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Curtains are tragically overlooked in The Sims 4 – and I’m not being at all dramatic.

Every single time I try to build a house or even move a Sim into one, there’s always a dilemma of not only finding something to fit the windows, but something with swatches that don’t clash with the rest of the room.

It’s a crisis. And I know I’m not the only player that feels this way.

In fact, this has to be one of the most common complaints about The Sims 4.

As with everything else, the community has come together over the years to solve the problem. And here’s a collection featuring plenty of custom curtains & drapes to suit any build or taste.


1. Seasons Curtains Recolor

Seasons Curtains Recolor / TS4 CC

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The curtains that came with the Seasons Expansion Pack are very versatile.

They’re a classic design style, which makes them naturally fitting for almost any window.

But the colors and patterns available for them are rather limiting. I mean, those ones with the fall leaves are cute in theory… but I have never actually used them because they only seem appropriate for a few days out of the Sim year.

Besides, such a great design really is worthy of more.

These recolors definitely do them justice and make them usable year round, for any room of interior design theme.

I have used these recolors in everything from retro builds to mansions, as well as everyday family homes.

All the colors you’ve always wanted are here.

They even vary a lot, since in some, the ruffly part at the top will match the main portion, and in others it’s its own separate contrasting color.


2. Simple Curtains

Simple Curtains Set for The Sims 4

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Simple is often best when it comes to curtains.

Unless you’re specifically seeking something unique, basic colors and patterns tend to have a little more longevity.

This CC set includes two options where you can decide if the curtains will hang straight down or be pulled back. Both versions offer a good array of swatches, so you’ll never have to worry about them not matching.

Now you’ll just have to decide what’s better for your Sims: keeping all the freaky stuff they get up to behind closed curtains and away from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors, or letting natural light in.

It may be a tough choice depending on your Sims.

But now you’ll have plenty of swatches to back up anything you want to do.


3. Drapery Delights

Drapery Delights / Sims 4 CC

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If you’ve ever wanted to solve all your window covering woes at once, then this elaborate set will certainly do the job.

I believe there’s something here for every wall or window height.

Whether you need something twice the height of any Sim, or just some drapes for the more average windows, Peace has got you covered.

There’s an abundance of options when it comes to width, too.

And you should have no problem using these on official vanilla windows as well as CC ones.

The 42 color options are what really makes this set a delight.

They erase all the frustration of not being able to find what you want. I think the whole rainbow is represented here, and then some!


4. No Curtain Snapping

No Curtain Snapping for The Sims 4

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Now you won’t actually get new curtains with this installed, but this little tweak will come in very handy.

Placing curtains in The Sims 4, regardless of their appearance, can be a huge pain in the neck.

They just go where they want most of the time, nevermind what you want or where the window itself actually is.

This mod will override the game’s tuning so curtains won’t automatically snap onto the predetermined slots on a wall or window. You’ll actually have a say here, without having to turn on the move objects cheat, or painstakingly adjust them with your finger mashed on the alt key.

In case you’re wondering, this will apply to all curtains too – EA and CC alike!


5. “Popped” Curtains

“Popped” Curtains / TS4 CC

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There really are endless ways to mix and match different solids and patterns.

It’s up to you whether you want to go with paint or wallpaper, a plain couch or a striped one, a basic rug or something that’s like art for the floor… like I said, it’s a lot!

But a super easy way to add a splash of personalization to a room is with curtains.

I know, I’ve said a lot how it’s important to have a good amount of solid curtains to choose from. But that doesn’t mean patterned ones are any less awesome.

SimPlistic has done a great job creating this set which includes all sorts of fun patterns that really do pop.

A lot of them feature beautiful floral patterns with various types of flowers, and a wide range of colors.

Some other swatches have animals, and honestly, I’ll take animal décor in my Sim’s home wherever I can fit it in.

Those sweet little faces are sure to bring some joy to your next nursery.


6. Beaded Curtain

Beaded Curtain Set / Sims 4 CC

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The whole purpose of a curtain, in theory, is to conceal.

Or at the very least, have capabilities to do so.

Just think about shower curtains, bed canopies, most home drapes… they’re all meant to provide privacy.

Beaded curtains are a whole different story.

They serve more as decoration than anything else, but they look really cool. You can even use them in a number of ways – whether just to add a bit of color to a teen’s room, or as decorative window coverings in an apartment.

City folks are the only ones who can get away with not having curtains. Even in The Sims, you’re a lot less likely to have a peeper when you live on the highest floor.

Country Sims are liable to find a neighbor right outside their window fishing or something.

But these long, heart-shaped beaded beauties will be really fun regardless.

They come in a multicolored option as well as several solids.


7. Frilly Curtains

Frilly Curtains CC for The Sims 4

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The word “frilly” may or may not be a positive thing, depending on who you ask.

But it’s exciting if you like lots of color, lace, and a feminine vibe!

These curtains from PrismaPlanetSims have all of those things in spades.

Each and every swatch is a gem all on its own.

Plus there are two distinct versions here, so let’s go over both.

First, the patterned ones are really something special. They combine lacy edging, subtle ruffles, and cutesy floral or fruit patterns that will make them perfect for a multitude of rooms.

In my opinion, they have a slight early ‘90s feel in the best way.

There’s even a pastel blue swatch with little white clouds. If you’ve ever wanted to build a nursery, then these are the ideal curtains without a doubt!

But the second version, consisting of solid swatches, are quite impressive as well.

They won’t stand out quite as obviously as the patterns though. So these will be more fitting to incorporate into living rooms, dining rooms, or adult bedrooms.


8. Sheer Tab Top Curtain

Sheer Tab Top Curtain / Sims 4 CC

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Sheer curtains may seem as contradictory as beaded ones on the surface – but they can be quite valuable, offering a unique appearance.

That’s the unfortunate thing about curtains in The Sims 4.

They don’t function as they do in real life, where you can choose to let in or block out sunlight by simply tying them back.

In this game, unless they come pre-tied, they render the window rather useless.

It can create a bit of a dilemma since natural lighting makes any home look cozier, but naked windows are just strange.

These curtains are sheer enough that you can see out but the actual level of transparency really depends on the color.

The brown swatch limits visibility, while blue or white don’t leave much room for secrecy.


9. Colorful Curtains

Colorful Curtains for The Sims 4

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Here’s another simple alternative for when you just need a change.

Recolors are truly invaluable for some items in this game, and curtains are definitely among them.

Seriously, I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many curtains.

You just never know what you’ll need – or what will seem fitting for your Sims.

It’s usually easy to imagine exactly what they want based on their traits and history, and not having anything that suits them can be frustrating.

These are quite artsy, featuring full images like a sandy beach with palm trees, big flowers, and watercolor floral prints.

There are some random ones that are cool as well, like watermelon.

I don’t even care if it makes sense. I’ll never turn down a watermelon-themed object!


10. Arzoza Curtains

Arzoza Curtains / Sims 4 CC

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Okay, so anyone who’s at all knowledgeable about interior design and what’s “in” probably knows that lacy curtains are considered dated.

A lot of people equate them with a grandparent’s furnishings.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though.

When combined with modern furniture and trendy decorations, lacy curtains look like a deliberate choice – and they offer that same old homey feeling they’re already associated with.

Jomsims has made a great recreation here, getting as close to the real thing as possible.

These are closer to the Alpha style in the sense that they look quite realistic, and will have a natural, slightly windblown look.


11. Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtains for The Sims 4

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A kitchen usually has a unique look that says a lot about the homeowner.

That often means highly functional first, and stylistic differences come secondary.

It also seems to be an unspoken rule that a window should be placed above the sink. That carries over from real houses, but I can only guess why it’s actually a thing.

My best theory has always been so that whoever’s washing the dishes has something to look at, but I digress…

Our Sims are really no different.

Not everyone can afford a dishwasher. And besides, having natural lighting in the kitchen makes all those grueling chores a little bit more bearable.

This is a classic curtain style for a kitchen, providing some concealment, but still leaving enough of the window uncovered to let in light. They also come in cute fitting patterns like fruits, gingham, and plaid.


12. Childish Curtains

Childish Curtains / Sims 4 CC

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A child’s room being fully decorated in accordance to their tastes gives them a big sense of individualism, which is really important.

You’re never too young to start learning who you are and what you like.

And Sim kids especially need everything they can to make them feel more well-rounded and interesting.

This is another recolor of those iconic Season curtains, only this time they have patterns that you probably won’t want on display in the living room, like the poop emoji.

But that’s the kind of thing those crazy kids are into these days… I think.

The other swatches are super whimsical and cute, mostly containing animals and cartoony nature imagery. Woodland critters, sea creatures, and fluffy clouds are all pillars of childhood and imagination, they’ll be a fantastic addition to a kid’s bedroom.

At last, we can all give those base game butterfly/dinosaur curtains a rest, and give the kiddos something new.

Six generations in and they’ve all had dinosaur curtains as children, it’s not natural!


13. Medium Royal Drapes

Medium Royal Drapes Set / TS4 CC

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Royal decorating carries certain expectations, like rich colors and elaborate designs.

I don’t think it’s usually based on anything specifically connected to any royal families. Maybe this is precisely what Queen Elizabeth has in her bedroom… but more likely, they just look super fancy.

Like something you’d expect from a monarchy.

Well semantics aside, your Sims will feel like royalty with these drapes hanging on their windows.

They have a lot of layers and ruffles going on, and each side is tied back. The subtle damask pattern also really drives the whole look home – and the colors compliment it marvelously.


14. The Simpsons Kitchen Curtains

The Simpsons Cartoon Kitchen Curtains for The Sims 4

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Simmers are good at coming up with random creations that you didn’t know you needed until you see them.

The Simpsons have been as iconic for about ten more years than The Sims, and both franchises are adored by millions of fans around the world.

So it’s actually a little surprising that there hasn’t been more overlap.

They even kind of sound the same. SIMpsons, anyone?

But regardless of any other CC, all I know for sure is that you can have the exact same curtains as the Simpson family!

Corn cob-covered curtains. Try saying that three times fast.

Or just download and enjoy them, it’s a lot easier.

Unique CC like this is always a pleasure to find. And these have an inherent “kitchen feel” that you’ll never grow tired of.


15. Federal Curtains From TS3

Federal Curtains From TS3 into TS4 CC

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Here we have one last sophisticated curtain style, converted from The Sims 3.

If any game in this series had a knack for being extra, it’s TS3. So rest assured that these will give any taller window a refined look.

So many items from The Sims 3 have been converted for use in the current game for that very reason – there were just so many vastly different styles all represented with striking detail.

Simmers also do a great job of converting them.

I don’t know what the process looks like, but most of the time, it’s impossible to tell that an item was originally from another game by just looking at it.

These curtains look thick. No sunlight is getting through that top part, that’s for sure.

But either side is loosely tied back.

Both those ties, as well as the top, are decorated with little tassels – which is a classic look itself.

And the main pattern makes them even more beautiful, mixing with rich colors to create a deeply elegant item.

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