Graveyard & Cemetery CC For The Sims 4 (All Free)

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Unfortunately, death is a part of life. And dedicating land to our dead has been the custom for centuries.

A Sim’s death was a much bigger deal in past games. You used to be able to visit the cemetery, the size of a Sim’s headstone was dependent on the kind of life they led as well as the way they died, and you could even have a funeral ‘party’.

There’s much less attention devoted to the dead in Sims 4. So naturally the CC creators have stepped in to fill the gaps.

At the risk of sounding demented, I’m going to admit I kind of like cemeteries. Seeing my own relative’s headstones is depressing, but the ones that are hundreds of years old are fascinating.

And here you’ll be able to make any type of cemetery after this list, whether it’s an old and abandoned looking one, or a nice lot dedicated to your Sim legacies.


1. Graveyard Lot Trait

Graveyard Lot Trait Sims 4 CC

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I think we can all agree there needs to be a graveyard lot.

Honestly, I’ve never really understood the point in having headstones without them. Nobody buries their relatives on their own property anymore… at least I don’t think so.

Well finally, you can actually have a designated graveyard with this new lot trait from Simularity.

Aside from just ‘officially’ having somewhere to place your headstones, this mod also has some pretty in-depth features.

The lot will have different activity with townies and ghosts depending on the time of day.

Whether your sim visits the graveyard at day or night will affect them too (as it would anyone). There are a wide range of really cool emotional buffs like sadness, fear, or even happiness as your Sim recalls all the memories of their lost loved ones.


2. Graveyard Set

Graveyard Set for Sims 4

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Here are a bunch of options for older graveyard decorations.

There are several different headstones here, all of which look like they’ve been around a century or two. Any of them will be a nice change from that same rounded headstone that’s used for every death in The Sims 4.

I don’t know why it’s always a custom that the trees in a cemetery are dead, but there are a few options to depict that too.

Really, the trees are usually fine.

But in every video game, there’s not a single leaf on any tree in a cemetery. That was true in The Sims 3, so it’s only right we have them again.

And the angel statue is also a nice touch. It’s just not a real cemetery without some mildly creepy stone thing watching over you while you mourn.


3. Divinity Gravestones

Divinity Gravestones TS4 CC

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Bramblefinch brings us ten more great gravestone options in this CC set.

The stone textures of this are fantastic, as are the details of cracks and dirt.

These still look pretty old too, which I honestly can’t get enough of. Just like in real life, it’s kind of a reminder that times goes on and things change. The circle of life and all that, ya know?

To be clear, I don’t just hangout in cemeteries for fun, but you can’t avoid driving by (or even through) them in some cases and seeing graves that are hundreds of years old is somehow humbling.

Your Sims can have the same experience now, seeing graves that could’ve been around since before Willow Creek was founded.

I like that these are all such different sizes and shapes, since you really can use all the variety you can get when it comes to building a graveyard in The Sims 4.


4. Gravestones & Mortuary

Gravestones & Mortuary Sims 4 CC

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Now this gravestone and mortuary set offers a more up-to-date look.

They’ll work nicely if you want your graveyard to look like someone has actually cared about the deceased and their burial honorings within the past hundred years.

A cool feature of this set is that many of these have slots for you to place some items, like flowers or candles.

The statue that comes with this is just as creepy as the last, though.

And even though these are converted items from The Sims 3, they match the style of The Sims 4 perfectly.


5. Spooky Grave

Spooky Grave for Sims 4

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This is a very different grave from any of the ones we’ve seen so far.

Not everyone gets buried with a chain roping off their grave, after all.

The question is, is that to keep people from getting too close to the grave, or to keep the deceased in it?

Hmm. Your Sims just better hope they never have to find out.

For the most part, the cement looks really smooth and nice for this grave, so it’ll be a slightly less weathered addition to your cemetery.


6. Graveyard Collection

Graveyard Collection TS4 CC

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The words ‘graveyard’ and ‘collection’ usually just shouldn’t be in the same sentence, but I’ll give this awesome set a pass.

This is the peak of creepy & ancient cemetery items.

All of the gravestones look straight out of a Halloween display, but grimy enough to look realistic.

Some are the really big above-ground type. I think there’s a name for them beyond “grave”, but I always get my graveyard terms mixed up. Crypt, tomb, grave, mausoleum… why are there so many different words!?

There’s even a headstone that’s broken, and it always makes me a little sad to see no one’s maintaining the grave. But hey, that’s life. Or is it death?

Fencing is an often overlooked part of the graveyard too, and thankfully creator Jennisims included two new choices here, both of which are quite spooky.

And last but not least, this collection includes a little rat. Isn’t that cute?


7. Fresh Grave

Fresh Grave Sims 4 CC

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Nothing says someone recently died quite like fresh dirt before their headstone.

Creator EmilitaRabbit priced this pile of dirt for $600, since that’s the average cost of digging a real grave.

And I think that’s a really admirable effort at bringing some authenticity to the game.

Many people will make all their CC items cost zero simoleons so it’s easier on Simmers. But there are always ways around paying for things, and this little touch of realism is really cool since we can’t have funerals or other burial expenses.


8. Mausoleum Remake

Mausoleum Remake for Sims 4

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Another Sims cemetery classic has been brought to The Sims 4, this time by creator fire2icewitch.

This mausoleum was always fun in Sims 3, and now you can have that fun all over again.

Your Sims can woohoo, makeout, and cry in this mausoleum.

That’s right, they can go inside, since the creator made it using the tent from Outdoor Retreat!

Finally we can have some good times at the cemetery.

The exterior appearance of this mausoleum is nothing to overlook, either. It does look very similar to its source, but there are a few new swatches too, so you can decide whether you want the windows to be blue, green, or red.

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