Best Sims 4 Honda CC: The Ultimate Collection

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Honda has earned its trust from drivers by producing durable, reliable, and efficient vehicles that don’t lag behind in the style and comfort departments.

Classic models like the Accord, Odyssey, and Civic have made Honda a well-respected household name.

They offer low-profile everyday cars, and stylish sports cars with unnecessarily powerful engines.

How powerful an engine is holds little relevance in the world of The Sims 4. But the kind of car you drive says something about you (and your Sim).

Parking a Honda in front of your Sim’s household is a great way to show their taste.

Let’s find your perfect Honda match.


1. Honda Accord Coupé (2008)

Black Honda Accord Coupé (2008) Sims 4 CC

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First up, we’ve got the unassuming 2008 Honda Accord, sporting a relatively classic body shape and a larger size than the preceding generation, classifying it as a full-size car.

This car is ideal for the low-profile middle-class Sim who needs to get to work in the morning, pick up the kids on the way back, and make it to the gym in time for CrossFit.

You won’t be turning heads out on the streets with the Honda Accord – but it just screams “fairly successful” while parked outside your home.


2. Honda Civic Type-R Sedan (2007)

White Honda Civic Type-R Sedan (2007) / Sims 4 CC

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The Japanese car manufacturer developed the Honda Civic Type R as a faster, more edgy version of the classic Honda Civic.

All Type R models have a lighter body, a finely-tuned engine, and upgraded brakes to give the amateur street racer the tools they need to leave their skid marks on history.

The 2007 model was based on the eighth-generation Honda Civic and was the first time the Civic Type R appeared in pure sedan form.

Your Sim will still look reliable with this on his front porch, and those with an eye for detail will wonder whether they’re into street racing.


3. Honda Civic Type R (2015)

Blue Honda Civic Type R (2015) TS4 CC

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The 2015 Type R based on a ninth-generation Honda Civic went back to the hatchback design but added two extra doors to keep the car versatile.

Its design is a bit more stylized and evokes the idea of speed with its flowy lines and compact look.

The car’s wheels are also something else. Instead of the classic silver wheel cover, you get a matte black cover that contrasts with the red brakes.

When I see that, I think of drifting at high speeds and leaving skid marks like it’s on Charlize Theron’s HYPERDRIVE.

This custom car is available in 5 total colors, but you can’t go wrong with red.


4. Honda S2000 (2007)

Yellow Honda S2000 / Sims 4 CC

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If your Sim doesn’t like risking their life in illegal street races but still appreciates the feeling of speed, they should consider an open-top sports car.

Sitting at the wheel of the Honda S2000, even 60km/h can feel like you’re challenging the limits of your body – because you are.

We just weren’t made to run faster than 13km/h – and 60km/h is already four times that.

It’s something you just don’t realize when driving inside an airtight capsule like regular automobiles.

This fantastic roadster is one of the most potent mass-produced naturally aspirated cars, and it’s a bit of a status symbol. It says, “I’ve got the money and the youth to enjoy it” – even if that isn’t true!


5. Honda Civic Coupe (1993)

Green Honda Civic Coupe (1993) Car CC for Sims 4

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Personally, I don’t like drawing attention to myself or my wealth.

I also don’t need my car to hit insane speeds to feel like a race driver!

I love cars that get the job done without making a show of it – like the classic fifth-gen Honda Civic.

The 1993 model is a two-door coupe that’s comfortable and modern, but also classic and discreet.

It’s a lot like jeans: not flashy, but it gets the job done like no other.

This custom car CC also features slight body modifications like you’d see in Need for Speed.

And these changes also age down the vehicle, making it appropriate for a younger Sim in the family.


6. Honda Civic (2018)

Red Honda Civic (2018) TS4 CC

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Well now that I think about it, driving a vintage car might be drawing more attention to yourself…

Perhaps something more modern is in order?

The 2018 Honda Civic belongs to the same tenth generation that has been around since 2015.

It’s something we’re used to seeing around us, so it adds a fair deal of realism to your Sim’s garage.

At the same time, driving a relatively new & modern car is to be expected of an up-and-coming Sim – especially one that’s just begun to build their wealth.

Only in The Sims 4 can you become a backyard botanist and make enough to drive a 2018 Honda Civic.


7. Honda CR-V (2019)

Honda CR-V (2019) SUV / Sims 4 CC

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I’m a fan of big heavy cars that don’t only drive over the surface, but actually dominate it.

There’s nothing quite as imposing as a Honda crossover SUV racing over dunes in some desert on an ad – and looks about as cool parked in your garage.

The first-generation CR-Vs were introduced way back in 1997, sporting a much boxier and less eye-catching design. The current look has been around since 2007, though it has received several tweaks since then.

Of course, the car has a ton of extra features like the Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation Braking, and Lane Keeping Assist – among other things.

It won’t make a difference since cars in The Sims 4 are just décor.

But your Sims can brag about it regardless.


8. Honda Civic Euro (2012)

Honda Civic Euro (2012) CC for The Sims 4

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For those wanting a sportier automobile that doesn’t look like it belongs in The Fast and the Furious, the European 2012 Honda Civic is a fine choice.

This beautiful hatchback has a compact & almost feminine design that gives it a friendly look.

The black matte details highlight its sporty personality, but it still looks like it belongs on a suburban driveway.

Almost any Sim will be happy driving one of these.

It’s not flashy, but it’s stylish for sure!

And with this CC it’s available in a whopping 10 colors, ranging from bright yellow to jet black.


9. Honda NSX (2016)

White Honda NSX (2016) TS4 CC

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For something that 100% belongs in The Fast and the Furious, here’s the Honda NSX.

This sleek-looking automobile is one of Honda’s classic sports car offerings. It’s a two-seat mid-engine coupe with the kind of body gamers from the 2000s dreamed of back in Need for Speed’s days of glory.

And the NSX doesn’t just look speedy – it is speedy.

With a max speed just shy of 310km/h, it’s fast as lightning.

Get this for a Sim who lives fast.

The kind of Sim that’s built a multi-million Simoleon empire and wants to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


10. Honda Civic Type-R Widebody (2018)

Honda Civic Type-R Widebody (2018) Sims 4 CC

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If you’re getting awesome cars for your TS4, chances are you’re into gaming and cars – and what do car-lover gamers love?

Tuned street-racing vehicles.

Anyone Googling TS4 Honda cars has most likely played their fair share of Need for Speed, and probably understands the appeal of a “street-safe” car hiding a Nitrous Oxide kit under the hood.

The Type-R from 2018 already looks ready for a drifting competition in the cramped streets of a bustling metropolis – but add a wide body kit, and it becomes a whole other beast.

This car looks imposing.

If I saw it parked in front of someone’s house, I’d assume they made their fortune in YouTube or trading crypto and just want to show off.

It’s nouveau-riche, but it’s badass.

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