Sims 4 Floral Dress CC (All Free To Download)

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Floral dresses are chic, classic, and wonderfully versatile. They can be dressed up, down, and sideways.

But despite the universal appeal of floral designs, it still brings a lot of personality to whatever dress they grace.

Most floral dresses are inherently feminine – but whether they’re professional, romantic, rough-and-tumble, or free-spirit depends entirely on the dress.

And don’t even get me started on the floral bridesmaid dresses out there!

But of course, there are only a few floral clothing items in vanilla Sims 4. And you can forget about high quality or interesting ones. So once again, CC to the rescue.


1. Pure Sims Floral Print Dress

Pure Sims Floral Print Dress for The Sims 4

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I figured it would be best to put the Pure Sims sundress up front and center, since no list of floral dresses can truly be complete without at least one sundress.

And boy, does this sundress have everything you could ever want for a summer romp in the heat.

It’s casual and comfortable looking, without losing out on style. What more could you ask for?

It has a single swatch, which is a bit of a disappointment if you like customization. But the flowers themselves are almost painterly – so wearing this dress is like wearing little bunches of artwork.


2. Everyday Floral Dress

Everyday Floral Dress / TS4 CC

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This is another quick and easy choice, ideal for everyday wear.

Compared to the Pure Sims floral print dress mentioned above, this is another step further into casual territory.

It’s also thoroughly maxis-match, which can be a big plus when all you want is to add an extra floral dress without feeling forced to revamp your entire sim’s design. There’s nothing worse than finding the exact CC you were looking for, and then realizing it will look horrifically out of place in your game.

Unfortunately, it only offers a single swatch in black, red, and blue-green.

At least it’s a good one!


3. Josephine Dress

Josephine Dress / Sims 4 CC

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Okay, I’ll admit this dress isn’t strictly a floral dress.

In fact, most of its swatches aren’t floral.

But with a solid 6 floral swatches and a dress style that lends well to the floral patterns, I couldn’t resist.

It’s cute, a little ditsy, and oh-so-charming.

I can perfectly imagine it in the hands of a scholastic bookworm or in the closet of a fashion forward gardener.

But honestly, it could fit anyone in between. That’s how good it is!

And if you happen to be feeling a little less in the mood for floral one day (I know, shocker), you can easily use one of the 29 other swatches.


4. Adore Floral Dress

Adore Floral Dress CC for The Sims 4

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This dress is exactly the kind of thing you’d find in Barbie’s limitless wardrobe, except it’s infinitely less tacky (sorry, Barbie).

It’s the princess dress of your dreams.

This comes with a gorgeous silk fabric, an open back, and a whimsically perfect adornment of roses. And although it has only one swatch, it’s a great one!

Now the only challenge is finding an occasion that demands that much flowery glamour. We wouldn’t want anyone else feeling inadequate, would we?


5. Flower Dress BD115

Flower Dress BD115 / TS4 CC

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Keeping with the princess dress theme, CC creator busra-tr’s flower dress is a modern medieval masterpiece.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t old-fashioned in the slightest.

It also isn’t really reminiscent of actual historical dresses.

But the gorgeous sleeves remind me of medieval costume design, and the royal charm is definitely undeniable!

Unlike the Adore floral dress, it actually has multiple swatches to choose from (10 to be exact), and they’re in softer tones.

On the other hand, it’s well-suited for spring wear – just like its predecessor.


6. Chloem’s Flower Dress

Chloem’s Flower Dress / Sims 4 CC

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If there was one downfall of floral prints, it would be that they can sometimes come across as immature- especially in designs that are absolutely coated in flowers.

Chloems’ flower dress has no such problem.

It uses flowers elegantly but conservatively in the bottom trim and along the top.

But what sets it apart even more than its expert use of negative space is the sophisticated, grown-up cut of the dress, which allows it to be worn in a totally different way than the dresses before it.


7. Wild Sun Dress

Wild Sun Dress for The Sims 4

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This dress is for sims who actually like flowers and natural aesthetics, and not just floral prints (although I understand either way).

With 16 swatches, you can drop the pretenses and the pretension of some of the other dresses on this list, and really play up the “wild and free” vibes.

It’s a little hippy in style, but with graceful and soothing color combos – exactly what a nature loving sim would love to have in their wardrobe.

It’s also one of those dresses that you can wear in a casual or an upscale environment without it ever losing its charm.


8. Giselle Summer Dress

Giselle Summer Dress / Sims 4 CC

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If you’re familiar with FreePeople, then you might recognize the Giselle summer dress as a popular real-world dress that was released a couple years ago by the brand.

Anessasims decided to recreate it after they couldn’t purchase an actual one.

Knowing what the prices of some FreePeople clothes are, I definitely understand their pain.

This labor of love is not only shockingly similar to the original, but it’s available in 31 swatches (yes, you read that right).

Even if you’ve never seen the original or heard of the brand, it’s still a great addition to your sim’s digital closet.


9. Rusty Nail Sunflower Dress

Rusty Nail Sunflower Dress for The Sims 4

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If you’re looking for something a little louder and a lot brighter, then sunflowers are your best option.

Although sunflowers aren’t as dainty as your miniature roses or your pretty pink pansies, they’re still drop-dead gorgeous and they have a cheerful disposition (sunny, even) that’s hard to beat.

There’s also something to be said about wearing flowers that aren’t quite as ‘delicate’.

Sure, sunflowers are pretty.

But they’re symbols of power, honesty, and faithfulness to the sun more than they are a symbol of beauty.

Meaning they’re perfect for sims who want to make a real statement.


10. Floral Dress Set

Floral Dress Set / TS4 CC

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Outfit sets and co-ords are a breath of fashionable fresh air in the world of fashion, and often a literal one for your midriff.

This floral two-piece is the same thing, but for The Sims 4.

Although it’s just as casual as a sundress, it’s way more visually interesting – and frankly, a lot of people would argue that they’re even more comfortable.

Is your sim that kind of person?

It comes in 3 swatches, which differ not only in color schemes but also in patterns.

Even though there are only a few options, they do a great job of covering many possibilities!

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