The Sims 4: Best Fallout Mods & CC To Try (All Free)

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Beginning in 1997 with the original “Fallout: A Post-Nuclear RPG”, the Fallout franchise explores the scenario of nuclear war breaking out between international powers.

But it has evolved from its isometric RPG origins to an action RPG that everyone knows. Yet the game’s core appeal remains the same – exploring a post-apocalyptic Wasteland and revealing the secrets hidden beneath the surface.

Maybe you’re interested in re-creating some Fallout locales in The Sims 4. Or perhaps you just want to have your Sims show their love for Fallout.

Well either way you’ll need some fabulous CC to do that – and I’ve organized some of the very best into this collection.


20. Fallout 4 Chems Decoration Pack

Fallout 4 Chems Decoration Pack Sims 4 CC

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Plenty of people turn to vices to help them cope with the challenges of everyday lives – and Wasteland living can’t possibly be any less stressful.

And in the game there are new world substances like Jet, Psycho, and Buffout – all included as decorations in this Fallout 4 Chems Pack.

Even if your Wasteland survivor isn’t an addict, you’ll also find Mentats, Rad-Away, and a Stimpack in this set, which can add a nice touch of realism to your Fallout 4 builds in The Sims 4.


19. Fallout Playground Conversion

Fallout Playground Conversion for Sims 4

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If you’re serious about turning Evergreen Harbor or Strangerville into a Fallout-ish Wasteland, this Fallout Playground Conversion mod will make a big difference.

It takes several playground staples like swings and slides, and turns them into a monument to humanity’s last golden age full of faded colors and lots of rust.

This pack features a flying saucer-themed slide, a rusty red rocket, run-down swings, and a bunch of dead trees, so you can do a modicum of landscaping on your post-apocalyptic playground.


18. Fallout 3 Vault Bedroom

Fallout 3 Vault Bedroom The Sims 4 CC

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Initially made for TS2, this Fallout 3 Vault Bedroom set has been ported and updated to fit right into The Sims 4.

Considering it’s been hundreds of years since humanity produced cleaning agents or floor polish – this set isn’t looking half-bad.

It includes a bed, a desk, decorations, floors, wallpapers – and so on.

There’s lots of rust and unfinished furniture, which would usually make me worry about getting an infected cut or something of the sort. Luckily, our Sims don’t get that kind of thing – and there are more significant threats to your survival in the Wasteland to be worrying about rusty nails.

Note: if you want the bed to work correctly, you’ll also need these Mattresses for Bed Frames.


17. Fallout Mini Fan-Pack

Fallout Mini Fan-Pack Sims 4 CC

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I love bags of surprises that let me have fun discovering their contents.

And this Fallout Mini Fan-Pack does that with Fallout-themed material.

It includes plenty of decorations for your home including posters, Nuka-Cola bottles, an old radio, a rusty fan – and even an old-school suitcase that’s in perfect condition, for something that’s been around for hundreds of years after the nuclear apocalypse.

These small but meaningful details add some personality to any common space, or can help you on your project of re-creating a Wasteland abode in the perfectly-healthy world of TS4.


16. Calipso Living Room

Calipso Living Room for Sims 4

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This post-apocalyptic living room CC reminds me of the first home I walked into in Fallout 3 – rusty, dusty, and full of decrepit furniture.

The windows are also boarded-up, and in general it looks like a terrible place to be – but that’s because I live in a peaceful time.

If the alternative was sleeping outside waiting for a Deathclaw to maul me, I’d kill to have an enclosed space where I can relax.

This CC set includes a sofa, chairs, ruined wallpapers, and a dirty carpet, among other things.

You’ll also find the pre-war versions of the couch and chairs, which create a beautiful contrast with the dull and brownish surroundings.


15. Nuka-Tee

Nuka-Tee Sims 4 CC

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I’m one of those people who’d gladly wear Coca-Cola merchandise if it was stylish. And while there’s no Coke in the world of Fallout, they do have Nuka-Cola.

This high-quality piece of clothing depicts a very retro take on Nuka-Cola’s logo.

It may sound simple, and it is, but the gorgeous texture of the shirt and the seven alternate colors elevate it to greatness for Fallout fans.

Considering that Nuka-Cola bottle caps are the most commonly used form of currency in the Wasteland, wearing a Nuka-Cola shirt is like telling people you’re loaded – so be context-aware and don’t wear it near the shadier parts of town.


14. Fallout 4 Port-a-Diner

Fallout 4 Port-a-Diner TS4 CC

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Finding food in the Wasteland is one of the hardest parts of surviving – and running across a Port-a-Diner in the middle of an abandoned facility can save your life.

This entertaining curiosity is basically a claw machine that carries food, rather than toys or plushies.

Most of these have run out of food in Fallout, or the dishes have decayed past recognition – except for the Perfectly Preserved Pie. It seems to be completely indestructible and tastes just as fresh in the year 2287 as it was back in the day.

It must be made of the same stuff as Twinkies.

This pack features both a damaged and a completely new Port-a-Diner, and both work as buffet tables from the Luxury Party Stuff Pack.


13. Fallout 4 Factions Clothing

Fallout 4 Factions Clothing TS4 CC

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Not all of us want to turn our games into a post-apocalyptic Wasteland.

Some of us just want our gamer Sims to express their love for video games the same way we do – and these clothing items inspired by Fallout 4 are a great way to do it.

Each one of these shirts shows your support for one of three Fallout 4 factions – the Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, and the Institute.

The one for male Sims has large logos right on the tee’s front, whereas the female option has smaller, more discreet logos.

This set also includes Vault-Tec themed shorts and underwear for males and females alike.


12. Synth Eyes

Synth Eyes Sims 4 CC

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If you’re planning on making a synth – perhaps a reproduction of Nick Valentine, or something of the sort – you’re going to need these Synth Eyes.

They’re available for humans, aliens, and vampires in a total of six glow-in-the-dark colors.

Just be mindful that they may scare a Sim to death if they run into them in the dead of night.

Another useful tool for synth-making is these Robot Dermals.

Now you can make a legit synth the Institute would be proud of.


11. The Fallout Collection

The Fallout Collection TS4 CC

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The Fallout Collection CC set features everything a trendy girl needs to express her own style in Diamond City. And it’ll definitely look just as good in Del Sol Valley as it does in the Wasteland.

It includes a stylish Nuka-Cola dress, a Fat Man-themed top, a bad-ass Tunnel Snake leather jacket, and even a Vault 101 cap to protect your Sim from the sun.

My favorite items are the earrings, which are shaped like a Vault’s door. Pretty creative, if you ask me.


10. Vault 111 Jumpsuit

Vault 111 Jumpsuit for Sims 4

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At the beginning of Fallout 4 you wake up from cryosleep in Vault 111, being the Sole Survivor in the entire facility.

This Vault 111 Jumpsuit is a bit sexier than the one worn by the Sole Survivor, thanks to the seemingly see-through material used on the arms and legs.

The rest is pretty much your average Vault-tec jumpsuit, with a rich blue color and golden accents.

Vault-tec jumpsuits are designed to increase your resistance to radiation and keep you protected from the elements while remaining easy-to-move-in. In other words, it’s a massive boon when it comes to Wasteland survival.


9. Forgotten Retreat

Forgotten Retreat Sims 4 CC

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Legendary creator PralineSims brings us the Forgotten Retreat lot CC – the perfect abode for a solitary survivor who just wants to be left alone.

There’s run-down furniture and abandoned building materials all around the house, but that’s to be expected in a post-apocalyptic world. There’s also barbed wire around the perimeter. Great for protecting you from Raiders and other Wasteland dangers.

Inside you’ll find all the basics – a bedroom, a bathroom, and even a living room and a kitchen.

My favorite area on this build is the sofa on the roof, which is perfect for lying down and looking at the starry sky now that there’s no smog veiling the celestial vault.


8. The Ultra-Luxe

The Ultra-Luxe for Sims 4

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Despite the complete decay of society, there are still places left in the Wasteland where one can live in the lap of luxury.

New Vegas’ Ultra-Luxe is one of those places.

The seat of power of the White Glove Society has been wonderfully recreated in TS4 – albeit with some creative liberties.

This mysterious restaurant/hotel has saunas, pools, and a ridiculous amount of bedrooms – along with gambling and pool tables for when you need a break from Wasteland life.


7. Red Rocket Station

Red Rocket Station Sims 4 CC

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Inspired by the Red Rocket truck stop featured in Fallout 4 as a possible settlement, this Red Rocket Station tries to imagine what it would have looked like in its prime.

It’s a fantastic recreation with bright colors and a nice blend of classic Americana aesthetic with high-tech systems – including the robotic mascots and several panels and screens inside the structure.

But why so much tech?

That’s a secret for you and your Sims to find out.


6. Hancock Character Set

Hancock Character Set TS4 CC

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Originally known as John McDonough, Hancock is the sane ghoul at the head of the Goodneighbor settlement in Fallout 4 – and a major companion for the Sole Survivor.

This fantastic set will make it easy for you to get the ghoulish mayor into your TS4 by providing his outfit, boots, and hat – but most importantly, the skin details and black eyes that make him an immortal ghoul.

Speaking of his immortality – make sure to get the Immortal Trait mod for extra accuracy.


5. Apocalyptic Ruin Lot

Apocalyptic Ruin Lot Sims 4 CC

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Not all post-apocalyptic survivors have the luck of living inside a functioning vault.

Some of them have to make do with what they find – like this Apocalyptic Ruin Lot.

This wrecked structure will provide your Sims with a space to call their own. But it’s just space, as it has no walls or even a ceiling.

Instead, there’s room to set up a tent, a fireplace to cook over, and a simple shower with some curtains to keep the Wasteland from marveling at your Sim’s naked glory.

Watch out for weird plants and the occasional radroach, too.


4. The Home of Tomorrow

The Home of Tomorrow Sims 4 CC

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Not everything in the Fallout franchise is old and rusty – there are some nice things leftover from before the bombs dropped, such as this modular house for up-and-coming American families.

The House of Tomorrow has everything a modern family could need in the 2070s – including two beds, one bath, a study, a utility closet, and a backyard with a pool and grill to enjoy the summer.

It also features a white picket fence that’ll make your working-class parents proud.

Enjoy it while it lasts…


3. Vault Suits + Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV

Vault Suits + Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV TS4 CC

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Among the many Vault Jumpsuit options available online, none are as detailed and appealing as this one by PlazaSims.

It includes jumpsuits for male and female Sims – with detailed textures that are accurate to Fallout 4 designs.

It also features an excellent Pip-Boy 3000 accessory, which completes the outfit and takes it to the next level.

The jumpsuits can be plain or have a vault number emblazoned on the back, including 101, 111, 95 – and so on. They’re also available in clean and dirty versions, which helps distinguish between a Vault dweller and a Wasteland survivor who just happens to come from a Vault.


2. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter for Sims 4

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So you’re driving down an empty road, and on the side you see a little shed with a metal door. You think nothing of it and move on.

Well, you may just have driven past your last hope for survival when the bombs fall.

Inspired by the Fallout Shelter mobile game, this incredible underground bunker extends several stories underground – starting at that little uninteresting door in the middle of nowhere.

It features eight bedrooms, three bathrooms, and many useful rooms like a Water Purification Plant, a large indoor garden, an indoor pool, and even a gym to keep the body moving.

It’s basically a Fallout-style mansion. Definitely give this one a try.


1. Fallout 4 Mystery Bunker

Fallout 4 Mystery Bunker Sims 4 CC

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Here’s another incredible underground build with a more conspicuous entrance: the Fallout 4 Mystery Bunker.

Much like the previous lot, this bunker lot has everything a community needs to survive – including an indoor garden, a cafeteria, a high-tech medical center, and so on.

What I like the most about this bunker is that each of the bedrooms has its own style and purpose, going from the slightly more luxurious Overseer room to ones with an extra small bed for couples with children.

There’s also a cordoned-off door in one corner, hiding some dark secret for sure. I wonder where it leads…

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