Best Goth & Emo CC For The Sims 4 (Clothes + Style Mods)

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Goth fashion may be a pretty clear-cut style. But there’s no denying that it’s evolved and adapted over time.

Sure, you still have chicks rocking a corset and guys making the guy-liner and dark lipstick work. But in the 40 or so years that the subculture came to be, there have been a lot of modern twists and takes on the signature black-red-and-lace ensemble.

So whether you’re building an emo teenager, or you’re trying to make Bella Goth live up to her family name, here are some awesome TS4 CC pieces that an emo or emotionally gothic Sim would love.



1. Gothic Corset & Skirt for Sims 4 by Annett

Gothic Corset & Skirt for Sims 4 by Annett Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

I’m starting this list off with a Goth Girl classic; corsets and full-length skirts. This Gothic Corset & Skirt for Sims 4 by Annett is an excellent two-for-one (or should it be six-for-three?) combo since the corsets and skirts can be worn separately.

So you can mix, match, and essentially customize a gothic dress to suit your Sim’s palette.

Prefer to wear the corset with pants? Totally doable.

Would rather pair the skirt with a rocking top? That’s okay, too.

Goth fashion is all about distinctiveness and identity (in very dark colors), so you do you, Simmer. You do you.

Quick note regarding the download page. The main Download button leads to a 4shared page that’s been taken down. Don’t worry; you can still access this TS4 CC via the OneDrive link.


2. Giruto 43 Long Sleeves Layer Tee by Studio K-Creation

Giruto 43 Long Sleeves Layer Tee by Studio K-Creation TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Hear me out.

I recognize that this style is more punk than it is goth. Heck, it even leans more towards the suburban-scene-teen category.


Since gothic subculture was technically developed by gothic rock fans, and gothic rock is an offshoot of punk and post-punk music, I’m going to say this TS4 CC counts.

Because the shirts are too cool to not include.

Also, a lot of them are black tees with emo, “screamo,” gothic rock, and grunge-y goth designs. And they have the black-and-white striped undershirts that are common for casual goths.

So there.

Seriously, though: these oversized Giruto graphic tees look effortlessly cool on even the most awkward of Sims. Pair with clunky combat boots and some guy-liner. It totally passes.


3. MAEL – Gothic Shirt – Male (Updated) by Helsoseira

MAEL – Gothic Shirt – Male (Updated) by Helsoseira for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Okay if the previous item was too casual or too punk-goth for your Sim’s tastes (which; fair), then I present Helsoseira’s stunning masterpiece: the MAEL Gothic Shirt.

A gothic, avant-garde, quasi-Renaissance-type number that gives off strong modern-day Count Dracula vibes.

As in, if Dracula were to throw a raving house party he’d probably wear this with some tight pleather pants.

The main cloth of the shirt comes in seven darker, earth-toned colors. The chest piece, lining, collar, and cuffs all come in black and silver.

Speaking of, I have to say that the design of the chest piece is simply excellent. Plenty of interweaving and interlocking lines that give it this perfect symmetry without looking too frilly. And the faux-corset detailing on both sides slims the torso beautifully.


4. Band Tees Recolor by infinityonsims (mesh needed)

Band Tees Recolor by infinityonsims (mesh needed) TS4 CC

Check Out This CC (Recolor)

Check Out This CC (Mesh)

What better way to show your Sim’s love for the emo lifestyle than by rocking some awesome emo/rock band tees from Hot Topic?

(No, seriously. The creator confirms it in the description.)

This Band Tees (Recolor) by infinityonsims yields 10 Maxis Match t-shirts that are loose, casual, and just this side of edgy enough to be considered emo fashion.

These shirts proudly display musical icons the likes of My Chemical Romance, Metallica, and all other music groups that redefined the era where the lines between emo, emo-punk, punk-rock, and gothic rock blurred.

And if you want more swatches – or prefer this shirt in Alpha CC texture – then just download the mesh! It’s got 40 swatches that are primarily in black, gray, and dark-gray. Not all from Hot Topic, though. Sorry.


5. NIDA – V.2 Goth Shrug Dress w/ Leg Garter by Helsoseira

NIDA – V.2 Goth Shrug Dress w/ Leg Garter by Helsoseira Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Another fabulous piece from Helsoseira; this time, for the females. And it’s a unique one, not gonna lie.

I’ve seen plenty of short shrug dresses for TS4, but this NIDA Goth Shrug Dress has a pretty distinct design – leg-length garter-belt accents notwithstanding.

In fact, it’s the attention to detail that landed this dress on the list. The small chest window, the loose open-cuffed sleeves, and the different black-and-white “manga” prints for each swatch come together quite expertly to make a custom-content winner.

And, yeah. The seductive seatbelt vibe is really selling me.

Pair with a smokey eye, a dark lip, and some chunky sneakers for a fashionably gothic afternoon.


6. Galactic Witch Toksik Kaliah Top Recolor by opesims4 (mesh needed)

Galactic Witch Toksik Kaliah Top Recolor by opesims4 (mesh needed) Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC (Recolor)

Check Out This CC (Mesh)

The name alone sounds all different kinds of cool, and the blouse designs definitely live up to the name. Plenty of dark colors (primarily black) to suit even the most gothic of tastes.

And the celestial elements? Absolutely stunning.

There are 16 designs all in all, and they range from classic black-and-white graphics to kaleidoscopic cosmic patterns.

Honestly, this recolor by opesims4 is just proof that “goth” and “galactic witch” aren’t mutually exclusive.

If anything, the “witch” part of the name should be all the proof you need that these fashions align.

Take note that you’ll need the original mesh – the Kaliah (top) by Toksik – for this to work. The mesh so happens to be a gorgeous strappy cold-shoulder number that conveniently comes in black, too. Perfect for when your Sim is feeling more solid goth than galactic witch.


7. DSF_TOPONIX by danartdigital

DSF_TOPONIX by danartdigital Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

This link leads to a specific body-con mid-thigh bandage dress that comes in three style variations – all of which are so perfectly goth, it’s almost painful.

But fun fact, the entire website link is full of Sims 4 CC clothes that could genuinely land on this list.

They’re black, they’re fashionably edgy, and they have just enough pleats, frills, chains, and fishnets to be considered some subculture of goth – modern goth, medieval goth, space goth, gothic punk … you get the idea.

Take this sexy little number. As I said, it’s a black mid-thigh body-con bandage dress that perfectly suits either the gothic fashionista, the dark femme fatale, or the casual mistress of the night. A touch dramatic, sure.

Wouldn’t recommend for everyday wear.

Every night wear? Now that’s a different story.

Again, it comes in three completely different style variations. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite; they’re all so cool.


8. DSF_TOPBERTHIERRITA by danartdigital

DSF_TOPBERTHIERRITA by danartdigital for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Here’s another awesome CC piece from danartdigital that I absolutely had to include.

It’s skin-tight black turtleneck top that comes in three very gothic – and very cool – designs. The featured one is a long-sleeved black-and-white top with mesh and roses as the main pattern.

The other long-sleeved variation looks very much like black ripped bandages over spider-web mesh (arguably my favorite).

The third variation is a short-sleeved turtleneck with pleated corset detailing – perhaps the most “classic goth” design of the bunch.

Seriously – scroll through the entire webpage. It’s an absolute delight for self-proclaimed children (Sims) of the night.


9. GEKI – MALE – Goth/Industrial Shirt by Helsoseira

GEKI – MALE – Goth/Industrial Shirt by Helsoseira TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Helsoseira’s back on the list. This time, for a CC piece that’s a little more casual (but no less stylish). This Goth/Industrial Shirt is a delightfully contemporary take on a quasi-mid-century gothic style; silver buttons, lining, pleather, crosses, and all.

It’s a lot less frilly than their MAEL gothic shirt but a lot fresher – and definitely more up-to-date.

In fact, if you were to pair this shirt with a clean-cut hairstyle, absolutely no jewelry, a pair of light, acid-washed jeans, and some dirty, scuffed up sneakers, it wouldn’t look goth at all!

But who wants that?

That’s not why you’re reading this list.

Throw in some leather cuffs, a choker, plenty of chains, fishnets, and some skin-tight black skinny jeans. Let your Sim rock that modern goth look!


10. DSF Coat Umbra Nocte by DanSimsFantasy

DSF Coat Umbra Nocte by DanSimsFantasy Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Let me pull a direct quote from the creator’s description of this particular CC coat:

“Design inspired by the mystery and depth of the night, dedicated to the passion and intensity of a man.”

Well, damn.

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this coat, I don’t know what will.

This oh-so-elegant piece is a beautifully-textured trench coat that falls to about the knee. It’s got marching-band-style clasps on the front (probably made of gold or burnished bronze or something equally as fancy) and what looks to be luxurious velvet swathes for the cuffs and collar.

The shoulders are delightfully squared (to further enhance broad shoulders, no doubt) and the patterns artfully incorporate tasteful elements like fleur-de-lis, honeycombs, and other geometric elements.

It comes in 14 different color variation, all of which share the palette with a decent amount of black.


11. BYRA – Crop Sweater with Hood by Helsoseira

BYRA – Crop Sweater with Hood by Helsoseira TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Call me a sucker for a good crop sweater, but this particular piece (again; by the awesome Helsoseira) is just too cute to not include. It comes in either black or dark grey (the fundamentals of a goth’s wardrobe) and the designs are just straight up awesome.

Printed chains, tear drops, crescent moons, and alchemist-like symbols?

Never thought I’d find these particular combinations emo or aesthetically satisfying, but there you go.

My absolute favorite part, though? The thumbholes.

I am weak for long-sleeved clothes that allow you to poke your thumb through them.

Plus, every Sim can effortlessly rock a crop sweater. It’s just that kind of fashion.



12. Chunky Combat Boots by Sims4 Marigold

Chunky Combat Boots by Sims4 Marigold Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Every goth and emotionally-charged Sim needs a pair of dependable, well-worn grave stompers. The chunkier, the better.

This piece by Sims4 Marigold adds a flair of fashion to a gothic/punk staple by giving clunky combat boots a five-inch heel.

Because why be dainty and prim with Mary Jane shoes when you could be forward, bold, and absolutely badass with these? 14 awesome colors, most of which have a black sole.

(To match your Sim’s black soul. Eyyy.)

The only exceptions are the ones that come in pink, purple, and mint green (and the second black swatch). Those have white soles – probably to complement the baby-hue vibes.


13. The Remedy Shoes by EvellSims

The Remedy Shoes by EvellSims Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

The creator describes these as “just some cute goth boots,” because “why not?”

I one hundred percent agree; there’s just something about clunky goth shoes that make the wearer look effortlessly edgy, but in a good way.

Especially when the shoes have lots of accents, accessories, and extra doodads.

Take these Remedy Shoes.

Knee-high boots with a decent amount of heel and an almost obscene amount of buckles and spikes. The right one even has a chain hanging off of it. It is irrationally, impractically extra, and I absolutely adore it.



14. Basic Emo Fingerless Gloves by MaruChanBe

Basic Emo Fingerless Gloves by MaruChanBe for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Don’t let the name fool you; these fingerless gloves are anything but basic. Another iconic must-have for the disenfranchised teens, these distinctly-designed arm accessories just really complete an outfit. It helps that they pair insanely well with the whole dark-liner-silver-chains-black-ripped-jeans aesthetic.

And, hey; if they’re good enough for scene queens, they’re good enough for emo Sims.

These particular ones by MaruChanBe come in three different variations: classic black-and-colored stripes, the good ol’ checkerboard pattern, and spooky neon skeleton arms.

It also comes in a solid black-colored variation. Because of course it does.


15. Fibrin Cuffs by RemusSirion

Fibrin Cuffs by RemusSirion Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

These are Fibrin Cuffs by RemusSirion are kind of like the Basic Emo Fingerless Gloves, only leveled up. It’s less “cute, cotton arm candy” and more “sexy, seductive leather fashion.”

Hey; if that’s something right up your alley, then this CC’s for you.

And this CC is essentially a long black leather cuff decorated with ribbons criss-crossed (corset style) along the length of the forearm. A cut of it is attached to a simple, silver ring around the middle finger.

Further up the arm are black straps of the same material wrapped around the elbow and/or upper arm, depending on the variation.

There are seven variations for the placement (and number) of straps.

It’s a little bolder and more risqué than most of the items on the list. But there’s no denying how flat-out cool it is.


16. Grimoirh Choker by Pralinesims

Grimoirh Choker by Pralinesims Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

What self-respecting goth doesn’t have a vast collection of chokers? Heck, it’s 2020.

Chokers became a trend in the 90s and they never truly died out. So to not have one on-hand (on-neck) would be a travesty, I think.

Chokers look so elegant paired with wide-necked tees and off-the-shoulder tops. This snazzy corset-clasped choker by Pralinesims is definitely no exception. It’s a wide, solid band with alternate lacing at the front and a lovely soft-leather-like texture.

Speaking of which, the texture detail is outstanding. If your device can handle high-def graphics, feel free to zoom in and really admire the lining, bumps, and crevices. It’s a work of art.

Leather not really your thing?

Don’t worry – the creator has a lace version of the same choker (and it is gorgeous) called the Camlann Choker. You can check it out by clicking her Recommended tab.


17. Somnus/Choker Set by Pralinesims

Somnus/Choker Set by Pralinesims TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Again; chokers. Can’t go wrong with them – especially when they look this good. I’ve said this before, but I am a huge fan of this particular creator.

Every CC piece they do is just off the charts in terms of concept, execution, and attention to detail.

This choker set just reiterates all that (and more).

There are three variations of the main design, which is a solid black band made of what looks to be leather (though not as textured as the previous Grimoirh Choker) with an opening at the front and a hoop clasp.

The first variation (1) is the main design; solid black band, hoop clasp. The second (2) is a solid band with a tiny bell attached to the silver hoop. Third (3) has studs on the front of the band, but no bell attached to the hoop. Fourth (4) is a combination of the second and third design; studs at the front, bell attached.

Each variation comes in five color swatches: silver, black, gold, rose gold, and white gold. That’s a total of 20 one-of-a-kind chokers for you to mix and match as you please.


18. Trillyke – WOLO Fishnet Tights & Socks Set by Trillyke

Trillyke – WOLO Fishnet Tights & Socks Set by Trillyke Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

If you’re distressed by the very obvious lack of fishnet stockings on this list (so far), don’t worry. I found a set that is sure to soothe your Sim’s gothic soul.

These WOLO Fishnet Tights & Socks byTrillyke are undeniably one-of-a-kind. They’re not just standard fishnet stockings, no. They have patterns. I mean, sure; you can have the plain fishnet one (because there is a variation of that in this set).

But why do that when you could have crosses interspersed between the mesh? Elegant roses? Stars and moons? Keys?

And don’t even get me started on the socks, because they can be paired with the fishnets to create a whole different look. And that look is stunning.

Solid black socks with sexy black thigh bands paired with stylish fishnet stockings?

I’ll let the preview photos do most of the talking, because words don’t do this CC justice.

Hair & Makeup


19. Sleepy Hair by simandy

Sleepy Hair by simandy Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Ombre and balyage styles are all well, good, and Pinterest-worthy.

But there’s just something so iconic and eye-catching about solid-colored hair chunks with bangs. Maybe it’s the Rogue (of X-men fame) effect. Maybe it just looks effortlessly cool. Maybe it’s because it feels so soft-punk, it’s endearing.

Whatever the reason, this Sleepy hairstyle by simandy pulls the concept off perfectly.

Just imagine your sporting kohl-lined eyes, dark-purple lipstick, a rocking choker, and mane of fiery red hair – with a striking streak of bone white or black shot throughout.

If that isn’t a beautifully gothic picture, I don’t know what is.

There are 58 base hair colors and 58 colored strand colors available (look in the Hats category), so you have plenty of combinations to explore.


20. Rainbow Nails by simlaughlove

Rainbow Nails by simlaughlove Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

For emo fashion, black nail polish is practically non-negotiable. It’s like heavy eyeliner and silver crosses; if your Sim is wearing it, they probably listen to the bands on infinityonsims’ Band Tees recolor.

Now, nail polish is actually not a makeup option in The Sims 4 (which is a tragedy, if you ask me), so this particular CC is already winning in the “original concept” department. Plus, it doesn’t just come in solid black. In fact, the name alone should already tell you how colorful these nails can be.

(Just so you know, there are 30 possible color swatches and color combinations. Look in the Body Accessories > Rings category).

So even if you’re not planning to do a goth Sim any time soon, you can still put these gorgeous, candy-colored Rainbow Nails to good use.
There are two variations; solid (which I recommend for gothic Sims) and multi-colored.

And the multi-colored option has swatches that are most likely the Sim’s version of “Instagrammable.”

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