Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs & Game Packs (All Ranked)

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Nothing makes a Sims game come alive quite like expansion packs.

The Sims 4 already has some of the most complete expansion packs in all of the franchise, with some of them helping us reminisce about older expansions that we loved.

The graphical innovations of The Sims 4 make the game blend quite well with all of the newly-added stuff, and it’s impossible not to love all of the additions with their latest game packs as well.

I know that there are just too many expansion packs and game packs to go through so in this post I’ll rank them to help you get a better idea of which ones you should pick up ahead of the rest.

Truthfully they’re all very expensive to purchase together at once, so you might want to get them one by one. And this list will help you do just that!

Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs

Expansion Packs are large additions to the game that EA makes from time to time.

These often come with new worlds and a ton of different items, abilities, jobs, new features, and things to do.

Each one has its own pros & cons but dive into the list and see what you think.

7. Get Famous

Sims Get Famous EP

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I never really understood why there wasn’t a fame system in The Sims 3. Especially with the addition of careers like acting in later expansion packs.

With the Get Famous expansion pack in The Sims 4 you’ll have your sims feel like real gods and goddesses among men thanks to this cool new fame system.

You’ll be able to gain fame and if you climb high enough you can have your sim sign autographs, hug fans, throw parties, and much more.

The Get Famous EP is a fun addition to the game that will help you experience how it feels to be a celeb in the Sims 4 universe.

Mansions and riches await as you’ll have all of the perks that a celebrity deserves to have.

6. Get Together

Sims4 Get Together EP

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Spend time with your friends, create groups, go out for a wild night on the town, and enjoy the benefits of the Get Together expansion pack.

This is a great Sims 4 expansion for people who love to pang around with their sim friends all over the place.

You can create some pretty wild stories with the Get Together expansion. And with the added bonus of having the awesome Windenburg city added to the game, you won’t be running out of places to hang out anytime soon.

In fact, apart from the awesome gameplay that this EP offers, it’s worth buying just to have Windenburg added to your game.

The city feels cozy and you’ll be able to live in a town that has its own quaint vibe, very different than everywhere else.

5. Get To Work

Get To Work Sims4 EP

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If you’re done playing The Sims with rabbit hole careers then you’ll want to try the Get to Work EP.

It adds three new careers to the game, all of which can be played by you instead of sending your sims away off screen for hours.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to become a store owner and sell everything that you have on build mode if you like!

It’s the chance of a lifetime to kickstart that amazing business that you always wanted to have and watch it flourish under your management.

You can also become a doctor with the new career paths, or even a detective!

4. Island Living

Island Living Sims 4 EP

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Have you ever dreamt of taking an early retirement and moving away to an island?

You can do that with the Island Living expansion. There are some starter homes that you can purchase for under 20k simoleons, or you can save up some cash and move to the fancier homes of this peculiar island neighborhood once you’ve worked for a few sim-years.

This EP adds the chance to meet mermaids, explore the sea, and adds an element of beach life that was missing in the original game.

It’s one of the most fun expansion packs that you can play and certainly a go-to for beach lovers.

3. City Living

City Living Sims 4 EP

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Hey, it’s time to move to the city.

This expansion finally brings the apartment life to The Sims 4, which was already there in The Sims 3.

You’ll be able to live a life in an apartment and feel like a true townie when you interact with your neighbors across the hall, asking them to lower their damn voices as you try to get some sleep before heading out to your late-night job.

The City Living expansion pack makes cities feel way more alive than they did in the previous game’s Late Night EP.

If you’re one of those who has a knack for living in a city then this EP is what you need.

There are also exclusive apartments where neighbors won’t bother you which really is a cool feature. Pay rent or buy a penthouse with your hard-earned cash – the choice is yours.

2. Cats and Dogs

Sims 4 Cats & Dogs EP

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Do I really need to sell you on this expansion pack?

It brings our sims the chance to be pet owners! Yet the Cats and Dogs EP, unlike its name suggests, doesn’t only add the world’s two most popular types of pets to the game – it also adds rodents and other critters if you want them in your home.

What’s even better is that you’ll be able to start a vet clinic and have your sims develop it and run it.

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a vet without mods then this is the best EP that you can download for your game.

Live a life with your pets and explore the outsides with them! Brindleton Bay might just be the place for you to spend the rest of your days at.

1. Seasons

Sims 4 Seasons EP

Check Out This Expansion Pack

What’s really missing in The Sims 4 base game is solved with one word: seasons!

This expansion pack(aptly named) brings our sims the chance to play in the rain during the summer, build snowmen during winter, rake up leaves in autumn and care for their gardens in the spring.

You’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted on each season of the year, with the added bonus of also having holidays too.

Celebrate the sim equivalents of Christmas and Halloween with your virtual family. I think you’ll have one hell of a time doing it!


Best Sims 4 Game Packs

Now game packs are also awesome additions to the game, but they don’t add as much content as expansion packs.

As such, it’s natural for game packs to occupy less space on your hard drive than their larger EP counterparts.

But some game packs add a lot of amazing features to the game that completely revolutionize the way you play. Let’s check out my rankings for the best game packs and see what they have to offer.

8. StrangerVille

StrangerVille Sims 4 GP

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Two words can describe this game pack like no other description can: Stranger Things.

If you’ve watched one of the best series that Netflix has ever released, then you probably have an idea of how things go in the StrangerVille game pack.

This GP adds a town where your sim must go to uncover a conspiracy that’s going around. The military is hiding something, and with so much scientific activity around the lots there’s surely a secret that needs to be uncovered.

Play the role of Scooby-Doo and go sleuthing in this hilariously awesome crossover game pack.

7. Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure Sims 4 GP

Check Out This Game Pack

Live the life of an explorer with the Sims 4 Jungle Adventure GP.

You’ll be able to explore the depths of the jungle and have your sim bring back treasures to their homes.

Feel like Indiana Jones and fight mythical curses to uncover some of the world’s most legendary pieces of jewelry.

Then display them at your home with pride after a long few days of adventuring in the wild.

6. Vampires

Vampires Sims 4 GP

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Now game pack is definitely not for everyone.

However, those of you who love the dark arts might absolutely love this addition to the game.

With this game pack you can have your sims become vampires in the world and drain blood from other sims. Then have them turn into vampires as well and fill the world with creatures of the night. Classy.

You can also choose to stay away from the vampire life if you want, but if you choose to embrace it prepare to run away from sunlight for the better part of your sim’s days!

The Vampires game pack adds something different to the game, but it’s not one of the most popular additions since it’s so off the beaten path. Still fun to play around with if you’d like to.

5. Spa Day

Spa Day Sims 4 GP

Check Out This Game Pack

Spa Day might not seem like the most tempting of game packs to download, but it actually brings the ability to change your sims’ moodlets in many different ways.

You can buy a massage table and have your sim’s muscles treated to the most complete of extents, or you can even take showers that alter the moodlet of each of your sims depending on how their time on the shower pans out.

In any case, Spa Day might not seem like a game pack that makes too many changes to the game. But it ends up being pretty fun and worth a try if you can afford it.

4. Dine Out

Dine Out Sims 4 GP

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This is the game pack of your dreams if you are a fan of owning a food business.

You’ll be able to micromanage aspects of your restaurant like you’ve never been able to do in The Sims franchise.

Interact with clients, work with your chefs, fire and hire staff, and keep your restaurant a level above the rest in the world of The Sims 4.

Overall this game pack is a great complement to the Get to Work EP so maybe consider picking up both together.

3. Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor Retreat Sims 4 GP

Check Out This Game Pack

The reason why EA chose to add Outdoor Retreat as the first game pack on the Sims 4 was that the outdoors didn’t feel as alive as they did back in The Sims 3.

This GP makes it so you can interact with nature far more than in the base game. It adds the ability to make campfires and hang out with the wild like you used to do in previous installment of the franchise.

World interaction might not reach the same level of Sims 3, but it certainly adds a lot of stuff that was missing from the game. Especially for nature lovers(or gamers who like virtual nature).

2. Realm of Magic

Realm of Magic Sims 4 GP

Check Out This Game Pack

Hell yeah, spellcasters rejoice!

One of the more recently added game packs to the Sims 4 world gives your sims the ability to become spellcasters.

You can rank them up and earn new abilities along the way as your sim aims to become the most powerful wizard in the world.

There’s also a new magical area added to the game which anyone can visit who shares the blood of wizards. This is starting to sound like a JRPG at this point…

Reminisce about the good old days of the Makin’ Magic from the original Sims by grabbing a copy of this game pack. It’s pretty affordable considering everything you get and I’d argue it’s by far the most fun.

Also did I mention you can own a pet dragon? Or even a fairy!

1. Parenthood

Parenthood Sims 4 GP

Check Out This Game Pack

This game pack doesn’t add a new world or anything like that. But it does make parenting the most rewarding that it has ever managed to be across all Sims games.

In fact, you’ll be able to get more attached to your virtual children than ever thanks to all the effort required to help them grow up into successful adults. This is probably the definition of an immersion add-on since it truly immerses you into the sims world.

And if you play around with these features to help your kids grow up you’ll feel a real sense of pride, even from your virtual family.

With the Parenthood game play you can have adults teach children a lot of new things and shape the behavior they’ll have as they grow up.

A well-parented toddler will be a stupendous sim in the future. Care for your children’s education and develop their personalities all with this incredible game pack.

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