Best Sims 4 Criminal & Thief Mods + CC (All Free)

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The Sims has always been known as a franchise that lets you explore life’s different avenues in a fun, albeit unrealistic, way.

One of these potential paths is that of a criminal.

Obviously, most people don’t actually want to try their hand at making their living illegally. Not only is it immoral, but it’s incredibly risky.

But in The Sims 4, none of that matters.

You can just as easily make a digital thieving version of yourself, as you could create a whole family of fictional fraudsters.

Although there’s a criminal career path in the game already, it can be pretty lackluster if you want to actually customize your delinquent experience. Thankfully there’s plentiful CC & mods out there to choose from!


1. Magnolia Ski Mask

Magnolia Ski Mask / Sims 4 CC

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There’s no article of clothing in the thief’s wardrobe as truly iconic as the ski mask.

Although not the most fashionable by any means, this Magnolia ski mask tries its hardest to look like it is.

But whether you think it looks nice or not, it’s a necessary part of a criminal sims’ getup – so that they can protect their identity in a far more reliable way than with the dinky Walmart superhero costume masks that Sims 4 provides in their criminal career path.

And this CC even comes with 6 color swatches, so your sim can have a signature color without actually being identifiable!


2. Basemental CC

Basemental Mod Preview (SFW) for The Sims 4
Image Credit @BluNero03

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Crime goes hand in hand with drugs and alcohol – they’re never missing from the scene of a crime!

But The Sims 4 has a grand total of 0 actual alcoholic beverages in the game. And you can just forget about recreational drugs.

So the Basemental drugs and alcohol mods are the perfect way to get you your quick fix (in the game, of course).

In addition to a wide range of drugs (and unique effects to go with them), your sims will be able to brew in their own homes, and it adds features like money laundering, police raids, and other realistic run-ins with the law.

This mod isn’t about glorifying the criminals.

Instead it exposes the pitfalls of addiction – something better to explore using your sims in a fictional world!


3. Mob Boss Unhidden Mod

Mob Boss Unhidden Mod / Sims 4

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Being a mob boss is a pretty ideal situation for a criminal.

You get the glamor, the risk, and loads of reward, but without having to personally get your hands dirty.

This simple mod changes the mob boss outfits (which are hidden by default until you reach a high enough level on the Criminal career path) to unhidden, with no extra work on your part except downloading it.

You might think it’s a little cheap to unlock outfits using mods.

But I don’t think a real crime boss would care.

I think they would take whatever opportunity that comes their way and make the very most of it! So really, haven’t you earned it?


4. Prisoner Outfit

Prisoner Outfit / TS4 CC

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I’m a big fan of jumpsuits and loud colors, I really am.

I can even appreciate the two of them together.

But this bright orange prisoner jumpsuit just screams “I commit fashion crimes (and other crimes, too)” and there’s just no way around it.

So while not suited for everyday use, it’s definitely great for labeling your sim as a big ol’ criminal!

Unsurprisingly, this CC is only for adults, which is really for the best in my opinion.

I definitely wouldn’t want to be sending baby Sue or gramps to Sims jail.

But just a fair warning: if you wore this and you weren’t fresh out of jail, I would definitely have to call the fashion police.


5. Pickpocketing Mod

Pickpocketing Mod for The Sims 4

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If you exclude Michael Jackson, pickpocketing is the poster child for smooth crimes.

It requires a precise balance of dexterity, misdirection, risk, and reward – and the consequences of failure can be more than a little unpleasant.

And this pickpocketing mod captures the experience in a far better way than the base game does.

Firstly, anyone can do it.

Your sim doesn’t need to be a professional criminal (whatever that’s supposed to mean) in order to make a little extra money as a pickpocket on the side.

Secondly, this mod cleans up all of the messy interactions from The Sims 4’s original pickpocketing.

No more cooldown, no more awkward interactions with the person you just stole from, and an actual pickpocket skill that can level up.


6. Custom Career Teen Criminal

Custom Career Mod / Teen Criminal / The Sims 4

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Real teens are a real handful.

Although they could certainly be troublesome in The Sims 2 (seriously, they were a ruckus), The Sims 4 version of teens is pretty lackluster.

This mod seeks to add a bit of extra realism to the teenage experience through some teenage criminality.

Obviously it’s not a proper replacement for the fun in The Sims 2, but it does add an extra element. And it’s definitely a lot more fun in TS4’s reality than it would be to actually have your kid breaking the law!

With this mod installed your Sim teen will have the option to commit all sorts of crimes, from pickpocketing to Internet fraud to bank robbery. But when they come home, their parents will have a chance at persuading them to leave their life of crime behind.


7. Part-time Criminal Career

Part-time Criminal Career Mod (TS4)

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Let’s be real here. Working full-time is exhausting, no matter what your career path is.

So why would a criminal, who breaks both laws and social expectations and is always looking for shortcuts, want to work full-time?

It would be way, way easier for them to do criminal work on the side while living a normal life the rest of the time!

This part-time mod delivers just that kind of experience.

It’s more or less identical to the criminal career already in the game, but the hours are sliced in half.

Simple, but effective – just like how a criminal should operate.


8. Criminal and Ward Clothes

Criminal and Ward Clothes for The Sims 4

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It’s like Sinestro said: if everyone is super, nobody is.

And if everyone is a lawbreaker, then there can be no laws to break, since there’s no law-enforcement!

Prisoners and prison wards are two sides to the same coin.

And this CC will let you dress your sims up as both.

Who will win, the law or the criminals? You decide!

But either way, your sims will be able to play the game of cat and mouse that Cinderella’s mice and her stepmother’s cat could only dream of.

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