Best Sims 4 Eating Poses For Any Meal (All Free)

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Making Sims partake in a meal can get a bit monotonous – especially if they’re not feeling it.

And while EA’s standard conversation animations are fine (for the most part) there are times when they’re just too repetitive for photos.

Not a lot of variation with the expressions and the exchanges, no.

So I’ve rounded up a bunch of custom eating poses to put some spice back in TS4 mealtime. Indulge!


1. Feeding Toddler by Rethdis-love

Feeding a Toddler / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

I’d argue that 98% of eating pose packs are made for Adults and Young Adults, so seriously; where are the kids? A Toddler’s gotta eat too, right?


So thank goodness for Rethdis-love and their Feeding Toddler pose pack.

It’s got 4 couple poses for an incredibly patient parent and a fussy (but easily placated) Toddler.

I’ll go so far as to say that this is one of the cutest packs I’ve got on this list.

The concept is so charming and the execution does not disappoint. The parent Sim’s expressions are so soft and so gentle, you just know they’re a great parent.

And TS4 Toddler models? Adorable.

Truly paints a delightfully domestic, family-centric picture.

For the poses to work, you’ll need a high chair for the toddler and a regular chair for the Parent. Last preview photo on the original post shows you how to place the teleporters (one on top of the other).

The custom toddler spoon is included in the pose download, too!


2. Eating Donuts Pose Pack by Simtographies

Eating Donuts Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

In my humble opinion, snack time is all the time.

Which is why this sweet-treat-centric pose pack by Simtographies resonates so much with me.

I mean, sure; it’s basically just a Sim walking down the street and enjoying a fresh glazed donut.

(That’s my regular Wednesday, honestly, but I digress.)

But this pose pack has got character.

It may be simple and straightforward, but the pose quality is great, the expressions are on-point, and the donut fits perfectly as an accessory (no tremulous hovering, no glitching, etc.)

There’s one duo pose meant for an Adult/Young Adult and Child (both snacking on their respective dessert), and three solo poses – two for Young/Adults, one for a Child.

Do take note that the solo shot for the kid (the fourth pose option on the list) doesn’t explicitly state it’s for a Child model in the description. So just be careful putting your Young/Adult Sim in it, lest you end up shrinking them.


3. Let’s Watch Some Movies (Poses) by Lantsov sims

Let’s Watch Some Movies / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

It’s certainly not a meal, but is movie night ever complete without a glass of wine, some cuddles, and a huge bowl of freshly-popped butter popcorn?

I think not.

I love the concept of this pack from Lantsov sims, and I love how the narrative it portrays can easily fit into any storyline.

As the main event, as a side story, as background color… you get the picture.

The quality of the poses themselves is pretty up there.

The built-in height difference made one of my Sims look a little wonky in the first two poses, but the remaining three? They’re absolutely perfect.

I mean really, the gentle hand feeding, the fond glances, the Sim casually draping their leg over their partner’s lap—it’s small details like this that get me the most.

Overall, this is an incredibly cozy pack that I highly recommend.

You don’t need many accessories to make the poses work (just three or four, I believe) and two of them are already included in the downloadable file!


4. Who Doesn’t Like Pizza? (Poses) by just a little catus

Who Doesn’t Like Pizza? / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

I mean, yeah. Who doesn’t like pizza?

It’s delicious, filling, and easy to eat.

And if you get sick of it, you have other flavors to choose from. Plus, cold pizza is still good pizza, so that stuff can keep for days.

But that aside, there’s this pose pack.

Now, it doesn’t exactly illustrate a meal. Honestly it comes off more like a strange bedroom photoshoot with pizza as a prop.

And only two of the five poses have the model actually eating the pizza. The others have her posing cutely with a slice held nebulously in her hand.

It’s kinda weird, for sure. But I also think it’s got its own appeal.

Especially the fifth pose; that’s the look of someone slipping into a food coma right on the kitchen floor.

It’s perfect for University Sims.


5. Dinner Pose Pack by la-sims-society

Dinner Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

It’s dinnertime for six people and no one’s happy.

But hey, at least there’s alcohol, no?

All jokes aside, this pose pack actually had me plenty amused.

It’s a set of two poses good for six people, all seated around a dining table and very adamantly not engaging in pleasant dinner conversation.

Look at all those varying expressions of guilt, anger, disappointment, nonchalance, and utter disregard. And only two people seem genuinely happy during the actual toast! Everyone else is too busy glaring daggers and/or avoiding other people’s eyes.

If you’re part of a dysfunctional family, you know how easily the tension can spike when everyone sits down for a meal.

If everyone leaves with their dignity intact, it’s a win.

I think this pack conveyed that situation beautifully. And I am honestly dying to know the backstory behind this specific set.


6. Poteto & Friendly 035 [Distribution] by micnpanchi

Poteto & Friendly #035 Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here’s a pose pack with the same vibe as the other two “snack packs” on this list (by Lantsov sims and katverse).

It’s a visual representation of those nights when being a couch potato is the most appealing thing.

Some snacks, some soda, and a full night of kicking it back on the couch watching trashy reruns? Sounds like an ideal Friday night.

The creator actually has two pose sets in one download post: Poteto Pose (V2) and Friendly 035. Poteto Pose (V2) is a set of twelve poses for just one Sim munching on some chips. The chip bag is included as an accessory (look for it in hats) and is available in several different flavors.

Can I just say how much I appreciate the creator’s attention to detail here? Seriously, we love variety.

Two of the twelve have the Sim standing up. The rest takes place on a couch.

Friendly 035 is a set of seven poses for three Sims.

It’s movie/game night, and everyone’s brought snacks! There are chips, there’s soda, there’s pizza. Like the potato chips, these items are wearable accessories (look in bracelets) that come in different flavors/options.

The focus of the pack may be more on hanging out rather than eating. But trust me when I say there’s plenty of munching involved.

Both sets are extremely wholesome depictions that are perfect for chill downtime moments in a story.

Need to show your Sims de-stressing after a long day of work?

Want to visually imply the complete lack of social plans for the weekend?

This is the pose pack to do it.


7. Sushis & Friends (Poses) by ParisSimmer

Sushis & Friends Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Sushi group date turned impromptu eating competition. Cute, right?

I can always appreciate a pose pack that goes out of its way to tell a general slice-of-life story that a lot of people can relate to.

I’m sure most of us have those friends that love to goof around during group meals (sushi optional).

This pose pack narrates that in a warm, visually entertaining way.

The expressions are exaggerated to better convey emotion, but not comically so.

The concept, I like a lot.

And the setup, though a bit complicated due to all the CC, is totally worth it for the end results.

Do bear in mind that you absolutely need the custom Kotatsu table linked in the description. The actual Kotatsu table that comes with the Snowy Escape EP is too big.


8. Pizza Pals Posepack by solstice-sims

Pizza Pals / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

This has the same vibe as just a little catus’s Who Doesn’t Like Pizza? pack—just less “photoshoot” and more “casual college roommates.”

I’m telling you, there’s just something about pizza that makes me think of University.

This pack may only have two poses in it, but I think it’s a good random pose pack to have on-hand for filler story arches or side narratives.

It’s really just two friends sharing pizza and a couple of laughs.

And the first pose has one Sim hand-feeding the other, which always makes for a cute, wholesome photo.


9. Binge-Watching TV Poses by katverse

Binge-Watching TV & Eating / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here’s another movie-night munchies pack that I personally enjoyed.

It’s not as extensive as micnpachi’s Poteto & Friendly 035, nor does it have the cute, cuddly couple quality of Lantsov sims’s Let’s Watch Some Movies set.

But it does have its own unique charm, which is why it’s earned its spot on this list.

Katverse’s take gives us a classic couch potato Sim who genuinely seems to be enjoying his situation.

Whereas micnpachi’s Sim models in Poteto Pose (V2) have more of an indifferent, couldn’t-care-less-what-was-on expression, katverse’s model has more variety.

Out of the five poses, two of them had my Sim looking genuinely engaged. The other expressions in the pack are two varying degrees of boredom and one that looks suspiciously like disgruntlement.

You don’t need too many accessories for these poses to work. And the ones that you do need are listed in the description for easy finding.


10. Dying for Some Dim Sum (Poses) by xldkx

Dying for Some Dim Sum / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

This is what happens when a dedicated TS4 CC creator goes above and beyond minimum dedication: a huge stuff + pose pack full of fun items.

16 poses, 26 new CC items, and 6 custom accessories (to be used in posing).

My math’s pretty weak, but I think that’s well over 40 new custom items—all crammed into one innocent .package file.

It’s crazy how something this extensive can be free, but it is.

And the quality is amazing, too!

The expressions are cutely comical (and very on-brand for the Sims) the CC décor items look legit (no problems with the meshes or placing them in the world), and the posing accessories work a treat.

You’ll mostly be needing chopsticks and the soup spoon, but the creator has included little tweaks and variations (i.e., with a piece of food on the end) depending on the pose.

Speaking of, the creator also went the extra mile with the posing accessories by numbering them. You’ll find them under hats, and you’ll see that they’re all numbered 1 to 6. Each accessory has a description and instructions on how to use each one.

This does mean, however, that you’ll have to enter CAS mode a few times to change the accessories (or line up a lot of different everyday outfits).

But I can assure you with everything I’ve got that the screenshots are worth the effort.

If you want some cute photos of your Sim clearly just enjoying some tasty dim sum, this set is high quality.


11. [Poses] 100 Chicken Nugget Challenge by kikovanitysimmer

100 Chicken Nugget Challenge / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

As far as unique concepts go, this one takes the cake.

I don’t think I’ve found anything quite like it.

If you’re familiar with YouTube creators, you know a good deal of them do random challenges for content, ranging from seemingly impossible tasks to just really weird dares.

One such challenge rose in popularity while riding on the waves of the mukbang trend: the 100 chicken nugget challenge.

I won’t go into details. I’ll just say that the premise of the challenge is exactly as the name suggests… and that this pack builds the narrative of a Sim YouTuber taking it on.

Pretty interesting, as far as eating concepts go. And it makes sense as a fairly relevant current pop culture trend.

There are 5 pose sets in total; four couple poses and one trio shot with two Young/Adults and a Toddler.

Just know before you dive in, that each pose needs quite a bit of setup.

You can decorate the table with the nuggets and the McDonald’s items once, and use them for the rest of the pack, no problem. We also have a list of McDonald’s CC that’s worth checking out as well.

Unfortunately, you will have to keep entering CAS or changing outfits to switch the accessories around according to the pose.

But other than that minor blip, this pack is a surprising visual treat.

Plus, let it be known that the trio pose involving the Toddler is unexpectedly adorable.


12. Taiyaki Pose by HoneySims4 [HS4]

Taiyaki Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

If you’ve never had taiyaki, maybe this pose pack can change your mind.

It’s a Japanese cake snack typically filled with sweet red bean paste, custard, chocolate, or sweet potato.

It’s also shaped like a fish.

Not too sure which one’s the selling point, but regardless; it’s a very popular snack.

And as you can see with the preview photos, the model loves it quite a bit.

I figured since there were several eating pose packs with typical “Western” snacks (i.e., popcorn, soda, pizza) represented, I’d toss in a pack with a traditional Eastern treat.

Taiyaki’s usually best eaten when it’s fresh from the pan; warm with crispy edges and slightly gooey filling.

None of the Sim models in the preview photos are sitting down because it’s typically eaten on-the-go.

Wandering around a street festival, munching yummy fish-shaped hotcakes from a paper bag, just completes the experience.

There are 14 cute-and-quirky poses in this pack plus the ever-helpful all-in-one animation (which is incredibly useful if you’re trying to test shot all poses).


13. Pose Japanese Dinner by Eden Cherry

Japanese Dinner Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Continuing the Eastern theme, here you have a proper family dinner with three adorable kids, a dutiful adult daughter, a gentle matron, and a deceptively strict father.

(Hey, he’s letting the kids play at the table, so he can’t be that bad).

Unlike la-sims-society’s Dinner Pose Pack, people are actually eating here.

And as far as I can tell, no one’s disappointed, disgruntled, or displeased with the other members at the table.

It’s a lot more cordial, that’s for sure. And you’re going to need a lot more than just a wine glass accessory. Rice bowls, chopsticks, and the Kotatsu table from the Snowy Escape expansion pack, to name a few.

Speaking of, I highly recommend grabbing most of the Build/Buy items from that EP to help with set decoration for this pose set, since the elements of both packs are pretty similar (if not exactly the same).

The poses are a little hard to figure out at first, since one set is for six people (3 Adults/Young Adults, 1 Child, 2 Toddlers) and the other set is just for 4 (2 Adults/Young Adults, 1 Child, 1 Toddler).

But it only takes a few tries to get the teleporter placements right.


14. Breakfast with a Friend Pose Pack by just a little catus

Breakfast with a Friend / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here’s another cozy little pack from just a little catus.

Just like solstice-sims’s Pizza Pals pack, this set only contains two poses.

However, I think the quality and concept of the pack justify its place on this list.

I’m a sucker for soft moments, okay – and what could be softer than early morning breakfast at a classy resto with a close friend? Good food, great company, and a cup (or two) of quality coffee. Or tea.

Whatever floats your (Sim’s) boat.

There are two seated poses for two Sims here. You’ll need to place the teleporter statues beside the chairs, and one square away to the right.

The teacup accessory you’ll need is linked in the description.

The fork accessory has been deactivated, but I found the direct simsfileshare link on pepsi-love’s Tumblr.


15. Aishi Family Poses by anlamveg

Aishi Family Eating / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

I will admit, this pack is sort of confusing at first.

There are no thumbnails or descriptions for the in-game pose list. You sort of have to cycle through all the poses to figure out which is which.

There aren’t any teleporter placement instructions in the original post either.

But after a bit of trial-and-error, I figured it out.

It’s one group pose meant for five sims; four seated at a table, eating with chopsticks, and one walking past the table.

To achieve the group shot, you’ll need to arrange the teleporter statues separately around the table.

But unlike most custom group poses, where you would typically layer the statues on top of each other, this pose needs you to place the statues where you want the Sims to sit.

As far as visuals go, I love that the download file already contains the chopsticks accessory you need.

Not having to visit a dozen other websites just to download accessories is always a win for me.

I also like the subtle expressions and variations in posing; it gives the whole scene a very calm and collected vibe.

It’s also worth noting that you could take this pose set as one group pose for five Sims or five poses for one solo Sim.

Since there’s no clear narrative or concept, it could also be used to show the progression of a Sim eating some tasty rice dishes. It’s actually versatile enough for that to work!

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