Sims 4 CC: Weights, Treadmills & Home Gym Equipment

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Working out is a huge part of The Sims 4.

The Athletic skill is one of the easiest ones to build since Sims can exercise almost anywhere.

They can go to the gyms that are available in each world, jog, or of course, buy the equipment and use it at home.

But as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you play a lot of Athletic Sims, the options for making home gyms are pretty limited.

All we’ve got at our disposal is the exact same equipment the public gyms use, and that’s no fun!

Good thing our fellow Simmers have stepped up for us, right? Whether it’s recolors or totally new decor items, this list has everything you need to make a great gym.


1. Strong Set

Strong Set Sims 4 CC

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Anyone who’s serious about fitness usually has a set of weights or two in their house.

Now your Sims can as well, with this detailed set from soloriya.

It comes with a bunch of weight lifting options, from large barbells to smaller dumbbells, and even weight lifting benches.

There are racks as well with even more weights, so you can really fill a room with this stuff if you want.

While your Sim’s can’t actually start lifting weights, they can sit on the benches!

That sounds like more fun anyway, right?

No exercise, no sweating, no need for a shower… yeah, it’s totally better.


2. Crossfit Home Gym Set

Crossfit Home Gym Set TS4 CC

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Oof, CrossFit.

Even if you consider yourself far from a fitness guru, you have more than likely heard of this.

In order to cut it with this regimen, you have to have a whole lot of determination, guts, and motivation. It’s not for the weak-willed… so not for me, in other words.

But hey, it’s different with Sims.

You can push them pretty hard and the worst they’ll get is a ‘sore muscles’ moodlet. No pain, no gain!

This set includes everything a Sim needs to get serious about fitness. There’s a large variety of weights, as well as some inspiration wall stickers to really get your Sims going.


3. Sport & Gym Set

Sport & Gym Set for Sims 4

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Exercise doesn’t always have to mean pushing your body to its limits. There are plenty of lighter ways to stay in shape, get toned, and have fun doing it.

This set will be great for when you just want a little space in your Sim’s home dedicated to light fitness. The items here are pretty simple, including yoga equipment, some small dumbbells and weights, and those big ‘ol rubber balls we’ve all wanted to bounce on.

One of those large balls even functions as a chair!

There’s quite a variety of sports equipment here, including various decorative balls, goals, and floor markers, plus an exercise bike!

Now that’s something we’ve been missing all this time.


4. Pegasus Treadmill

Pegasus Treadmill Sims 4 CC

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If you’re simply tired of seeing the treadmills we already have and want to switch things up, AdonisPluto has you covered.

These conversions from The Sims 3 are like a breath of fresh air, stepping away from those same exercise color schemes we’ve had for years.

The design of the machine itself is a little different. And it comes in seven bright, modern options.

I think this CC is especially fun, since now your Sims don’t have to buy the exact same equipment they use at the gym for their home.


5. Durable Rubber Floor Tiles

Durable Rubber Floor Tiles TS4 CC

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How often do you see athletic Sims, or even those who just have the Energized moodlet, drop down to the hardwood floor and start doing sit ups?


I swear, I feel it in my own tailbone every time they do that.

With these floor tiles from creator Wallpaper, your gym can finally have some appropriate flooring. Gone are the days where your Sim does push-ups in the kitchen.

Actually, they might still do that because they don’t have a lot of sense unless you make them.

But once you build a home gym and use these tiles, you’ll have a much better place to direct them to.

These are available in 7 swatches, including your standard blacks and grays, as well as green, red, or yellow.


6. Sport Inventory Set

Sport Inventory Set for Sims 4

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Here we have some more of the typical deco fitness items any athletic person, or Sim, would love to have in their home.

There are twelve objects total here to really flesh out your gym, including one large floor barbell, some dumbbells, weight racks, a punching bag, and a shelf of sport balls.

That covers all the bases, right?

Unless you also get an indoor pool, there aren’t many other ways to exercise from home!


7. Punch Em Up! Redesigned Punching Bag

Punch Em Up! Redesigned Punching Bag Sims 4 CC

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If you had one of those inflatable punching bags as a kid, you know how fun it was – with the right design, of course.

That’s actually what makes or breaks these.

Mine had a dalmatian, and I didn’t want to punch at a dog, so it didn’t get much use.

These were made with the same idea in mind, I assume. Your Sims can spar with the cartoony characterizations of recognizable folks such as Miley Cyrus, Ronald McDonald, or even President Obama.

A little random, but I’ll never judge creativity.


8. Color Pop Treadmill

Color Pop Treadmill TS4 CC

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Here we have further proof that just a little bit of color can really brighten a room.

The Color Pop Treadmill CC from zomgitsmanda features bold recolors of the base game treadmill.

It’s now white with blue, green, purple, orange, or pink accents.

In my opinion, this is the perfect recolor for any gym, home or public.

Just enough has changed to be noticeable.

I suppose it makes sense that most treadmills are black – that hides stains better – but that’s not something you have to worry about in The Sims.

The aesthetic is always more important!


9. Gym Machines and Matching Floor Mats

Gym Machines and Matching Floor Mats for Sims 4

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Matching is always a good way to create a more put-together polished interior for a room.

Unfortunately, with the lack of color wheel in The Sims 4, that can be pretty difficult.

Your only choices at times may be to either stick with basic whites and blacks, or just settle for having everything in your Sim’s home be a different color.

Well, this creator has given us some options to make our gyms look better than ever. There are three totally new and fresh designs for the treadmill, with matching rug swatches!

All of them look fantastic and will still easily fit with any other decor choices you may want to make.


10. Punching Bag in 48 Recolors

Punching Bag in 48 Recolors Sims 4 CC

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Sometimes, a new look is all you need.

These 48 recolors of the base game punching bag are awesome, and a sure way to spruce up any home gym or exercise space.

EnticingSims has pretty much included the whole rainbow here.

Whether you want pastel or bold shades, red, black, white, pink, blue, green, or anything in between – there’s a punching bag for you.

After all, who said exercise equipment has to be plain and boring?

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