Best Couple Pose Packs For The Sims 4 (All Free)

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Sometimes your Sims are in the cutest relationship, and you want to show it off.

I don’t blame you.

Even I get pretty giddy when my Sims do the couple-y things (and that’s saying something, considering I orchestrated their entire relationship). I mean, the preinstalled and preprogrammed couple poses in Sims 4 are nice and all, but they can get repetitive.

Sometimes you just want to take pictures with a little more flavor, you know?

Gotcha covered.

Check out these awesome custom poses for Sims 4 couples.


1. Prom Night Pose Pack by katverse

Prom Night Pose Pack by katverse for Sims 4

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Yes, I’m starting this list with a bunch of custom poses that are highly predictable given the theme of this list.

But when else am I gonna get to recommend this really sweet Prom Night pose pack by katverse?

Most of us have experienced at least one high school bash in our mid-teen years, and that was most probably prom.

(Whether it was a night you’ll always remember or a memory you want to forget is a totally different story.)
This pack by katverse is crazy accurate, in the sense that it perfectly replicates the unspoken default pose every awkward teenager strikes in their pre-prom photos.

There’s the classic “clinging to your date’s arm,” the never-gets-old “hug from behind,” and the slightly uncomfortable “look at my partner sitting in this chair looking so dapper.”

Seriously, it’s all here.

And this pose pack would go great with any of our favorite prom dress CC.


2. Instagram Couple Goals Pose Pack by Error404Phillips

Instagram Couple Goals Pose Pack by Error404Phillips TS4 CC

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Leveling up a bit from the sweet-but-formal pre-prom photos, I give you the Instagram Couple Goals Pose Pack by Error404Phillips.

These poses are cooler, more casual, and just a wee bit raunchier than the previous set.

Still totally SFW, don’t worry.

There’s just a little more direct contact in these poses.

And a bit of blatant disregard for personal space.

But hey, I get it. It’s a selfie. You gotta really squeeze in there.

All jokes aside, these poses are pretty high quality.

The concept’s not too original (I’ve literally got another “couple selfies” pose pack coming up on this list), but the execution is excellent. And it’s a fairly extensive pack, too.

There are three sets in one .package file: funny, cute, and romantic.

Each set has five couple poses, for a grand total of 15.

My only note is that it’s a little tough figuring out where and how to place the Teleport Any Sim placeholder.

And that you have to switch the phone accessory around (Left Hand or Right Hand) a couple of times.

But if you’ve got the time and patience to set it up, it’s a worthwhile investment!


3. Old Roads Posepack by Eclypto

Old Roads Posepack by Eclypto Sims 4 CC

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Now this pose pack is a little heavier than the first two I’ve listed. But it speaks to the romance/drama addict in me, so… I had to throw it in.

Heck, even just the name (“Old Roads”) is giving me mad painful love story vibes, and I am always here for that storyline.

These custom poses from Eclypto are pretty simple, but they tell quite the story—with just four poses!

The hand placements are well-suited to the facial expressions, the height adjustment’s cute (I appreciate poses that don’t make me download height adjustment mods just to get them to work), and I’d say the concept’s pretty unique!

There aren’t that many poses of Sims talking while walking (given that we can’t even do that in-game).

And this is one of the better, more artful ones.

If that’s something that floats your boat, this pack makes an awesome addition to your pose gallery.


4. Back to Front Couple Poses Pose Pack by Sims.Babe

Back to Front Couple Poses Pose Pack by Sims.Babe TS4 CC

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Interesting (and self-explanatory) title aside, this is one of those custom pose sets that you would use with a specific concept and/or theme in mind.

That is to say, the poses aren’t very generic.

You can’t exactly whip them out when you feel like taking some random couple shots of your Sims.

I mean, maybe you can. Totally up to you.

But I found the poses to be pretty one-of-a-kind. Not your run-of-the-mill default positions two people would fall in to if someone asked to take their photo.

I guess that does speak of the content’s creativity.

But I digress. These Back to Front poses by Sims.Babe are really cute, hands-down.

I think they perfectly showcase the sort of relationship where one partner is bubbly, excitable, and very touchy—and the other one is the exact opposite.


5. Soulmate Selfie Pose Pack – Set 1 by Veiga Sims

[Pose] Soulmate Selfie Pose Pack – Set 1 by Veiga Sims for Sims 4

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See? Told you I had another couple selfie packs on this list.

This one’s by Veiga Sims, and it’s one of those sweet-and-simple couple poses that generally work with everything.

Maxis Match, Alpha CC, a mix of photoskinned features and clayified hair… you name it, it’ll come out gorgeous with these poses.

Now this is one of those custom pose packs that you can whip out and use on a whim for any couple storyline or concept.

There are only three poses in the set—making this one of the smaller packs I’m recommending—but the quality definitely makes up for it.


6. Take A Walk Pt 2 by Andromeda-sims

Take A Walk Pt 2 – a pack of walking and talking poses by Andromeda-sims Sims 4 CC

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If there was ever a Sims 4 custom pose pack that perfectly captured the ups, downs, and all-arounds of communication in a relationship, it’s this.

Talk A Walk Pt. 2 by Andromeda-sims is just plain fun.

The expressions are soft, the positions adorable, and the overall vibe?


Perfect for a sweet and casual storyline or a rather bittersweet confrontation.

Again, I’m all for narratives. If the concept is great and the execution is gorgeous, I’m not going to say no.

In this case, Andromeda-sims got a big fat yes from me.

And as with Eclypto’s Old Roads pose pack, Talk A Walk Pt. 2 has the height difference integrated.

No need to download additional height sliders – just plug, play, and take pretty pictures.


7. Couple Poses 11 by RJ

Couple Poses 11 by RJ for Sims 4

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Want some poses that’ll really up the tension and increase the romance-driven drama?

Sim A is begging Sim B to give them a chance. Sim B’s not really here for it, but a couple of choice words and just the tiniest bit of pushing and, before you know it, Sim B’s putty in Sim A’s hands.

If that sounds like storyline you can get behind – or are currently building – then these custom couple poses by RJ are 100% perfect.

Take a look at the preview photos and tell me those didn’t come straight from some stereotypical romance/rom-com movie that we’ve all watched at some point in our lives.

The gentle finger-under-the-chin, the trying-to-remain-stoic expression, the “I know you still love me” grin… it’s all there, and it’s all flawlessly executed.

Plus the creator even includes a nifty diagram on where and how to place the teleporter placeholders so that the poses come out right. Thank you!

More creators need to do this, I swear.


8. Picnic for Two Pose Pack by katverse

Picnic for Two Pose Pack by katverse Sims 4 CC

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As much as I thrive on the tense, dramatic, and bittersweet, even I’m a sucker for happy endings.

Happy endings of the sweet, romantic, “omg they found each other!!” kind.

And what usually comes with a happy ending?

Long walks on the beach, lounging around in comfortable silence, late night cuddles, and casual picnics.

Yep – that’s how I’m going to introduce this absolutely gorgeous custom post set by katverse (basically the queen of cute custom Sims 4 poses).

This Picnic for Two has some of the sweetest positions and softest, fondest expressions I have ever seen grace the digitally-generated faces of two Sims.

The entire energy of the pack is just “two souls in pure, unconditional love.”

And trust me, it hits different.

Best part is that you don’t necessarily need this to be an outside picnic setting.

I plopped my Sims in front of a fireplace and turned it into a romantic wine-and-dine night in. And I think it worked just as well.


9. Sad Conversation by mandarinsims

[M] Sad Conversation by mandarinsims TS4 CC

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I’m gonna preface this review by saying that I’m not the best at Sims 4 CAS.

I don’t make good Sims.

A lot of my TS4 Sims are basically randomly-generated EA townies that are slightly modified and pumped full of CC makeup, hair, and skinblends.

So the issue with the expressions could just be a me thing. But I did notice that the custom facial expressions my models pulled when I applied these poses by mandarinsims didn’t exactly match up with the pack’s name.

You’d expect a pose set titled Sad Conversation to have a lot of weepy faces, downturned mouths, and exasperatedly sad looks.

But my Sims just looked slightly troubled and a little discontent.

I guess that’s still something that would work for most players, especially if you prefer custom Sims 4 expressions that aren’t too exaggerated or cartoonish.

In this case, Sad Conversations is a great pack.

In most poses, the emotions are subtle but still noticeable. And the execution is still pretty awesome.


10. Even Though by simmerberlin

Even Though by simmerberlin for Sims 4

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I’m ending this article with probably my favorite pose pack of the bunch.

I mean, it was close. Pretty hard for me to pick a true favorite, if I’m being honest.

But the Even Though pose pack from simmerberlin’s Pose Dump #14 set got me feeling heavy and distressed – in the best way.

I’m a big sucker for dramatic, depressing storylines. And the poses in this set – a grand total of six, I believe – fit so many possible narratives.

Even Though isn’t exactly marketed as a couple’s pose pack.

But the versatility of the poses – and the excellent execution – makes the set work for many different scenarios.

It’s a little tough figuring out the correct height of the teleporter placeholders, as placing them flat on the ground will result in your Sims sitting a good foot or two beneath the floor.

But it’s manageable.

I found that about four or five clicks up can get your Sims comfortably seated on a half-wall.

Also, I’m happy to report that the Cigarette accessory that simmerberlin linked in the description totally works.

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