TS4 CC: Best Farm & Countryside Clutter (All Free)

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I absolutely love doing historical playthroughs. And the Cottage Living expansion pack has only furthered my obsession with creating small, idyllic farming towns.

I also use farm and cottage-themed clutter and builds for Belle in my Disney Princess challenges, my ‘generation’ playthroughs for Depression eras, and my big city Sims who just want to escape it all and live in the countryside.

Of course the best way to really sell the idea is to have endless amounts of clutter.

Luckily there are tons of content creators who love this aesthetic as well.


1. A La Ferme Cottage Coop CC

A La Ferme Cottage Coop / Sims 4 CC

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This stunning set is designed by Syboulette, and comes with everything you would need to furnish and decorate your chicken coop area on your farm.

It comes with fourteen meticulously designed items, each with its own rustic charm.

Besides the absolutely charming chicken coop, which comes as décor if you do not have Cottage Living, there are so many other fabulous pieces to decorate your plot with.

The set includes a rustic metal basket with eggs inside, an opened or closed carton of eggs, a big wooden cart, a bell you can hang on a wall, a bell on top of a pole, and some grain sacks.

There are also two wishing wells in different styles to choose from, and a functional trash can.


2. Pig Farm Deco CC

Pig Farm Deco / Sims 4 CC

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Enjoy these cute little piglets and piggies on your farm with this adorable set.

They may just be decorative, but they’re so cute that I don’t care.

There are two kinds of piglets, two kinds of pigs, a box for the piglets, a shelter for the pigs, a hay rug, and a feeder and water bowl.

Everything you need to set your little piggies up for the good life on your farm.


3. Farmey #2 Set

Farmey #2 Set / Sims 4 CC

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A charming set like this will make your farmhouse feel like a farm-home in no time.

I especially love the love seat, which comes with or without vines which turns it into a swing or attachable legs to make it a standalone loveseat.

The set also comes with:

  • A bushel of lavender
  • A tea kettle repurposed as a planter
  • Some cute country wall décor
  • A double wash basin
  • Some cute floral pillows
  • Wooden shelf
  • Plant table
  • And a dining table

You could use this whole set to decorate the back porch and you would not be left lacking.


4. FarmHouse Clutter at pqSims4

FarmHouse Clutter / Sims 4 CC

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Here we have a nest full of eggs, decorative wall plates, old timey framed photographs, and endless plants… it’s the perfect addition to your countryside clutter.

Between those, five different styles of watering pails, and farmhouse door style cabinets, you will have all you need to fill your living room in the countryside.

However, I consider the best part of this clutter set to be the vintage Coca Cola ad posters and antique style wall prints.

These are fabulous for not only decorating your home, but also your town if you’re doing a decades challenge or something similar.


5. Signs for Gardening

Signs for Gardening / Sims 4 CC

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Why is there not an option for gardening signs? I feel like it should be selectable after a plant grows.

These signs look hand drawn and are decorated with pictures based on the real world appearance of the fruits and vegetables.

There are signs for different flowers, trees, mushrooms, vegetables, little fruits (like berries), oversized fruits (melons, pumpkins, etc), and “specials” which are the supernatural fruits like death flowers, plasma fruits, and others.


6. Cottage Garden Stuff Set for The Sims 4

Cottage Garden Stuff Set / Sims 4 CC

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This fabulous set took three months to put together.

And it has 171 items.

You read that right, almost two hundred items all created for your countryside homestead.

Along with clothing, furniture, and poses, this set comes with tons of décor too: like a garden house, embroidery to display on your walls, inventive planters, antique seed box, baskets, and mason jars. There is truly too much to list.

There’s even an item index here that will allow you to browse the included items, as well as pick and choose what you want to download if you don’t want everything.


7. Maya Outdoor Set

Maya Outdoor Set / Sims 4 CC

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When my parents dug up the land around my childhood home to put in a driveway, they found a giant old wagon wheel preserved in the dirt.

We laid that wheel against our brick wall in front of the house and it stayed there for decades until one day it disappeared.

Needless to say, the wagon wheel surrounded by flowers caught my eye in this set. But the real impressive decor is the wooden beehive.

While it may be purely decorational, there are animated bees also included that you can place around the beehive to make it more realistic.


8. Custom Stuff Pack by Pyszny Design

Custom Stuff Pack / Sims 4 CC

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This pack has all you need to decorate your country kitchen to reflect your lifestyle.

There are counters, cabinets, chairs, sinks and tables, stoves, and fridges, but the real gems are the pieces of clutter included.

Everything in this set is maxis match too, so it will fit seamlessly into your builds – assuming you mainly use base game build and buy items of course.

Some highlights of this set are the bread box, bag of coffee beans and manual coffee grinder, butter churn decorated with sunflowers, and metal pots and pans stacked and decorated with flowers.


9. Decorative Farm Crops

Decorative Farm Crops / Sims 4 CC

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If you want to have a farm without any of the labor, this clutter set was made with you in mind.

Whether you don’t want any work to do with your crops or you just want to make your farmland look more bountiful, these plants are purely decorative and require no work.

The crops available in this set are three banana tree variations, cabbages, strawberries, and two types of corn stalks.


10. Matthew CC Set

Matthew Clutter Woodlands Set / Sims 4 CC

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If you’re going to be living out in the countryside, you’re going to need some wood for the cold winters.

This set will make you look prepared for the coming snow and low temps with its collection of wood cutting decor.

A bench, coffee table, end table, sawhorse, and an ax sticking out of a stump, all made out of wood and logs are the key furniture items in this set.

The pouf, cords of wood, sawdust, and wood boards are perfect to scatter about your woodworking station, where your sim can dream of cutting logs.


11. Windmills (Eco Living Required)

Windmills / Sims 4 CC

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While Eco Living is required for these windmills to work, it’s not required to decorate your land.

Scale these bad boys up (which can be done by pressing shift + ] as many times as you’d like) and use them as small planters or giant mills. The choice is yours.

This set also comes with a giant set of rotor blades to place on whichever building you want, so you can even design your own windmill.


12. Bramblefinch’s Edith Garden Clutter

Edith Garden Clutter / Sims 4 CC

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This cute set comes with a hanging chair, a cooler for those long days out in the fields, as well as some adorable pots painted with a darkened cityscape.

There are also some sacks of compost as well as a giant pile of compost sacks. Keep these near your garden so everyone knows your crops are not only well cared for, but also the best of the bunch.


13. Johnny Clutter Set

Johnny Clutter Set / Sims 4 CC

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A bright and colorful CC set like this is what your garden deserves amongst some beautiful flowers.

I especially love the vivid, wonky ladder that can be perched against your cottage walls.

Two different stacks of baskets can be placed around your garden to give the impression they’ll soon be ready to harvest, along with a matching watering can. You can also easily store your farming tools with the storage hooks equipped with a rake, shovel, sickle, and hoe.


14. Hay Bale Surface + Seating

Hay Bale Surface + Seating / Sims 4 CC

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Use these at your countryside wedding for seating, or simply lay these out by your barns so your cows and llamas may graze at their leisure.

Or you can build your own barn so your Sim can practice their woodworking, or whatever they do to pass their time on the farm. And of course, you’ll have to fill the loft with these bales of hay.


15. Outdoor 19 Deco Set

Outdoor 19 Deco Set / Sims 4 CC

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A water spigot, sticking right out of your home, is my favorite piece of clutter in this set.

Well, that and the industrial-styled shelf to place all the pots that come with this.

Leave your dirty spade wherever you please to add a touch of realism to your farmstead. After all, in what world is farming a clean and easy endeavor? You can also lean your gardening tools against a wall with the tools in this set.


16. French Quarter Hanging Plants

French Quarter Hanging Plants / Sims 4 CC

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If you feel like you’re lacking some beautiful blooms and plants in your countryside cottage, these will perk you and your Sims right up.

I love the window boxes and the hanging plants, and I like that you can mix and match the plant type with the style of planter.

Hanging plants always look so beautiful just outside a doorway. And these plants would be no exception.

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