Sims 4 First Date & Date Night Pose Packs (All Free)

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Okay, so The Sims 4 animations for all their romantic interactions – they’re fine.

They convey what they’re meant to convey. They’re easy to queue up without rhyme or reason. And as someone who’s run through more than their fair share of simulated dates, I have no issues with what the vanilla unmodded game can give.

But sometimes, you just really need variation, you know?

After seeing the Flirt, Embrace, or Compliment Appearance animation play out for the 5000th time, I don’t blame Simmers for turning to custom poses.

Heck, I’m even here to help out with that!

So here’s a carefully curated list of some truly cute dating pose packs. Have fun!


Date Night Pose Pack by waifusims

Date Night Pose Pack by waifusims

Check Out This Pose Pack

The poses in this set were sorta tough to figure out.

Unlike most custom poses meant for couples or groups, placing two teleporters in the exact same space didn’t work.

It just sort of merged my two Sims together.

I did manage to figure out where to place the teleporters for the walking poses (half a grid square away is my recommendation; hold down the ALT button to move it freely), but it wasn’t a one-and-done kind of deal.

I had to readjust the teleporters again for the face-to-face poses (the dancing, hugging, and kissing poses).

But the resulting photos were crazy pretty and really, really romantic. So I didn’t mind the struggle too much.

The whole feel of this pack is very much Teen Romance Movie.

The two protagonists finally have their first date and the town they’re in is (suspiciously) void of people, so it feels like the two of them are in their own little world.

Not realistic in the slightest, but definitely doable in The Sims 4.

Just kill or lock up all the townies for the night.


Wanna Grab Coffee? Pose Pack by sim-plyreality

Wanna Grab Coffee? Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Coffee dates are my favorite kind of dates. So I am (admittedly) a bit biased towards this pack.

But I think the preview photos are enough to prove that all the poses look hella cute regardless.

The theme of the pack (and the general vibe of the poses) is definitely a different flavor of romantic compared to the other “wine and dine” and “Friday Night clubbing” packs on this list, and I mean that in the best possible way.

If you prefer soft, cozy, sweater-weather-esque dates and caffeine-flavored meet-cute scenarios, I am 100% certain you’ll love this TS4 pose pack as much as I did.

By the way: if the coffee cup accessory doesn’t work for you (because it didn’t for me), you can try this Starbucks cup accessory by Mel Bennett.


Pour Me Another One by Andromeda-Sims

Pour Me Another One by Andromeda-Sims / TS4 Poses

Check Out This Pose Pack

Hope you can handle this one because it is quite a doozy.

But there aren’t many pose packs like it. And I, personally, think it’s got great potential for a really cool storyline.

Plus, all the poses are incredibly high-quality.

No clipping, great positioning, and no awkward limb phasing. It’s not specifically marketed as a “date” pack, but the vibe I get from all the poses together is “first time talking to interesting and attractive strangers while slightly inebriated or very, very tipsy.”

Yes, I’m sticking to that description.

There are a whopping 15 poses in this pack—mostly for couples, but there are five solo poses great for close-ups and first-person POV shots.

For a pose set conceptualized around the concept of alcohol, there’s surprisingly very little “drunk” poses. In fact, I count only two where the Sim is very clearly drunk.

Hence my executive decision to consider this a date pack—because there’s a lot more focus on the talking and interacting than there is on the drinking.

The creator’s pose page doesn’t have a description for this pack, but the preview pictures clearly show a lot of handheld accessories.

Now, the accessories needed are only mentioned in the actual pose list in-game, so I can’t tell which CC items the creator used specifically.

But here are the CAS accessories that worked for me:


Couple Coffee Date Posepack by Just a Little Cactus

Couple Coffee Date Posepack / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

The poses in this pack may not depict as much of a warm meet-cute as sim-plyreality’s Wanna Grab Coffee pose pack, but they’re just as cozy.

Again, certified huge sucker for coffee dates, so I had to include it.

This one has a lot less of a bashful and shy feel to it than Wanna Grab Coffee, too.

The models’ expressions definitely give the implication of two people already pretty comfortable with each other.

Maybe two friends testing the waters?

Maybe two naturally social butterflies meeting up for a cup of coffee?

However you want to spin it, these poses photograph well and are pretty clean. 10/10 recommend.


“First Date” Pose Pack by sandy-sims

“First Date” Pose Pack / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

This pack here is the actual star of this list.

Aside from the fact that its concept is literally the topic of this article, it’s got a lot of things going for it.

First of all, at a grand total of ten poses it’s a pretty hefty pack.

The way the poses flow and tell a story is just incredible, too.

It may seem suited only for a specific storyline, but I’d argue the individual poses are versatile enough that they can be used as standalone poses.

But what really tugged at my heartstrings (aside from the soft expressions) was the first pose.

If you’ve played The Sims 3, you probably know the “Give Flowers” interaction that came with Sims 3: Generations.

Basically here’s how it goes: Sim A hides the flowers behind their back for a bit, while Sim B tries to figure out what they’re hiding.

The first pose in this pack (the one that needs a flower accessory) looks pretty much like a replica of that animation.

The creator doesn’t mention anything about it, so I can neither confirm nor deny my theory. But it made me smile regardless.

As for the other poses:

Quality? Check.

Details? Check.

Clear emotions? Check.

Some of the prettiest, fondest, softest expressions I’ve ever seen on a Sim’s face? Check, check, check.

And also, no clipping, no awkward limb phasing/warping, and no crazy amount of accessories needed (you just need a rose and a phone, both linked in the description).


Flirty Date Pose Pack by sim-plyreality

Flirty Date Pose Pack by sim-plyreality / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Let me preface this review by saying that “flirty” is very much an accurate description of this pose pack.

Of the packs I’ve listed here, this one takes home the prize as the sauciest, spiciest, and raciest set of poses so far.

But that definitely doesn’t detract from how great they are, quality-wise.

Very clean lines, minimal clipping, and easy & straightforward teleporter placement.

Literally can’t complain in that regard.

But I will say that the whole pack feels like it’s leading up to some good old-fashioned Sims woohoo.

If that doesn’t bother you, this pack can definitely yield some interesting (if not pretty) photos.


Double Date Night by Trendingsims

Double Date Night Poses by Trendingsims / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

I’m gonna give it to this pose pack: there’s no other “first date” or “date night” set like it.

It’s specifically for two couples (not a mix of group, couple, and solo poses) and it tells a pretty interesting story.

I especially enjoyed the first couple of poses where it shows the Female Sims getting ready.

I can appreciate the pretty accurate depiction of the absolute production that is two girlfriends getting ready for a night out.

The creator has a couple specific custom furniture items that they recommend downloading for the packs (i.e., the chair and the vanity), but I tried the poses with regular EA Build/Buy items and they worked just fine.

The other items are where it gets a little tricky.

The wine glass they link in the description leads to an inactive page, and the spoon links to a Tumblr blog that requires you to have a Tumblr account to view.

Here are my recommended replacements (these worked for my game):


Romantic Date Couple Poses by Pepsi Love

Romantic Date Couple Poses by Pepsi Love / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Of the many romantic dinner date packs I’ve got on this list, I’ve got a soft spot for this one.

The poses make it seem like the two Sims genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

The big smiles, the playful whispering, the cute little cheers! moment at the end there… I know this is supposed to be romantic, but I genuinely found it cute.

Maybe it’s just the models in the preview photos, or maybe it’s just my Sims, but the overall vibe of this pack was just charming and sweetly innocent.

Not too many accessories needed here; just a fork and some champagne glasses, both linked in the description.


Romantic Dinner!!! by pandora-sims

Romantic Dinner!!! by pandora-sims / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

A classic “wine and dine” date scenario that comes straight out of a classy Romance Drama movie, Pandora-sims’ Romantic Dinner pose pack comes with eight couple poses that perfectly depict a pleasant dinner conversation—with a side serving of spicy (and a hint of bedroom eyes, but that could’ve been my Sim design).

Right off the bat, I noticed that the poses here feel a lot more mature and reserved than the poses in Pepsi Love’s [TS4] Romantic Date pack.

Which one you should download totally depends on what narrative you’re trying to spin.

The accessories aren’t linked in the description, but the creator does name specific CC items: this fork and knife set by Neutral Supply and quiddity-jones’ wine glass.

Note: in my game, the 2nd pose glitched quite a bit. It sort of looked like a janky animation. Could be my settings but, just in case it happens to you, posing the game will get the Sim models to stop moving.


It’s a Date Poses by simmerberlin

It’s a Date Poses by simmerberlin / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

This pack by simmerberlin is an awesome mix of soft and saucy, flirty, and fluffy.

Some poses in this pack can definitely be categorized as public displays of affection. Others are a lot more tame and harmless.

But they all photograph really, really well.

There are twelve poses in all: six couple poses and six solo shots, for close-ups or first-person POVs.

As much as I’d love to sing the praises of the couple shots, the solo poses here definitely stand out:

They’re incredibly expressive in a way that’s not overly done. The emotion in each pose is clearly conveyed in a way that’s not cartoonish nor exaggerated.

Head’s up, though: the wine glass (which you need) linked in the description leads to a Tumblr page that requires you to login. If you don’t want to or don’t have an account, this wine glass accessory by quiddity-jones should do just fine.

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