The Sims 4: Best Cooking & Kitchen Poses (All Free)

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Why settle for The Sims 4’s vanilla base game cooking animations? Because you can put your Sims in kitchen poses that are far more emotional, expressive, and entertaining.

I’ve long accepted the fact that Sims 4 CC creators are a talented bunch. And the custom poses they create are usually equal parts smooth, beautiful, and incredibly creative – especially when you add accessories to the mix.

That being said, there are a good number of custom kitchen-related pose packs out there.

Let’s check ‘em out!


1. Cooking Together by Rethdis-love

Cooking Together Poses / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

If you need some shots of your Sims in the height of tender, domestic bliss, try Rethdis-love’s Cooking Together posepack.

As the title suggests, it’s two Sims navigating the perils of the kitchen as they attempt to put together a meal.

Halfway through, disaster strikes! One of them hurts themselves with the knife they’re handling.

The other Sim steps in and heroically takes over vegetable chopping duty.

As one does.

All jokes aside, this pack is actually really sweet. And a great addition to your mods folder.

It’s a cute and simple concept that’s executed pretty darn well.

And, bonus: the facial expressions are near perfect.


2. That Mommy Life Posepack by shysimblr

That Mommy Life Posepack / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Shout-out to all the badass working moms, single moms, and stay-at-home moms — this pose pack is all you.

It may not be marketed specifically as a kitchen pose, but shysimblr’s That Mommy Life posepack has five kitchen poses that look absolutely amazing.

So I’m keeping it in the list.

It’s hard to pick a favorite – because they’re honestly all great. But I will admit I’m particularly fond of the pose where the Mom Sim cradles her sleeping toddler as she downs a cup of coffee.

She isn’t just absentmindedly daydreaming while waiting for her kid to wake up, no.

She’s actually looking (quite fondly, might I add) at her other toddler standing precariously on the counter.

I dunno how she’s keeping her cool, but hey. Moms are like that.

Note: you’ll need a bunch of specific accessories to really make your Sims match the preview photos here.

The sippy cup linked in the description leads to a dead page, but the links for the milk bottle, mug, and mixing bowl + spoon combo are still good (last I checked, anyway).

The creator was also kind enough to include the wooden spoon accessory for Toddlers in the package.


3. Cooking Poses by atashi77

Cooking Poses by atashi77 / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

This pack has all the cute, fluffy domestic vibes going for it.

Chopping vegetables together, sneaking a taste, lovingly cradling your partner’s hand because they hurt themselves with the knife… it’s straight out of a rom-com, I tell you.

And I am one hundred percent here for it (as I’m sure many Simmers are).

It’s a good balance of kitchen shenanigans tempered with unadulterated affection all in one pose pack. Seriously, look at those computer-generated emotions!

And this set couldn’t be more of a perfect find.

The poses are high quality, the expressions are on-point, and all 7 poses are relatively easy to set up: two teleporters, same spot.

This creator also uses direct Sim File Share links for all the accessories included (which speeds up the download process by, like, a ton).

It’s the little things, honestly. Couldn’t recommend this pack more.


4. What’s Cookin’? by eslanes

What’s Cookin’? Pose Set / TS4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

… good lookin’?

(Okay, sorry)

This set moves us away from the romantic, couple-y kitchen poses and into a more family-centered (but no less loving) space.

There are five poses in here: 4 for an Adult Sim and a Child Sim, and 1 for two Adults.

The theme of the whole set is basically kids watching the adults cook (while trying not to get in the way, maybe).

Cute, straightforward, and pretty freaking wholesome.

I haven’t seen a lot of packs with a similar idea, so I’d say the concept’s pretty unique.

Fair warning, though: you’re going to need quite a bit of kitchen clutter for the photos to make sense, as well as a few accessories for the kids to interact with.

The creator doesn’t link the specific kitchen clutter CC that they used. But I can recommend Madhox’s Better Debug Clutter: Kitchen Stuff CC set.

It’s the same one atashi77 recommends for their Cooking Poses pack.


5. It’s Time to Clean by DalaiLama

It’s Time to Clean (PosePack) The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Let me preface this with a quick tip:

Do not translate the download page. For some reason, when you translate it, the download button for the pose pack vanishes.

Leave the page as-is and you’ll see the download link (it’s the only one on there) clear as day.

So this pack is a little different.

It depicts what happens after all the chopping, cooking, frying, and plating is done. Time to take out the mop, spray bottle, and rag.

There are a couple other non-related kitchen poses in here (like ironing and doing laundry), but a bigger chunk of the pack can be used in the kitchen.

The original download page doesn’t seem to have any preview photos. But you’ll find all of the poses clearly labeled in-game, so you know which is which.

They also link to the cleaning set that they used (which is here) for the mop, spray bottle, and rag accessories.


6. Alone on Christmas Pose Pack by katverse

Alone on Christmas Pose Pack by katverse / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

This pose pack by katverse is the perfect illustration of the whole “being alone doesn’t mean being lonely,” concept.

And while flying solo for the holidays can be a major bummer, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate, right?


And the Sim in this pose pack agrees.

It’s not a kitchen-specific pose, not really… but I immediately noticed the baking, drinking, and cookie-eating poses as scenarios that all happen in the kitchen—especially the baking and drinking one.

Katverse is also one of those regular Sims 4 custom pose creators that always produce high-quality poses.

So rest assured, the shots you’re gonna get from this pack will be gorgeous.


7. A Birthday-Themed Height Difference Posepack by storybooksimblr

A Birthday-Themed Posepack Preview / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Just like shysimblr’s That Mommy Life pack, this set isn’t marketed specifically as a kitchen pose pack.

But it also has plenty of poses that take place in the kitchen (I counted four or five).

The narrative is basically two Sims preparing for a Sim’s birthday dinner.

It’s just a whole lot of wholesome kitchen shenanigans and cute couple-y teasing.

I’d say this pack is the most whimsical of the ones here, and I absolutely love it.

The smaller Sim’s poses are exaggerated and goofy, very much indicating that they’re having a good time just messing around.

The taller Sim’s expressions are fondly teasing and gentle, in the best possible way.

I can confidently say that this pose pack is one-of-a-kind, too. Couldn’t find anything with a remotely similar concept and vibe.

But you could toss in some other birthday-related CC to create a scene of your own.

Plus the creator was awesome enough to merge all the CC needed for these poses into one download file.

(There is an option to download the CC separately from the poses, but the link in the description seems to be broken, so. Best stick to the merged option).


8. Sweet On You Baking Poses by eslanes

Sweet On You Baking Poses for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

We’ve got a lot of chopping, frying, and sautéing, so how about some baking?

This poset set by eslanes is especially sweet—no pun intended.

Just two Sims who are obviously sweet on each other (hence the title) trying to follow a recipe and being ridiculously adorable in the process.

In terms of quality, the models appear to be quite playful and flirty as the story progresses.

That’s incredible attention to detail right there.

I’m especially obsessed with the frosting-on-the-nose and the taste-test poses. They’re romantic, they’re well-made, and they’re enough to make one giggle like a schoolgirl.

The only accessories you need for these poses are a whisk and a bowl.

Unfortunately, the accessories the creator linked in the description all lead to broken or deleted Simfileshare pages.

I recommend grabbing atashi77’s mixing bowl and wooden spoon from their Cooking Poses pack.

It’ll still make sense with these poses too.


9. Sweet Kitchen Pose Pack by Beto_ae0

Sweet Kitchen Pose Pack by Beto_ae0 (TS4)

Check Out This Pose Pack

Look – if the preview photos alone aren’t cute enough to make you download the pack, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Never mind that we’re seeing some quality father-son bonding time in the kitchen.

The fact that the cake he’s making is for his son?

Right in the feels, I tell you.

You can make it even more emotional by placing down a birthday cake rather than a regular cake (like the one in the photo) as the finished product.

I tried these poses with a Female Sim model too, and they are – for the most part – unisex.

But there’s just something about the narrative of a single dad baking a birthday cake with his son for his son that’s so oddly sweet and satisfying.

So long story short; this is an awesome pose pack with a really touching theme.


10. Counter Poses by Natalia-Auditore

Counter Kitchen Poses / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

I genuinely don’t know why your Sim would choose to brood and angst against a kitchen counter, but hey. I’ve seen odder location choices.

Once again, the magnificent Natalia-Auditore brings us another high-quality pose pack.

I honestly love the expressions of the models in all their custom poses, and this one’s no exception.

Just check out the preview photos.

These poses speak volumes even though the Sim is technically just standing still.

You don’t really need any additional accessories for this pack (aside from the counter). One of the poses makes it seem like the model is checking a phone, so you could potentially squeeze a phone accessory in there for the sake of a narrative (inabadromance’s Accessory Iphones always work great).

You could also stage an argument over the kitchen counter by posing two different Sims in different poses from the same pack (like so).

Basically, this pack is pretty versatile.

You can definitely do a lot with it.


11. Nine Random Kitchen Counter Poses by andromeda-sims

Random Kitchen Counter Poses by andromeda-sims / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here’s the softer, sweeter, calmer version of Natalia-Auditore’s kitchen counter poses.

This set of poses by andromeda-sims perfectly captures a lazy weekend morning.

You know; the kind where you’re chill, relaxed, and can afford to slowly savor your cup of coffee.

Those weekends.

There are 8 solo poses in this pack and 1 couple shot.

The solo poses are pretty much variations of a Sim leaning against a kitchen counter, nursing their morning brew and basking in the calm.

And the couple pose shows a quick, affectionate morning cuddle. Still with a cup of Joe.

Overall, this is an affectionate yet casual kitchen pose pack that would suit a lot of narratives.


12. Let’s Cook Together Poses by ParisSimmer

Let’s Cook Together Poses / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

First of all, I can always appreciate a supportive partner who helps with the cooking.

On that merit alone, ParisSimmer’s Let’s Cook Together pose set scores major points.

The pack shows a Sim coming up to their partner in the kitchen and eventually helping out with the meal prep.

It’s a simple yet straightforward concept with not a lot of physically romantic interactions in the execution (unlike a lot of the pose packs on this list), but I think that’s what makes it stand out.

The personalities of the models in the poses also seem to complement each other quite well.

The Sim cooking at the very beginning smiles a lot, while the Sim who arrives doesn’t smile at all.

It’s a charming dynamic, and I enjoyed seeing it play out in my own game.


13. Christmas Dinner (Pose Pack) by Beto_ae0

Christmas Dinner (Pose Pack) by Beto_ae0 for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

You have Sims that are alone for Christmas, and then you have the Sims that invite way too many people.

Okay. To be fair, it’s just nine.

I’ve seen crazier households and crazier group photos. But still.

It’s the holidays, it’s Christmas dinner, and literally everyone’s invited.

While the “big happy family dinner” pose is cute, I’ve got my eyes on the single kitchen pose.

It’s a couple shot, and it’s the only one in the set. But I think it’s still worth keeping in your mods folder.

Because the two models are so ridiculously happy while cooking, it’s adorable.

It’s also a straightforward pose that you can easily bring up and use for quick photoshoots.


14. Cooking Together Posepack by Mel Bennett

Cooking Together Posepack by Mel Bennett / TS4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Just in case you haven’t had your fill yet of couples being cute as they cook in the kitchen, I’ll squeeze Mel Bennett’s Cooking Together pose set in here.

There are six couple poses here that all involve some stage of the cooking process, and a complete disregard of personal space.

Far be it from me to judge when and where couples choose to flirt, but that much goofing around can’t be very efficient for food prep.

Regardless, the poses are adorable as hell and the emotions are all sorts of fondly affectionate.

P.S. All the accessories needed are linked in the description, and they all work.


15. Bake Day Poses by couquett

Bake Day Poses / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

So here’s the thing. I love this pose pack.

The poses are great, the models are incredibly expressive, and the whole vibe of the thing is so cute and happy, it’s ridiculous.

You should absolutely, one-hundred-percent get this set.

The only problem is that there aren’t many whisk and bowl accessories available for this pack to work.

Both the Sim File Share files by carameli-ze and roundog have been deleted.

Thankfully, Mel Bennett’s rolling pin and dough accessory still works.

For these cute poses to fulfill their given narrative, you’ll have to make do with atashi77’s mixing bowl and wooden spoon.

They don’t line up quite as well as the whisk and bowl, but they make more sense than leaving your Sims empty-handed for the poses, that’s for sure.

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