Sims 4 CC: Cutest Double Bun Hairdos To Download

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Double buns, space buns, dumpling buns… whatever you want to call it, this hairstyle is popular thanks to its cute-and-quirky charm.

But of course, there are ways to turn it from eclectic to elegant. Especially in the hands of a master stylist.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Just take a look at this CC featuring excellent Sims 4 double bun hairdos.

Some are sleek, some are stylish, some are adorable, but all of them look really freaking awesome (and are totally free to add into your game!).


15. S-Club TS4 Double-Buns Accessory

Double-Buns Hair Long - Sims 4 CC

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These double buns are meant to be worn with any hairstyle.

Long waves, short bobs, shoulder-length tresses … the goal is for you to plop some adorable buns on the top to complete the look, whatever hairstyle you choose.

But even though the concept is unique. And the resulting double buns are very cute. I had to put this one lower on my list for a few reasons.

(1) This isn’t really a big deal, but these buns are technically accessories; not hair. Since we’re ranking hairdos, they’re already at a mechanical disadvantage.

(2) It’s alpha CC, not maxis match. So there’ll be a pretty glaring disconnect when you use these buns with any base game or vanilla game hairstyles.

(3) There are 20 custom colors, and none of them are EA swatches.

The third reason is my biggest concern with the buns.

They just won’t match – color or texture-wise – with vanilla game hairstyles.

Beyond the black swatch, the pale blue swatch (works with EA gray) and the light reddish-brown swatch (just about works with EA’s chestnut brown), the other colors simply don’t match any of the base game colors – nevermind the custom colors of other CC hairstyles.

Still great if you can overlook those details!

  • Color Options: 20 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

14. Leah Lillith’s Blossom Hair

Leah Lillith’s Blossom Hair CC

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Simple, sexy, sleek.

If you want a no-fuss, no-mess hairstyle (literally, there isn’t a hair out of place with this ‘do) Leah Lillith’s Blossom hair CC is a great choice.

It comes in 17 custom colors and features a good range of naturals, bright pastels, and natural neutrals.

The hyper-realistic texture might not translate so well in-game unless you fiddle with your graphic settings, or try some graphics mods.

But they look glorious in CAS and set-up photoshoots. Overall this is a pretty, safe, and standard hairstyle that’ll look great on most any Sim.

  • Color Options: 17 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

13. Leah Lillith’s Nyane Hair

Leah Lillith’s Nyane Hair CC

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Another masterpiece from Leah Lillith, this Nyane CC has that spunky, artsy, “cool chick” personality that I personally adore.

Whereas her Blossom hair was all neat, orderly, and slicked back… this one just looks carelessly styled – in the best possible way.

Fluffy, bouncy bangs, uneven side hair strands, and cute, wispy baby hairs all over the place. This one just had make the list.

There are decent color options for this piece, too. 27 custom swatches all in all, with 22 solids and 5 ombres (where the bangs are a different color than the base).

Shade range and diversity are okay. Some fun colors and color combinations (for the ombres), but there aren’t a lot of heavily saturated brights.

Plenty of light-washed pastels and muted neutrals, though.

Also an important note: if you really want the texture to shine, you’ll need to set Sims Detail to “Very High” and turn off laptop mode.

  • Color Options: 27 custom colors; includes 22 solids and 5 ombre options
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

12. S-Club’s Double-Buns N42

Double-Buns N42 - TS4 CC

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S-Club’s n42 double-bun hairstyle is very sleek and slicked-back.

It doesn’t look severe though – in fact, on the right face, it can look very cute since there’s a bit of a swoopy side-part that injects a lot of personality.

Although I personally prefer maxis match textures over alpha CC (gives me more options to mix-and-match with base game items), I think the soft realistic texture for this hair works extremely well.

The stray hair strands loosely falling out of the double buns just add to the look.

Definitely a must-try if you’re experimenting with this kind of hairdo for your Sim.

The color options, like the textures, are very soft and understated.

There are a lot of natural colors and varying shades of brown to boot.

Not a lot of bright highly saturated swatches, but there are quite a bit of gentle pastels – the kind with the white base.

  • Color Options: 18 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

11. Katrina Hair from Lilasimss

Katrina Hairdo Double Buns - Sims 4 CC

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This kind of looks like the maxis match counterpart of Leah Lillith’s Blossom hair, only not as neat.

It’s also got some cute chunks poking and curling around, giving the buns a quirky, asymmetrical look.

The overall vibe is that it’s slicked-back and stylish, but definitely not tightly-wound.

I’d imagine this kind of style is perfect for playful Sims, street-smart Sims with a lot of street-cred, and Sims that favor artsy-slash-effortlessly-urban fashion.

It comes in all 18 default EA color options, and they all look great. Try the blue swatch for a truly out-of-this-world space-buns style.

It’s also supposedly compatible with all hats, but the creator themselves said some items could clip or chop, so… pair with hats at your own risk.

  • Color Options: 18 EA colors
  • Mesh Needed: Yes; included in download link (original space buns mesh by wildlyminiaturesandwich)
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

10. Lila Hair by Feral Poodles

Lila Hair CC for Sims 4

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Inspired by the adorable curly side hairs from the Get Famous hairdo (the huge updo one), Feral Poodles’ double bun hair is uniquely distinct in the best possible way.

Two curly strands of hair on both sides frame any Sim’s face quite elegantly, tempering the cuteness of this space bun hairstyle with a touch of refined class.

The maxis match texture works well with how the buns are designed, too. Large chunks of hair curled, wrapped around, and then tucked away to create two attractively tousled top buns.

Available for female teens all the way up to elders, Feral Poodle’s Lila hair is also accessible with all hats and accessories.

Tuck those buns under a wide-brimmed sunhat. Or pair it with some long, dangling earrings. The buns look great in any style.

This hairdo also comes with plenty of color options. You have the 18 base game colors plus 45 new custom colors from Poodles’ palette. The entire set of swatches has a good mix of brights, darks, naturals, neutrals, and pastels, so I’m reasonably certain you’ll find a shade you love!

Do note that the download link includes three files. I recommend getting the “merged” package if you want to access all 63 colors.

  • Color Options: 63 color options; includes 18 EA colors + 45 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

9. SimLaughLove’s Low Double Buns

Low Double Buns Sims 4 CC

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We’ve had an onslaught of high space buns and double buns pulled to the top of the head, so this low double bun CC from SimLaughLove offers a much-needed break.

As the name suggests, the buns here are pulled low, curled, and styled to just below the ears.

And despite being so symmetrical, the buns are designed to still look pretty messy.

There are a few loose strands at the front and a couple stubborn ends poking out. But that’s why I love this hair: the buns look like they were styled by someone with plenty of skill, but not a lot of time. Very casual chic.

What’s more, this hairstyle has two options: bangs or no bangs. (Yup; the attention to detail is fantastic!)

Without bangs, this ‘do looks a little more fashionable and a little more mature. With bangs, it gives off a more youthful/playful vibe.

  • Color Options: 18 EA colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

8. Phaedra Retexture of Newsea Gaze

Phaedra Retexture of Newsea Gaze CC

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Phaedra’s retexture of this stunning asymmetrical space bun hairstyle from Newsea is one of the most aesthetically pleasing hairstyles I’ve seen for The Sims 4.

First things first; the texture.

Phaedra’s version is an excellent visual blend of alpha CC and maxis match. The result? A semi-realistic hairdo that looks incredibly soft.

Second, the hair itself. The style is incredibly unique.

Two buns of varying sizes, designs, and positions.

The left bun sits practically on top of the head, where the right one balances on the side. The left bun looks like an elegant upsweep or French twist, expertly wrapped around in one direction and with edges neatly tucked away. The right looks like a smaller updo or braided chignon, with different sections all folded inwards and held in place.

Even the framing hair strands are all over the place.

The left side has more or less a uniform bunch out and curling in at around chin level. The right has two chunks of wayward hair strands.

One hangs straight down to the collarbones, while the other curls outwards and hangs just by the ear.

It’s all just asymmetrical, mismatched, and messy – and that’s precisely what makes it so beautiful!

I’m not sure if hair can be called personal, but that’s what I’m calling it.

This double bun hairdo looks less like graphically-generated CC, and more like someone’s personal favorite hairstyle.

  • Color Options: 52 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: NewseaSims (paid) or JenniSims (free; retextured)
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

7. S-Club TS4 Double-Buns2 n45

Double-Buns2 n45 CC Mod - Sims 4

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This is S-Club’s third entry for this list, and definitely its best.

This double-buns n45 hairstyle honestly looks like the best combination of Leah Lillith’s Nyane hair, Newsea’s Gaze hair, and Feral Poodles’ Lila hair.

The hair is pulled into two high even buns on both sides, with just enough wisps of hair out of place to make it look charming.

The front has uniform strands of hair pulled out and hanging loosely about the face, framing it almost perfectly.

They’re not curly like Feral Poodles’ Lila hair, nor are they as crazy uneven as Newsea’s Gaze.

They’re short, straight, and they honestly look great on every face shape.

Colors for this hair include a decent selection of darks and neutrals. The creator seems to favor bright and soft pastels, though. And there are about 11 of them out of the 16 total options.

Not that I’m complaining; they all look so light and pretty.

  • Color Options: 16 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

6. ShespeaksSimlish Braid Series – Braided Double Bun

Braided Double Bun CC for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Looking for some double buns with attitude? Trust me, this kick-ass CC from SheSpeaksSimlish can deliver.

Part of her Braid Series that she released in 2017, this particular style is one-of-a-kind. There isn’t any other CC item on this list that comes even remotely close to this ‘do.

I think the pictures speak loud enough, but let me gush over the details.

The cornrows, the thick braids, the hurriedly-piled-up-and-tied-up buns? The whole thing is colorful, sassy, and unapologetic.

And I am absolutely living for it.

It’s a shame that there aren’t enough Sims 4 hairstyles like this out there. But at least the ones that do exist are such high quality.

If you liked the side ponytail hairdo or the short colored dreads from “Discover University” then you’re going to love this.

The download link leads to three packages, but you have the option to download just one.

The double bun hairstyle package is the one titled “Braid Double Buns.” But if you’re up to it, I highly recommend getting all three. These braided updos are all gorgeous.

  • Color Options: 15 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

5. Leah Lillith’s Nevaeh

Nevaeh Hair CC for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Another gorgeous piece from Leah Lillith, this Nevaeh CC is so elegant and so whimsical, it’ll take your breath away.

These double buns are accompanied by strands of hair that frame the face. The reason this comes in here in my ranking is because the framing strands are so wispy and wavy, they make the whole hairstyle look flat-out ethereal.

Couple that with the gorgeous star-crown accessory that comes with it, and it’s just downright otherworldly.

Space buns indeed.

I’m not going to go on about the strands (as much as I want to). I’m just going to talk about the colors now.

It comes with 14 custom color options that are quite evenly split between dark naturals and bright, pastel dyes. The “unnatural” colors are quite bright and soft, with a lot of gray undertones and a white (or light gray) base.

The purple and light maroon swatches are particularly beautiful. And they just add to the whole “whimsical double-bunned faerie” look.

  • Color Options: 14 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

4. Nightcrawler’s Cinnamon Clayified (Retexture)

Nightcrawler’s Cinnamon Clayified Hair CC

Check Out Nightcrawler Cinnamon

Check Out Cinnamon Clayified

The “clayified” retexture of Nightcrawler’s Cinnamon hair turns this alpha cc hairdo, into a maxis match that I think looks a lot better.

If you prefer alpha CC, of course, you can keep the original mesh.

Cinnamon is still a beautiful low double bun hairstyle with a unique front-bang design that works especially well with rounder, more youthful faces.

It comes with 22 new custom colors in a pretty diverse range of naturals, neutrals, and a couple fun dyes.

However, Nightcrawler does warn about slight transparency issues with the hair.

You’ll also need to change your graphic settings (Sims Detail to Very High, turn off Laptop Mode) if you really want the hair to shine.

Remiiry’s retexture is available in all 18 EA colors and it fixes the slight transparency issues of the original mesh.

Whether you choose it “clayified” or not, this double bun hairstyle is still one of the cutest we’ve seen – and one of the most unique.

Framing chunks and stray strands galore … what’s not to like?

  • Color Options: 18 EA colors
  • Mesh Needed(For Cinnamon): No
  • Mesh needed(For Clayified Retexture) Cinnamon
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

3. Clumsy Hair

Clumsy Hair Buns for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

I have to admit, it was tough choosing between retextured Cinnamon and Ivo-Sims’ Clumsy hair for third place.

Both are pretty, unique, and quirky.

Clumsy also has those side framing strands that I absolutely adore.

The buns are pretty symmetrical, but the front part boasts a side part and generous chunks of slightly wavy hair tumbling just around the face.

These strands make the hair look great from any angle, honestly. They’re at just the right length that they frame the face without hiding or overpowering.

The texture works well with the design, too. It gives that feeling of hair being sectioned neatly, and styled masterfully to achieve cute, casual space buns.

It’s an overall simple yet gorgeous hairstyle that I feel could become many a Simmer’s go-to choice for eclectic, urban, and colorful street styles.

  • Color Options: 18 EA colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

2. Plumboby Tom Hair Recolor by CuberSims

Plumboby Tom Hair Recolor CC

Check Out This CC

We’ve seen some pretty amazing double-bun-slash-space-bun hairs so far. But there’s a reason CuberSims’ recolor of Plumboby’s Tom hair is in my top two. Actually, there are two.

I’ll start with the hair’s design.

I think you’ve figured out by now that I’m a sucker for double buns with framing strands.

I just really like the contrast between neat buns and messy/tousled strands of hair. If they frame the face well, consider me sold.

So Plumboby’s Tom hair already checks most of my boxes. It’s a maxis match texture, it’s got a unique space bun placement (not high, not low – smack-dab in the middle), and the front strands flow from straight to slightly wavy in just the best way.

Second biggest reason?

The colors. CuberSims’ recolor adds a whopping 93 new colors for this hair alone. Crazy? You bet.

But that’s called dedication. And it pays off well in-game. With this many colors, of course you’ve got diversity.

And she even categorizes them clearly; WMS Unnaturals, Naturals, and Neutrals.

Sunflower blond? Yup, it’s there.

Strawberry blonde? That too.

Alien green? Four shades to choose from.

The download link leads to four package files: naturals, neutrals, unnaturals, and all addons merged. Be sure to download the fourth one if you want all 93 colors.

  • Color Options: 93 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: Plumboby’s Tom Hair
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No

1. SimLaughLove’s Bun Bun Hair

Bun Bun Hair CC - The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Who wouldn’t love this hair for the name alone? SimLaughLove’s Bun Bun hair is arguably the most distinct on this list and the most detailed.

You get two adorable dumpling buns on the very top of a full head of gorgeous, wavy hair.

What’s more, you can have it with bangs or no bangs.

And before you say “wait that’s not very detailed,” take a look at the photos.

The creator went the extra mile to give us three options for each version (bangs or no bangs).

Option one has the hair swept back and resting behind the shoulders.

Option two has one half of the hair swept back behind the shoulders, and the other half swept forward, over the shoulder.

Option three has the hair swept forward and resting over the shoulders.

So in this download alone, you have six possible hairstyles crowned with adorably tiny double buns at the very top.

The creator also made sure to rotate one of the buns for a more asymmetrical look.

Part of her Half Up Half Down Series, SimLaughLove’s Bun Bun hair comes in all 18 EA colors. And it’s just superb.

  • Color Options: 18 EA colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Game/Stuff/Expansion Pack Needed: No
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