.

Well truthfully, the book covers aren’t detailed enough for me to be certain either way. But that’s what makes them a perfect decor item for a dorm room.

Several of them are definitely thick enough to remind me of math or science books. Because even as a bookworm, nothing that long is very fun to read.

Some are quite thin too, giving me the impression of notebooks.

Simmer bramblefinch created four different stacks for this CC, two taller and two shorter. Your Sim would have to be pursuing quite the degree in order to need all four, and that’s entirely up to you.


6. University Beds

University Beds and Bunks - Sims 4 CC

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Dorm room furniture is typically pretty basic and compact, as evidenced by nearly everything we got in University Life from The Sims 3.

Those classically boring beds have now been converted for us to use in Sims 4, thanks to jokeplease!

None of the base game beds will really work all that well for a dorm, so this CC is a great idea.

There’s also a bunk bed option which is actually my favorite part of this. You’ll have so much room for activities!

These have been so sorely missed. Bunk beds really do create a bit more space, which is certainly handy in a dorm.

Plus it’s always fun to decide who gets to sleep on the top bunk, even in The Sims.


7. University Hoodies

University Hoodies - Sims 4 CC

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What’s the perfect solution when you want your Sim to look comfy, but still rep their university?

A hoodie, of course.

This CC set of eight hoodies gives you plenty of options to pick from.

I think we could all use more casual, ‘young’ items in our CAS custom content collections, right? And these are designed beautifully, in colors very familiar to both the Sims franchise and its universities.


8. Knotted University Shirts

Knotted University Shirts for The Sims 4

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The knotted shirt is always a great look.

And I’m really glad it’s available to all our Sims now.

This is another casual option for your Sims pursuing higher education.

No one has the energy to get all dressed up after a full day of classes and homework, anyway. And once your Sim gets back to their awesomely decorated dorm, they’ll want to chill in a tee.

A tee like this fills that desire, but is also a simple way to still look slightly ‘put together’, too. At least that’s what I always think I’m doing when I knot my shirt, but it’s possible my standards are just super low.

I don’t think anyone will argue about the quality of these shirts, though.

They depict the colors and emblems of three real universities while maintaining an adequately ‘Sim’ look.


9. Newcrest University Stuff Pack

Newcrest University Stuff Pack - Sims 4 CC

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The love and desire for university things in The Sims 4 is strong, as evidenced by this stuff pack from SimDoughnut.

There are a lot of things in here that will go a long way in bringing the fun, sporty side of university to life.

The wall signs will work for any college or uni-themed build you may have in mind, and the stadium mugs and drink bottles will be a great deco item for your dorms.

It’s the little things that often make one’s experience memorable.

Are you even living if you don’t have a coffee cup or water bottle from at least half of your adventures?

The minimalists out there will say yes. But the sentimental folks like me will say no.

I seriously still have a mug from when I was five. I’d never let my university mug go, and your Sims won’t have to either.

Another highlight of this CC pack, in my opinion, is the clothes!

Oh how I can never expand my Sim’s wardrobe enough.

The outfits included here are all very cute, and there’s no question that they fit the theme. You can find something here for every Sim.

Girly girls, sport girls, casual guys, preppy guys.

Almost everything here has the ‘Newcrest University’ emblem, the creator’s answer to the lack of university in the base game. And I think it’s pretty brilliant.


10. Mini Fridge

TS4 Mini Fridge CC

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I gotta say, I don’t care what phase of your life you’re in, I can’t trust you if you don’t want a mini fridge in your bedroom.

This has to be one of the most genius inventions ever made.

And I’m very grateful it has been made available for the base game.

College kids will especially want their food close by, for easy access between classes and studying.

Since it’s a mini fridge, it’s of course compact enough to fit into any dorm room without getting in the way.

All of the swatches are pretty nice, too.

We get all your standard fridge colors – blue, beige, various shades of white.

Then there are also a few more interesting colors, like green and purple.

And last but most impressive of all: there’s even a British flag fridge!

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