Best Sims 4 Goatee Facial Hair CC

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Facial hair is an important part of self-expression and style, just like the hair on one’s head or their clothing.

I mean, that’s a big decision for a guy: to decide whether they should go the clean shaved route or grow out a full beard.

Luckily there’s a great in-between option for those who want to look masculine without going all ZZ Top, and that’s the goatee.

Many variations exist for a slightly different look. But as a whole, it’s all about the chin and mustache area.

Forget those cheeks and jaws, they must be left with little to no hair for the style to be considered a goatee. And for Sims, that’s actually a positive, even more than with real people.

Sims aren’t as physically nuanced as humans. So for them, goatees will actually accentuate their jaw line.

That’s a must when making a handsome Sim, of course.

Just don’t go too far and turn him into Handsome Squidward. Even a goatee can’t save him then.

But for those times when you think your Sim’s face looks a little too plain, the goatee is there for you. And so are the Simmers who have created so many custom types to try.


No Soul Goatee

No Soul Goatee CC for The Sims 4

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Having no soul is usually not a desirable trait, but it may be in CAS.

Wouldn’t it be fun if that was an actual personality trait?

Yeah, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. This creation simply removed the soul patch from the base game facial hair preset, leaving your Sim with just a slight bit of hair along their chin.

This is like a minimalism goatee.

Very subtle and straightforward.

Maybe it’s just me, but man, the chin sure gives me fits when I’m tryin to make a new Sim.

They’re nearly impossible to get just right. If you feel the same, then this is the perfect solution!

But even if you are a master chin-sculptor, this will be a nice new option to have on hand.


Bushy Goatee

Bushy Goatee / Sims 4 CC

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Here’s a new option that’s much less subtle than the last one.

These bushy goatees are in your face, bold, and dashing.

Two styles are included here:

One has a mustache, and one does not. What they both have in common is that gloriously thick goatee, and the texture is fantastic.

If you’re familiar with CC then you may recognize the name Necrodog. He’s a very talented creator – so it should come as no surprise that these goatees from him are true gems.

They’re simple edits based on base game meshes, but even the smallest changes can have a huge impact when it comes to hair.

Anyone who has ever tried to trim their own knows that personally.


Pierre’s Pretty Goatee

Pierre’s Pretty Goatee / TS4 CC

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Creators are good at giving their CC accurate names.

This goatee is indeed pretty, and quite detailed as well.

Most hair in this game has a certain look where it all blends together. For lengthier hairstyles, that’s a must to maintain the style of The Sims 4, which never gets too realistic.

However, this goatee is short and stubbly – and as a result, the texture is just perfect.

You can practically feel the roughness of this handsome fellow’s bristly goatee right from home!

It’s well-groomed, not a hair out of place, perfect for any Sim who would be the type to take good care of their appearance.


Ja Goatee

Ja Goatee for The Sims 4

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This is another brand new design from the same creator who made Pierre’s Pretty Goatee.

It’s one of the more expanded types of goatees you’ll see, with a faded stubble effect along the jaw, a dash of a soul patch, and a thinner mustache.

Everything is as flawless here, as with the goatee above, from the edges to the texture itself.

This is the kind of thing real guys would flock to a barber shop for – with regular visits thereafter to maintain the look.

But your Sims can rock this from the time they’re a teen, all the way through being an elder with no upkeep. And probably as a ghost after that.

Don’t you just love living vicariously through pixelated people? Their lives are so much easier!


Iron Man, Iron Man

Iron Man Facial Hair / Sims 4 CC

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Everybody wants to feel like a superhero now and again.

And the first step to that is to look like one.

This facial hair from Starkknaked is modeled after the goatee of Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, and it’s basically an exact replica.

Yet I never noticed what a unique style this is until I saw it on a Sim.

It’s an undeniably rugged look with sharp edges and a great texture.

The hair is very tidy for both the mustache and chin areas, and the space between them is perfectly clean shaven.

Yes, a Sim can be both rugged and neat.

The world of grooming is one big contradiction. But one thing that’s certain is you’ll get a lot of use out of this if you’re a fan of goatees!

It looks great for any hair style or facial structure.

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