Sims 4 Dua Lipa CC: Hair, Clothes & More

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2017 was a fantastic year in music.

Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” became the most streamed song on Spotify, “Despacito” dominated YouTube views, and Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” turned out to be one of the greatest rap songs of all time.

These music juggernauts defined the year’s sound. But new artists such as Cardi B and Khalid still managed to kick off their career into mainstream fame with “Bodak Yellow” and “Location.”

With all these bops, it’s easy to forget that 2017 was also the year Dua Lipa resuscitated dance-pop with “New Rules.”

The English singer/model was then a new face in the industry.

Now she’s famous enough to inspire Simmers to create a bunch of custom content for The Sims 4.

So that means your Sims can look hotter than hell with all this Dua Lipa-inspired content!


1. Dua Lipa Tattoos

Dua Lipa Tattoos for The Sims 4

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Dua Lipa might not have Ed Sheeran’s sleeves or Rihanna’s chest piece.

But her tiny tatts are eye-catching nevertheless.

It’s not like she ever hides it anyway – Dua’s too hot to layer up.

With this CC set you can apply Dua’s minimalistic body art onto your Sims, courtesy of Overkill Simmer.


2. Dua Lipa Necklace

Dua Lipa Necklace / TS4 CC

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Before the pearls and designer jewelry, Dua’s accessory of choice was a ‘90s favorite: a choker.

While it’s not as popular now as it was back in the era of the Macarena, Dua had the necessary neck structure to revive it from fashion hell.

And boy, does it look good on her.

Take this as a challenge and use your Sim to style it better than the Grammy-award winning singer!

But if you want even more custom chokers then we’ve got a list for that too.


3. Dua Lipa “Break My Heart” Hair

Dua Lipa “Break My Heart” Hair / Sims 4 CC

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The world rarely agrees on one thing, but it’s a universal sentiment that Dua Lipa’s sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, was the album that got everyone through the lockdown.

And Dua knew this was going to be the case – she even sang that she should’ve stayed at home in “Break My Heart.”

If you haven’t listened to this masterpiece yet, stream it on YouTube.

Or better yet, give your Sims this hairstyle that Dua rocked in her “Break My Heart” music video.


4. Dua Hairstyle

Dua Hairstyle CC for The Sims 4

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As a model and God’s favorite, Dua can pull off any look – including two-toned hair.

Throughout her Future Nostalgia era, Dua stood by her most drastic hair transformation yet. And it paid off when she became the only one to look good in it.

Sadly, blunt bangs are too tricky to pull off – unless you’re a simulation with customizable features, of course.

This Dua Hairstyle CC may not be the look for you in real life. But your Sim’s immunity to public backlash may provide the proper condition to slay this CC.


5. Dua Lipa Pose Pack

Dua Lipa Pose Pack / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Why stop at replicating Dua’s looks and outfits, when your Sim can even act like her?

With this custom-made pose pack, you can now enable your Sim to perform Dua Lipa’s poses from her “Break My Heart” music video. And you can grab some snapshots while you’re at it.

Maybe even gather your Sim’s friends to show off just how much of a queen you are.


6. “Levitating” Hairstyle

“Levitating” Hairstyle (Dua Lipa) Sims 4 CC

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Thanks to TikTok, “Levitating” now has more than a billion streams on Spotify, and is currently my go-to song to dance in the shower.

Not only is it part of every 2020 playlist I have, but it also has an equally addicting music video that makes you want to lose yourself on a galactic dance floor.

Help your Sims shine bright like a billion-year-old star with this gorgeous hairstyle, totally inspired by Dua’s look in the “Levitating” music video.


7. Versace Outfit (Dua Lipa)

Versace Outfit (Dua Lipa) for The Sims 4

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What looks good in a sparkly Versace mini dress?

Dua Lipa, hands down.

Donatella Versace herself has praised the England-born singer for her confidence and ability to slay any piece she throws at her.

And to cement her status as one of the Italian fashion house’s muses, Dua made her runway debut at Versace’s Spring/Summer 2022 show in Milan for Fashion Week.

How’s that for a power couple?

Don this colorful designer outfit for your Sim’s next night out!


8. Break My Heart CC Set

Break My Heart CC Set / TS4 CC

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I promise, after this CC, I’ll shut up about “Break My Heart.”

Qicc’s “Break My Heart” Set renders Dua’s iconic looks from the music video into custom content for The Sims 4, complete with 18 swatches. And the attire is all totally compatibility with Sims aged teen to elder.

Granted it won’t offer much warmth during Winterfest.

But your Sim would look hot enough to say IDGAF.


9. Dua Lipa MTV EMA Bodysuit

Dua Lipa MTV EMAs Bodysuit / Sims 4 CC

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Aside from accidentally getting called Dula Peep by Wendy Williams, Dua experienced another misfortune online after a video of her dancing to “One Kiss” went viral in 2018.

Her robotic, uncharismatic, and terrible dancing became a meme, with content creators adding fuel to the flame by compiling videos of her with “no stage presence for 1 minute.”

Fortunately this only urged Dua to improve as a performer – culminating in her now-iconic performance at the 2019 MTV EMAs.

Let this be a lesson to all haters that what doesn’t kill Dua only makes her stronger.

And your female Sims can snag the exact Mugler ensemble right here – the same one Dua Lipa wore at MTV EMAs.


10. New Rules Mini Set

New Rules Mini Set (Dua Lipa) for The Sims 4

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Boasting 2.5 billion views on YouTube is none other than the song that started it all: “New Rules.”

This 2017 banger propelled Dua Lipa into becoming one of pop’s rising stars. And from there, she only continued to soar.

She’s had multiple hits after that, but no one would ever forget this singer’s first major bop.

And your Sims can now cop one of Dua’s cozy tropical looks from the music video with this custom pack made by grafity-cc.

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