Best Sims 4 Feminist CC & Mods (All Free)

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Betty Newbie. Penny Pizzazz. Or the iconic Bella Goth.

It’s been more than two decades since The Sims franchise debuted, and it continues to champion the strength and equality of womanhood.

From astronaut to president, The Sims taught me that no career or hobby should be gender-restricted.

It’s been so freeing to make my female Sims whatever they want to be. And while we’re still catching up in the real world, we can celebrate the power of women both inside and out of the game with some feminist-themed custom content.


8. Girls Power Dress Collection

Girls Power Dress Collection TS4 CC

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It’s never too early to teach girl power!

This Girls Power Dress Collection CC is the perfect introduction to feminism for your young Sims.

Creator PinkZombieSims offers four dresses for your child-aged Sims in a variety of fun & bold colors and patterns.

My favorites are the “Love UrSelife” and, of course, “Girl Power” dresses.


7. Girls Frames

Girls Frames for Sims 4

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There’s a serious lack of feminist decor for The Sims 4 out there.

So this find is a breath of fresh air.

With 16 unique images and four different swatches, this CC by Mony Sims features a pink and white themed collage, with sayings like ‘Girl Power’ and ‘Netflix is my Boyfriend’ (totally relatable).

If you don’t have any women-positive decor in your game, definitely check this one out.


6. Feminist Sweater

Feminist Sweater Sims 4 CC

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Less is More.

If your feminist Sim prefers a bold message to whimsical imagery, then this is the CC you’ve been looking for.

Gloomysun’s Feminist Sweater collection consists of three comfy solid black sweaters with equally important messages: ‘Equality,’ ‘I Am A Feminist’ and ‘Bad Ass!’

I could definitely see these in my feminist Sim’s outfit rotation.


5. Women’s Day

Women’s Day for Sims 4

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International Women’s Day comes once a year.

But your Sim can celebrate women every day with these colorful tops!

There’s a lot of variety in this three-top set by Quadradosims: it features a crop top sweater, a short sleeved shirt and a tank top with their own unique colors.

The black and purple “Fearless Feminist” tank alone is a must-have. But all three will make great additions to your CC folder.


4. Feminist Shirt

Feminist Shirt Sims 4 CC

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Are you a Maxis-Match only kinda Simmer?

Don’t worry about leaving this list empty-handed, because this feminist shirt collection was made with you in mind!

SimlishSweetie’s set has ten different designs, and you can choose between English text or a lore-friendly Simlish set.

They’re all awesome, but my personal favorites are ‘Feminism Is Not a Fad’ and ‘Mermaids For Equality.’


3. Feminist Booties

Feminist Booties Sims 4 CC screenshot

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If anyone says feminism and fashion don’t go together, just download these Feminist Booties to show them how wrong they are.

But seriously, RedHeadSim’s unique creation ties avant garde fashion with a strong feminist message: a fashionable pair of ankle booties (that come in 27 colors, by the way) with the word ‘feminist’ wrapped all over it.

Grab these for your fashion-forward feminist Sims – you won’t regret it!


2. The Feminism Collection

The Feminism Collection TS4 CC

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Let me introduce the holy grail of feminist decor.

The Feminism Collection CC set is a breathtaking set of decor items with colorful feminist messages that’ll compliment any Sim’s house or apartment.

With four items (frames, pillows, bed pillows and a blanket) and 15-20 swatches per item, the options feel almost endless.

Honestly, you have to see SpiritLee’s collection to believe it. Thank me later.


1. Feminism Trait

Feminism Trait Sims 4 CC

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Okay, you got me.

There’s no amount of decor or clothing that can make your sim feminist minded.

That’s why you need the Feminism Trait mod!

MarlynSim’s custom trait has been around for years, but received a major update in 2020.

With seven custom interactions and 13 unique buffs, this is the true feminist lifestyle thas your Sims have been looking for.

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