Futuristic Sims 4 CC: Furniture, Clothing, Mods & More

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If you’re a fan of sci-fi stories, futuristic events, and crazy hundreds-of-years-from-now theories, then you probably want to translate that love over to your Sims 4 game.

Whether it’s an integral part of your gameplay narrative, or whether you just want a futuristic photoshoot for funsies, either way the TS4 CC community has got your back – and then some.

Here’s some of my picks for the best future-themed CAS CC items and Build/Buy stuff that’ll send your spacey heart a-flutter.

Let’s start with the CAS stuff.


Futuristic CAS CC


1. Spacer by _Simalicious_

Spacer by _Simalicious_ for Sims 4

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Why do we assume the future is chrome?

No idea.

But we definitely do. Because I saw this awesome Spacer suit by _Simalicious_ and I was like, yep—that’s totally future fashion.

And you can’t tell me that this skin-tight, ultra-shiny, and super-loud jumpsuit isn’t something people from the future would consider couture. Because it totally is.

The rhinestone-studded belt and overall simple-yet-stylish vibe just sells it further.

This is totally the kind of outfit that looks like it’d have minor tech sewn into the fabric or something.

And by that I mean it’s perfect (for this theme).

If you’re building an alien city or a space station, this is the kind of thing your townies should be wearing.

This Spacer CC comes in 8 different colors, and they’re all some variation of light blue and gun-metal grey.


2. Space Armor by plazasims

Space Armor by plazasims Sims 4 CC

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It’s genuinely a crying shame that this Space Armor by plazasims is only for females, because it’s hands-down one of the best space-tech custom outfits I’ve seen for The Sims 4.

Inspired by Mass Effect (another pretty popular video game from EA; maybe you’ve heard?), these suits of armor genuinely look like stuff Future!

Sims would wear to look fabulous and fashionable while fighting intergalactic beings and shutting down interstellar portals and stuff.

The execution is, without a doubt, fantastic.

It even comes with a neat headpiece! Said headpiece is available in blue, purple, and muted green, and it can be found in Head Accessories.

The suit itself comes in 2 designs, and each design has 3 color options, for a total of 6 variations.


3. Cyberpunk Set TS3 to 4 by Natalia-Auditore

Cyberpunk Set TS3 to 4 by Natalia-Auditore TS4 CC

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Gentlemen, worry not.

The Female Sims may have their Space Armor, but TS4 content creator Natalia-Auditore has got your back with this Males-only Cyberpunk Set outfit, a conversion from TS3 to TS4.

Your guys will look futuristic and fleek with this high-tech, semi-cyborgian situation.

You’ve got the metal armor, the lines of light, oddly-placed diodes and ports all up the arms… it’s the whole shebang. And it looks awesome.

It may not be strictly marketed as futuristic, but you can’t tell me this isn’t the sort of fashion we all dream we’ll be rocking in the year 3000 or so.

Comes in 6 color options, but the boots are – sadly – not included.


4. Strange Alien Cyber-Head by Zaneida & The Sims 4

Strange Alien Cyber-Head by Zaneida & The Sims 4 screenshot

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I know this isn’t a list of alien/universe Sims 4 CC (you’d want this list right here), but I think we all (unconsciously) believe that galactic, other-planetary beings are going to live among us eventually.

Give it 100 years or 1,000 years, the distant future we see for the world in general involves space, space travel, and yep; aliens.

With that out of the way, let’s check out this nifty cyber-alien head.

It’s actually a custom hairstyle made by Zaneida & The Sims 4, and it matches the color of your skin.

Which pretty much means there’s only one universal variation.

And I think it matches even custom skin colors, if the preview photos are anything to go by. But I can’t be too sure.

I tested it using the light-grey skin tone overlaid with Pralinesims’s Dysfunction Chromatus Skin (which I’ll cover next) and the hair/head took on a silver-chrome-y color.

It was pretty neat!


5. Dysfunction Chromatus Skin by Pralinesims

Dysfunction Chromatus Skin by Pralinesims for Sims 4

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Like I said, the future is chrome.

But with custom skin details this shiny, I can’t complain.

The Dysfunction Chromatus Skin by Pralinesims basically acts as a skin overlay or skin detail that gives whatever skin tone you’re using a metallic sheen.

There are two versions: one clean, and one with robotic seams.

It looks a little weird with normal human skin tones. But it looks excellent on the greys.

I also found it to look interesting and a little alien-y when I slapped it onto the green and blue skin colors.

Highly recommend combining this with RemusSirion’s Cyborg Eyes (which is coming up next) and Natalia-Auditore’s Cyberpunk Accs (which is coming after that) for a really cool Ai robot look. This is a skin detail, so it won’t clash with the Cyborg Eyes (Facepaint) and the Cyberpunk Accs (Head Accessories), anyway.


6. Cyborg Eyes by RemusSirion

Cyborg Eyes by RemusSirion Sims 4 CC

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If you want something that shows a more subtle blend of man and machine, then RemusSirion’s Cyborg Eyes might be right up your alley.

This CC is a set of 21 different custom eyes that’ll make your Sim look like they’re constantly scanning the area, or locking on to targets (especially with the eyes that have glowing red pupils).

It’s also interesting to note that these cyborg eyes are a little more human than machine.

In fact, take away the glowing pupils and you’ve got a pretty regular-looking human (Sim?) eye that maybe has colored contacts in.

The creator does mention in their description that they purposefully did these cyborg eyes different from the usual mecha eye, so there’s that explanation at least.

I personally prefer how it very closely resembles human features with just the tiniest hint of something off.

I find it a little more unnerving this way.


7. Cyberpunk Accs by Natalia-Auditore

Cyberpunk Accs by Natalia-Auditore TS4 CC

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Complete your AI robot look with these awesome futuristic facial accessories from Natalia-Auditore.

Cyberpunk Accs is a set of robotic-looking seams for the arms, face, and back.

From delicate refined lines dotted with small ports, to a full-on jaw-and-clavicle piece that would make one think of a rampaging terminator, there are plenty of options for your digitally-generated, mechanically-modified, technologically-upgraded Sim.

The face and head accessories look especially awesome paired with grey or green skin – maybe overlaid with Pralinesims’ Dysfunction Chromatus Skin CC.

You could even throw in RemusSirion’s Cyborg Eyes for some true genetically-modified AI feels.

But if that doesn’t work with your narrative, don’t worry; the relative subtlety of the pieces makes them just as appealing on regular-colored Sim skin, too.


8. DSF Holographic Computer Bracelet by DanSimsFantasy

DSF Holographic Computer Bracelet by DanSimsFantasy for Sims 4

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Clearly, awesome wearables will still be a thing in the future.

One can only hope they’ll look as sleek and as fashionable as DanSimsFantasy’s Holographic Computer Bracelet.

Very Totally Spies!-esque, especially given the model used for the preview photo.

Don’t worry, though – it’s unisex.

Suave Male Sims from the future, you can use it, too.

There are 9 color options in total, and it translates pretty well from CAS to live gameplay.

But I do recommend keeping your graphic settings just a little high to get the full holographic-gradient effect.

On Laptop Mode, it sometimes looks like just an oddly-colored flat block attached to your Sim’s wrist.

Other than that, this accessory’s perfect.


9. Discover University: Tech Glasses by pixl monster

Discover University: Tech Glasses by pixl monster Sims 4 CC

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Now this, I had to include.

These awesome custom glasses by pixl monster are exactly how I (and I’m sure many others) envision wearable tech will look a hundred years from now: colorful, holograph-y, and decked out in lines of code.

These Discover University: Tech Glasses genuinely look like they could sweep a room and identify all potential threats in seconds.

They also look like a science geek’s biggest wet dream come true.

But I digress.

These glasses definitely hail from the future. And they’re the perfect facial accessory to tie together any sort of futuristic -sci-fi outfit you’re building.

And this CC comes in 30 different colors too, so you’re bound to find a color that frames your Sim’s face perfectly.

Do note, however, that you’ll need The Sims 4: Discover University pack for these glasses to show!


10. Future Suit by Genius

Future Suit by Genius for Sims 4

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Okay, so…

The future is, apparently, just as skintight as it is chrome.

I’ve picked four or five Sim outfits with a futuristic flair for this article. And let me tell you, most of them – especially the ones for our darling females – are tight.

As in, hug-the-body, skim-the-curves tight.

Can’t really complain, though, since my Sim looked hella fabulous in this one-piece, super-shine spandex affair.

It looks like your standard black cat suit, only it’s got these distinct lines of colored light all over the arms, thighs, and torsos.

Ever seen Tron? It’s a little reminiscent of that effect.

That is to say that I think this Future Suit by Genius is really, really cool. It’s also unisex, and available in 8 color flavors.


11. [FIXED!] NIVA – Jumpsuit by Helsoseira

[FIXED!] NIVA – Jumpsuit by Helsoseira Sims 4 CC

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Once again, if you’re thinking future, skin-tight is the way to go.

Helsoseira’s NIVA – Jumpsuit CC combines cat suit and chrome to create a gorgeous silver one-piece that’s high-tech and high-fashion.

It’s a little like _Simlicious_’s Spacer suit, only with more bells and whistles.

I’m talking circuit board patterns, wide silver straps with faded hexagonal print, and what look like raised diodes all over the lower torso.

As with pixl monster’s Tech Glasses and DanSimsFantasy’s Holographic Computer Bracelet, this jumpsuit looks like wearable smart tech.

I can guarantee that there’s no other Sims 4 CC quite like it.

And if I’m being honest, I absolutely adore the details. I think it gives the outfit some much-needed dimension.


Futuristic Build/Buy CC


12. SATA Slumber – Bedding for Binaries by hamburgercakes

SATA Slumber – Bedding for Binaries by hamburgercakes TS4 CC

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How cute is this name? No seriously.

Bedding for Binaries is the kind of brand name that would make me stop and take a look at the merch.

And I don’t even like math.

Barring the name’s marketability, the concept for these custom beds alone earned them a spot on this list.

They’re basically solid black singles and doubles decked out in neon, high-tech, space-age-y designs. Circuits, hexagons, diodes, lines of light … you’ve got 6 different patterns to snuggle under, each available in 4 neon colors: green, blue, purple, pink.

Really, who knew techy stuff could be made comfortable?


13. Alien City by soloriya

Alien City by soloriya for Sims 4

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Need to populate your Sims-ified Mars Space Station with lots of funky, futuristic-looking buildings stat? Look no further.

This is a concept I never even realized existed in the Sims 4 CC community. But I am definitely here for it.

Decorative buildings; who knew? Not me, apparently.

This CC pack contains five towers (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter), three houses (Earth, Venus, and Uranus), one Infinity Bridge, and a UFO—for a grand total of 10 sleek, shiny, and otherworldly buildings.

These full-size structures can be placed down in lots like décor items, and they can be moved, slotted, and resized as needed to fit your narrative.

The build quality is excellent, the designs are unarguably futuristic (even though they all sort of look like contemporary art pieces), and having them in your mods folder saves you from having to painstakingly build multiple alien towers yourself.

Basically no downside to this one.


14. Into The Future Conversions Stuff Pack by BulldozerIvan

The Sims 4 Into the Future Conversions Stuff Pack by BulldozerIvan TS4 CC

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If you were around long enough playing The Sims 3, then you probably remember the pretty iconic The Sims 3: Into the Future expansion pack.

(I mean, it may not be as iconic as The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats stuff pack, but it was definitely more positively received.)

The Into the Future pack, as you can guess, basically added a lot of futuristic, space-age-themed stuff to the game.

This included a Time Portal, an Almanac of Time, jet packs, food replicators (instead of stoves), plus a new futuristic tech-riddled world, and even a friendly time traveler named Emit Relevart.

It added a lot of new Skills and some Careers, too, which greatly increased its replay value.

And just to hit sappy old Sims players (like me) with a nostalgia bomb, BulldozerIvan’s CC pack brings the Into the Future aesthetic into The Sims 4 with some high-quality Build/Buy object conversions.

Remember the futurist high chair? The circuit line wallpaper? The crazy solar panel flooring?

It’s all here – completely converted and looking gorgeous in Sims 4 gameplay.


15. Eco Futuristic Set by soloriya

Eco Futuristic Set by soloriya Sims 4 CC

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Sims CC creator soloriya is well-known for their kick-ass, high-quality furniture and décor. And this Eco Futuristic Set promises to be another housewarming winner.

There are 13 pieces of furniture/décor in the whole pack. And they’re all some really cool variation of hexagonal shaped stuff, beehive-structured, or sleek & clean lines.

You only have to look at the preview photos to see just how incredible everything looks.

Curtains made of compact discs, infinity shelving, floating polygonal storage, a bookcase made of overlapping rectangles… there’s no doubt soloriya pulled the concept off perfectly.

Everything comes with several different color variations and are in the $50 to $200-ish price range.


16. Futuristic Set by solariya

Futuristic Set by solariya for Sims 4

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Whereas the previous Eco Futuristic Set was more hexagons, beehives, and overlapping polygons, this other Futuristic Set (yep—they’ve got another one!) seems to follow the theme of rounded edges and unfinished, open-ended shapes.

You’ve got chairs that look like upside-down 2s. And desks that resemble flat – and incredibly angled – Cs.

Plus barstool seats made of three connected circles.

It’s a little funkier and little less cohesive than the other set. But that doesn’t make this CC pack any less attractive.

I especially love the decorative portholes; definitely something a space-loving geek would use in their bedroom.

The items here are a little pricier than the Eco Futuristic Set, so they might not be the best choice for starter homes or budget challenges.

But if you’re using good old motherlode, you can definitely buy the whole set!


17. Facet Geometric Kitchen Set by soloriya

Facet Geometric Kitchen Set by soloriya TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Like I said; soloriya makes awesome Buy/Build CC.

So yes, they are on this list three times. But with good reason.

Unlike the previous two items, this Facet Geometric Kitchen Set isn’t marketed specifically as futuristic.

In fact, the creator describes the pieces as “modern contemporary,” designed to bring “more comfort into [the] homes of your alien Sims.”

And there we go.

Whatever they meant by alien, I assure you that the décor items in this set match.

Aside from the hopelessly adorable alien cupcake (which your Sim can own for the starter-home price of $50), all the items in this pack can be either uber-contemporary-slash-abstract art pieces that are fully functional, or high-tech, intergalactic, other-planetary kitchen implements.

Either way, it’s all good stuff that I guarantee will work for your spacey builds.


18. Sci-Fi Bedroom Set by Mimoto-sims

Sci-Fi Bedroom Set by Mimoto-sims Sims 4 CC

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This is my first time encountering this Sims 4 CC creator, and I gotta say – color me impressed!

Mimoto-sims’ Sci-Fi Bedroom Set is basically a pack of decorative items made to look like different pieces of furniture, like beds and shelves and archways and stuff.

So they’re not functional.

But they are incredibly well-done.

Like, the visual quality of each item goes above and beyond what I’m used to seeing – even by Alpha CC standards.

You can totally use these pieces to build movie-set-like backgrounds, locations, and situations.

Not very practical for actual gameplay. But for photoshoots and videos? Heck yes.

The preview photos alone should already give you an idea of the pack’s overall quality. I mean seriously, I saw them and was 100% sold right away.


19. Sci-Fi Corridor by Mimoto-sims

Sci-Fi Corridor by Mimoto-sims TS4 CC

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If you’ve got a bedroom, then you’ve (apparently) got a corridor leading up to said bedroom.

And it deserves to be every bit as grungy, futuristic, and – dare I say it? – post-apocalyptic.

Made by the same CC creator of the previous entry, this corridor CC makes an excellent backdrop for any sci-fi, space-age, technology-ruling, humanity-endangered-type storyline set on some kinda spaceship (or spacey bunker).

Like the Sci-Fi Bedroom set, Mimoto-sims’ Sci-Fi Corridor CC pack contains 12 purely decorative items that you can place, resize, and move around to build the intergalactic infrastructure of your dreams.

And just like the previous CC pack, the quality of each piece here is incredibly detailed.

It’s a right shame that it can’t be used as actual archways and flooring. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that it all photographs extremely well.


20. Study Future by ShinoKCR

Study Future by ShinoKCR Sims 4 CC

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Soloriya’s Eco Futuristic Set was all geometrical patterns and overlapping shapes, while their Futuristic Set followed a more colorful-contemporary-artwork vibe.

Well this awesome CC pack by ShinoKCR beautifully combines post-modern edges with minimalist lines and muted-chrome colors to create an expensive-looking futuristic study—for the elite, tasteful, technology-driven Sim.

Seriously, the pieces in this set are gorgeous.

You can create high-end enclosed booths (for Sims who want a little privacy), communal reading areas (with attractively asymmetrical end tables), and standalone chrome desks that are decked to the nines with newfangled tech and holograms.

It introduces 14 new items for you to play with, making it one of the more extensive CC packs here (which we can always appreciate).

Best part is that it’s quite versatile.

You could absolutely reuse these pieces to fit a contemporary, modern, or post-modern style study area—and they would totally work.

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