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I must admit, I’m surprised not just by the amount of Givenchy custom content that’s out there, but also by what a wide range is available as well.

Simmers clearly enjoy a rich lifestyle of luxury.

And there’s no way to get there faster and easier than with The Sims 4.

With just a simple cheat, your Sim could have enough Simoleons to get them anything they want for a lifetime. And once they have their massive mansion and the most expensive things build/buy mode can provide, you’ll need them to look the part.

Those run-of-the-mill clothes we have now won’t do, no no. You’ll need things of taste, and of course designer clothes are the way to go.

Givenchy is loved by people around the world: celebrities and non-famous people alike. And now your Sim can join them!


1. Givenchy Male Shirt

Givenchy Male Shirt for Sims 4

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First up, we have something pretty simple for guys.

Nothing says “don’t mess with me” quite like a $700 t-shirt.

Yes, you read that right.

Now isn’t that the kind of lavish life you want your Sim to have? He won’t even have to pay a dime.

These tees from bukovka bring a fashionable look, and overall are definitely different from the base game shirts. You can feel the expensiveness!

Or maybe it’s just that Givenchy brand name. Oh well. It all has the same effect, and that’s what you really need.


2. Givenchy Shark Tooth Sandals

Givenchy Shark Tooth Sandals TS4 CC

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For many women, high heels give them a feeling of power and strength unlike anything else.

From the sound they make on hard surfaces to the effect of suddenly being four or five inches taller, there’s no doubt heels can be very empowering.

Especially if they’re designer.

Your Sim will look as though she’d fit right in on the runway or at a Hollywood party with these ones.

There’s a gold-toned option as well as a bold black, to suit your Sim’s needs no matter the occasion.


3. Givenchy Black Dress

Givenchy Black Dress Sims 4 CC

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Ah, now we’re getting to the heart of Givenchy:

Starpower, elegance, and high fashion.

This dress is a recreation of the very same one Nicole Kidman wore to the Golden Globes.

It’s so well done that your Sim is guaranteed to look every bit as gorgeous and graceful as she did.

It’s a long, dark dress with a mesh, slightly sheer top portion. This is a huge step up from those same base game dresses you have probably used over and over, and will take your Sim’s formal attire to a whole new level.


4. Givenchy Laced Pumps

Givenchy Laced Pumps for Sims 4

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From the same creator who brought us the Shark Tooth Sandals from earlier comes some incredible pumps.

These also have a high, skinny heel, as well as closed, slightly pointed toes.

Together, they make quite a classic look.

One that always has been (and always will be) timeless for generations of ladies.

However, the laced effect and scale-like texture have given them a modern twist.


5. Givenchy Male Tops

Givenchy Male Tops TS4 CC

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Now we’re back to some stuff for the guys, and it’s shirts again.

For a look that’s so inherently casual, something about the Givenchy name will make you forget that for a while.

There are 16 swatches here featuring the Givenchy name or some of their signature tees. They have realistic shadowing and wrinkled effects, and the front will slightly tuck into your Sim’s pants.

With shirts like these, it’ll be so easy to turn your Sim into a well-dressed fashion God in no time.

Just pair them with nice pants, great shoes, and maybe accessories like a watch or sunglasses, and boom: they’ll be unstoppable.

Because looking good is a shortcut to feeling good, too!


6. Givenchy Tracksuit

Givenchy Tracksuit Sims 4 CC

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Given the rise of athleisure, it’s no surprise the luxury fashion brands have cornered that market too.

Besides, we’re due for some new tracksuits in this game. The ones we have became my defaults for elderly Sims, and now I just can’t go back.

After this, you may not be able to return from using non-designer tracksuits. You’ve been warned.

But something this cool and suave is hard to turn away from!

It has a jacket with a cropped top, and the Givenchy name on the arm. The pants have a matching such stripe, and combined, they look pretty amazing.


7. Toddler Givenchy Shirts

Toddler Givenchy Shirts for Sims 4

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Why dress your toddler in OshKosh B’gosh when they can be running around in Givenchy tees?

I think the potential for matching fancy family outfits is quite strong here.

Any toddler will look adorable in these four tops, available for both males and females.

They probably have no grasp of luxury, but you will. And it’s sure fun to see a little kid in designer clothing.

Maybe a little strange once the cute factor wears off and you have to plop them on a potty like any other toddler, but still fun.


8. Givenchy Satin & Lace Blouse

Givenchy Satin & Lace Blouse TS4 CC

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Satin and lace go together like, well…. satin and lace.

There is no accurate comparison that can be made to such a beautiful combination.

In fashion, these two things are utilized by all of the top brands, just because it’s such a sought-after effect.

Just look at this blouse and how the black floral pattern contrasts against the satin. Wow!

This top also has a zipper front and a cuffed waist and wrists just for an added bit of chic.


9. Givenchy Stars Shirt

Givenchy Stars Shirt Sims 4 CC

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Rather than another tee, your male Sims now have the option of a Givenchy button-up.

And we all know there’s nothing more dashing or handsome than a button up.

This is another one based on real designs, too.

Givenchy seems to have a bit of a thing about stars, and anything you do will become iconic if you’re one of the biggest fashion houses in the world.

Simple patterns will be seen as bold and dapper, just like this top.

It comes in five swatches of white, light blue, dark blue, black, or red, with the stars always either white or black.


10. Givenchy Embellished Chiffon Top

Givenchy Embellished Chiffon Top for Sims 4

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At first glance, you may be confused why anyone would want to wear a shirt with the word “PERVERT” on it in all caps.

But it’s what Nicki Minaj wore in one of her music videos.

And it’s Givenchy, so that automatically makes it iconic and stylish.

Hey, that’s just how it is. I don’t make the rules.

Are there actually any rules? Not really.

This is just a cool top, and I’m always impressed by the things Simmers manage to recreate.

I have no idea how this creator made the chiffon effect, but it’s pretty accurate!

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