Best Sims 4 Gnome CC & Mods (All Free)

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It seems like gnomes have, oddly enough, always been around.

Where in the world did they come from? I’m sure the answer has to do with folk tales or something, but how did they become one of the most popular yard sculptures, both in real life and the Sims?

I’m sure the answer is out there, but I don’t think I want to know. I don’t want to tempt them.

They almost burned my Sim’s house down during Harvestfest because I didn’t give them pie, so… it’s probably best to just stop asking questions.

When gnomes aren’t being sinister, they’re actually very cute and whimsical. And they really do have a certain charm to them, which makes them a great decoration both inside and outside of your Sim’s home.


1. Toddler Gnome Costume

Toddler Gnome Costume CC for TS4

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Dressing toddlers up as gnomes might be among the cutest and most brilliant ideas I’ve ever seen.

These CAS items from sweetformysims has made those classic pointy hats, boots, and blue tops available for your Sim’s kiddos.

I think there are so many fun ideas possible here. Especially in the springtime, this costume would make for some great photo opportunities!


2. Gnome Hat

Gnome Hat CC for The Sims 4

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Your adult Sims can show their admiration for the gnome life too, with this hat and beard piece from thatrayleen.

The mysterious allure of the gnome strikes again.

It’s crazy how cute this will make any Sim look.

Between this and the toddler outfit, you could have a whole family of gnomes. That would certainly be something different.

There are a lot of ways you could have fun in build mode with that, too.

But just this hat (and beard) alone are enough for a Sim and gnome mashup.


3. Angry Gnome Mod

Angry Gnome Mod for The Sims 4

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If happy and quirky gnomes aren’t your thing, you’ll love this mod from Bakie that makes them angry.

And it’s not just an emotion; this comes complete with animations and an on-off switch in case you ever do get tired of the bad-tempered gnome in your garden. Too bad we all don’t have that.

When you turn the animation on, steam will come out of your gnome’s ears in continuous clouds. It looks absolutely amazing, and you can even preview the effect for yourself.

I think this gnome might actually be more menacing than the ones that came with Seasons. They’re very upfront about their anger and will infiltrate your house, break your electronics and whatnot.

This one just stands there watching. Plotting. Putting his anger on display.

This is one of the coolest, most well-made deco items I think I’ve ever seen.


4. Lady Gnome

Lady Gnome Decor CC for The Sims 4

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I can’t believe it has never occurred to me that all gnomes are male. Seriously, what’s up with that?

Whether it’s stories, movies, or The Sims, there are no girl gnomes to be found.

Well, your garden no longer has to be an all-male gnome bachelor pad. This lady gnome will be a very cute addition.

She brings a new look; it’s definitely not just a male one with the beard removed and long hair, which is good. Lady Gnome even wears a dress, and has a very kind face.


5. Fair-Weather Friend

Gnomes For All Seasons - TS4 CC

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Now your gnomes can stay out year round, thanks to javabeandreams!

One option includes some adorable Christmas sweaters, which is just a brilliant idea. The gnomes will fit into any holiday display like that. No more having to put them in the family inventory until spring.

And speaking of spring, the creator has got you covered there too – there’s also a raincoat and boot outfit option as well!

I know we’re all used to seeing them in those belted outfits, but this is a really cool change of pace. Don’t the gnomes deserve to be dressed appropriately, no matter the weather?

The way they act sometimes, maybe not. But they look so cute in raincoats and sweaters, I’ll let it slide.


6. The Secret Life of Gnomes Painting

Secret Life of Gnomes Painting - TS4 CC

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For when you want the whimsy of gnomes without sticking their bulbous little forms all over your house, TitusLinde has got your back.

These paintings are really heartwarming.

I don’t know if there’s a certain name for this style, but it reminds me a lot of the illustrated books I read as a kid. The images just radiate innocence and fairy tale.

Something about seeing gnomes interacting with animals is so pure. You know these guys have never ruined anyone’s house.

They’re just so comforting, and will definitely make your Sim’s home a little cozier.


7. Sweater Gnomes

Sweater Gnomes CC Design - Sims 4

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Can a toddler ever have enough sweaters? No way.

And especially not enough gnome sweaters.

This is another really folksy CC design. That gnome’s little face buried in a beard is so lovable.

Some of these are geared towards the holidays, but honestly the ones with the lantern and candle will work for any gnome fan year round.


8. Gnomes Nursery Wall

Gnomes Nursery Wallpaper CC - Sims 4

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Get your Sim’s kids acquainted with these fellows early on with this wallpaper from Pinkzombiecupcakes.

This really is such a perfect idea for a nursery theme, I’m surprised I couldn’t find some gnome furniture.

Wallpaper is certainly a good start, though.

The design of these gnomes is really friendly. And your baby, toddler, or child will feel like they have a hundred little bearded friends looking out for them.

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