Sims 4 End Table CC: The Ultimate List (All Free)

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The build and buy mode items that come with TS4 are fantastic, but when you’ve built 20+ houses and decorated countless rooms, sometimes the most popular furniture can become a little repetitive.

Especially when they’re not all to your liking.

One item that you might need? End tables! Use them in the bedroom, in the living room, in the office, the hallway, the bathroom…

Wherever you use them, just don’t use the same one all the time! That just gets boring.

So to save you from the never-ending cycle of vanilla stuff, we’ve compiled this list of more end tables that are custom-made and sure to look gorgeous no matter where you put them.


10. Ununtrium End Table

Ununtrium End Table - Sims 4 CC

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This tiny table is perfect for kid’s rooms, offices, and space-saving living rooms.

It may be small, but great things come in small packages!

Boasting both a drawer and shelf, there’s plenty of space to display your belongings and store your stuff here.

With two natural wooden swatches, and one modern white color swatch, this table by CC Creator Wondymoon suits any aesthetic – rustic or modern.


9. Trinket End Table

Trinket End Table - TS4 CC by LeoSims

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Isn’t it a pain when you want to store your things somewhere organized, but also show them off? Well, now you can!

Enter the Trinket End Table by Leo 4 Sims!

Perfect for any teen’s bedroom, this cute table has enough space for pretty much anything.

It also comes in a huge variety of both bright and basic colors, so it’s completely customizable for any bedroom.

Alternatively, the white one looks stunning in spacious bathrooms as a convenient place for all your bath products, soaps and shampoos, or whatever other clutter CC you’ve got!


8. Bedroom Anel – End Table

Basic Bedroom End Table - TS4 CC

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When I first saw these tables, my immediate thought was how cute they would look in an office space.

Then I began envisioning them in a teen’s bedrooms, or in a baby’s bedroom, bathrooms… and I realized how truly versatile these storage cabinets are!

With a large convenient cupboard space and plenty of display space on top, these tiny tables not only look good, but provide convenience in almost any room you can think of.

Created by Ung999, the table comes in five different color options: three plain and two with a cute pattern on the front. Maybe for those looking to jazz up their space a little too.


7. Heart Kids Room End Table

Kids Room End Table with Heart Knob - TS4 CC

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This adorable pastel table is the perfect addition to any little girl’s bedroom.

Small but full of storage space, this bedside cabinet is sure to have your children loving their newly upgraded, but most importantly tidy rooms.

With sweet little hearts and four color choices, this storage table CC by Severinka is one you’ll most certainly fall in love with.


6. My Essay End Table

Basic End Table - Sims 4 CC

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Despite what the name may have you thinking, these beautiful end tables are definitely not made for those still in school.

These tables are for any Sims who have finished their essays, got an A+ on every one of them, and now have a very well-paying job which allows them to spend all their money on fancy tables.

With a modern glass top and a classic wicker stand, this end table by SIMcredible! is a darling choice for modern houses, and those who enjoy living it up on the beach (uh, Island living anyone?!)


5. Super Simple End Table

Super Simple End Table - Sims 4 CC

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This cute two-tier table somewhat reminds me of the floor lamp from the Tiny Living stuff pack.

With that being one of my favorite lamps already in the game, I just had to include this cute counterpart!

This aptly-named ‘Super’ Simple end table by sjane4prez comes in an amazing 51 different swatches, and boasts ample space to display your possessions.


4. Caden End table

Caden End table Design - Sims 4 CC

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It’s no secret that the in-game wood swatches are all over the place. And this can make it irritating when the one table you need to use just doesn’t match the colors of the rest of the room.

Well this adorable little table(reminiscent of the one with Tiny Living) gives you a choice of two natural wood looks, or a sleek and modern white trim.

So whether you don’t have that certain stuff pack but love this table, or if you simply want a wider choice of colors, this 3-legged end table from SIMcredible! is worth the download.


3. Live Edge Burl Wood Coffee+End Tables

Rustic-Style Wooden End Table - Sims 4 CC

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Looking for something rustic and extremely expensive?

Well your Sim must be loaded, but look no further than this burl wood end table by Gelina.

With its polished yet rough-around-the-edges look, this end table looks cute in modern open spaces, near large windows, or even with exposed brick walls.

Bring a little bit of nature into your sky-line penthouse.

And as if that’s not enough to get you excited, this table also comes as part of a set with a matching coffee table!

Now everything in your modern loft-style apartment can be rustic and sleek, when displayed on this dazzling duo!


2. Christmas 2018 End Table

Glass rounded end table - TS4 CC

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CC creator Wondymoon brings Christmas early with this gorgeous addition to all your modern living needs.

Name aside, this sleek, petite, round glass-topped end table is certainly a surface for all seasons.

And this could be the perfect table for any stylish living room, but might also look cute in the corners of hallways as a gorgeous display table.


1. Silicon End Table

Round Designed End Table CC - Sims 4

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I (and many others) feel there’s not enough round end tables in The Sims 4. I mean come on!

Everyone loves a little round table, right?

But this adorable CC is here to save the day. Boasting modern and rustic vibes, this round table by Wondymoon is sure to look perfect anywhere in the household.

Simple and convenient, I dare say this sweet side table looks best in the heart of your home – maybe in the living room, as a surface to store your treasured family photos beside the couch.

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