The Sims 4: Best Graduation CC, Mods & Poses

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Spring is always a special time of year.

The cold and barrenness of winter has finally left, replaced by warmth and new life. And with summer right around the corner, you know there are good times ahead.

Pretty much all of that also applies to graduation, too. It marks the end of all your hard work and stressful school years, and is not only a ceremony celebrating that, but the brightness of your future as well.

This is indeed a special time for students and parents alike, full of pride, as well as photographs and decorations.

For such a monumental part of our lives (and our Sim’s lives), you’ll have to rely on mods and CC to incorporate it into The Sims 4.

But there is so much to go around, you definitely won’t be disappointed!


1. Graduation Event Mod

Graduation Event Mod for The Sims 4

Check Out This Mod

You’ll probably want to do more than just pretend your Sim is graduating.

And at last, this is possible thanks to one handy mod.

Graduation is now a full-fledged event, including basically everything you could ever hope for.

You can actually throw a graduation party for your teen and the others in town, complete the typical traditions like signing yearbooks and asking for recommendation letters, and maybe even get a little ‘scholarship money’ if you create a good enough event.

There are even new interactions and buffs!

Your Sims will be able to reminisce about school and congratulate others, tell jokes about school, and more.


2. Graduation Outfit

Graduation Outfit / Sims 4 CC

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If you’ve got a Sim who is ready to graduate, I’m sure you want them to look the part.

Nothing can take the place of those iconic caps and gowns, nothing!

Thankfully, this creator converted the ones from The Sims 3: Generations for you to use in The Sims 4.

They really look fantastic, and even though conversions are way over my head, I never cease to be amazed by the way they never look out of place.

Like, not even a little bit. How on earth do they do it?!

I won’t even worry about it, actually. As long as awesome items like this keep getting converted by much savvier Simmers, I’ll never have to do it myself.


3. University Graduation Outfit

University Graduation Outfit / TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Much like the outfit above, this one is a conversion from The Sims 3, by the same Simmer.

Only difference is, it’s for your University graduates.

While a lot of the focus usually goes towards high schoolers, graduating from University is certainly something to celebrate as well.

After all, the first twelve years are legally required. Anything beyond that is self-inflicted pain and suffering in order to better your life, and that definitely deserves to be applauded.

I suppose that’s why graduation ceremonies are still a thing at the University level. But their gowns usually look a bit different – just like these.

They’re simple black gowns with more detail and color on the back.


4. Graduation Pose Pack

Graduation Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out These Poses

No graduate has ever gone the whole day without being in at least a thousand pictures.

Honestly, what did proud families even do before cameras?

Capturing big moments is basically just as much a part of The Sims as real life. That’s why there are now hundreds (if not thousands) of poses out there for us to use.

This pack offers every pose you’ll need to fully capture your graduate’s big day.

There are poses for them to stand with their parents (or grandparents), fellow graduating friends, and even a few for them to be photographed solo.


5. Graduation Mini Set Part 1

Graduation Mini Set Part 1 / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

After the ceremony is done and you’ve got the diploma in your hand, a joyous celebration is usually soon to follow.

The beaming parents, grandparents, and all other relatives and acquaintances will want to praise you and share their pride.

I suppose that’s why every store at this time of year is loaded with tons of graduation-themed items.

Regular balloons and party favors won’t do.

You can have a little bit of that now for your Sims, too.

This CC set contains a cap and diploma, but they can be used in a couple different ways, either as an accessory or decor. So whether you want to get your graduate to pose for a few pics, use the items as decor at a party, or both, you have the option!


6. Graduation Mini Set Part 2

Graduation Mini Set Part 2 / TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

As the second part to the set above, these items go hand in hand.

Actually, they go in your mouth!

I don’t know when cupcakes became the go-to treat for basically every occasion, but I’m so glad. These small pieces of cakey frosted goodness do indeed work for every event.

And not just because of their versatility when it comes to taste, although that is very important, but also because you can top them however they want.

There are small plastic items you can stick into them for every theme on Earth, I think.

These come with caps and diplomas to match their larger companions, as well as books.


7. Generate Graduation Photo Mod

Generate Graduation Photo Mod for The Sims 4

Check Out This Mod

If you’ve had the Discovery University Pack for a while, then the fun of having Sims go through school and graduate may have worn off.

Like anything else, once it just becomes a regular part of your life, the thrill tends to wane.

So sometimes, maybe you just want to start a Sim out with the perks of a University experience minus the work.

If only we could do that in real life.

What a world it would be.

But since your Sims are the lucky ones, the process is pretty straightforward. This mod will allow you to generate the photo you typically get upon your Sim’s graduation, and you can even choose whether or not they’re wearing a cap.


8. University Graduation Custom Social Event

University Graduation Custom Social Event / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Events in The Sims 4 can really spice things up and make it feel like things are actually going on in your Sim’s lives.

With various types of parties already available, it makes sense that a graduation could also be its own custom event.

This mod has a couple of options, and it has basically everything to suit your needs depending on what type of player you are.

First, there’s the regular graduation ceremony for Sims who have really completed school and are ready to move onto the next phase of their life. For them, this option entails all the perks you would expect, as well as fun new social interactions.

It’s a goaled event, so completing those things will earn your Sims rewards!

Then there’s the Fauxbury Graduation option, for a more relaxed event for those of you who mainly like to take screenshots for stories or photos.


9. Graduate Deco Sims

Graduate Deco Pack / Sims TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

I actually just became aware of decorative Sims a couple weeks ago. And I must say, it’s genius.

Our Sim’s world can feel awfully small at times. You know, when they have 4 coworkers total and are related to half of them, or they only have 3 people to invite to their wedding.

This is certainly an issue when it comes to graduation ceremonies as well.

Even the smallest school in the world probably has more than a handful of graduates, so it would definitely be nice if our Sim’s experiences could reflect that.

Well, now they can, in also the most convenient & easy way possible.

You can simply place these deco Sims and get that “full attendance” feel without the hassle, because they’re basically statues. No more concerns about Sims staying seated or the irritation of having them run off to play in a rain puddle outside at an inopportune moment.


10. Besties Poses

Besties Poses Set / Sims 4

Check Out These Poses

After experiencing the ups and downs of school together, it’s fitting for things to come to an end on a singular day, as everyone is about to go their separate ways and embark on the next chapter of their lives.

It’s heavy stuff, equal parts joyous and depressing. Bittersweet is the word.

Or maybe I’m just too sentimental and retrospective.

In any case, it’s always nice to get as many pics of the grads together as possible. It’s a way to turn memories into physicalities that can be looked back upon fondly for decades to come.

As a Legacy player, I find capturing these moments is especially important.

Old age creeps up on Sims a lot faster than people. So if you’re a sentimental sap like me, it’s really poignant to have pics of your Elder Sim and their buddies way back when.

That’s why great poses like these are so important.

Even if they were not specifically created with graduation in mind, these will definitely be perfect for your Sim and his and her besties.

Or if you want even more friend pose options then we’ve got you covered.

Just put them in a cap and gown, and boom, you’ve got instant awesome pictures!

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