Sims 4 Hugo Boss CC (All Free)

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Like all of the big names in fashion, Hugo Boss has a long and somewhat sordid history.

But they have risen above all of that – not unlike a phoenix from the ashes.

History is history, and today, this powerhouse has become a boss of high fashion. What you see out of Hugo Boss now is vastly different from what you would have seen 70 years ago.

They offer quite an array of products including suits, dresses, footwear, and even fragrances.

And while Sims 4 custom content made around this illustrious brand may be limited, what is available really will add elegance to your Sim’s lives.


1. Natasha Dress

Natasha Dress Sims 4 CC

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Having custom-made clothes is something most people will never experience.

You can get things fitted or tailored, but getting a dress made just for you from a big name brand requires more than money.

Russian model Natasha Poly wore a dress just like this one from SLYD to the Cannes Film Festival. She rocked it as if it was made for her, because it was.

CC kind of brings the same principle to your Sims.

What’s officially available in CAS might offer some great options – but they won’t set your Sim apart from the townies.

When they attend formal events, someone else might even be wearing the same thing. The horror!

On the other hand, this is guaranteed to be a totally original outfit.

It’s ultra long and will elegantly sweep the floor, while the big layered ruffle provides some glam to an otherwise simple dress.


2. Natasha Dress Recolors

Natasha Dress Recolors for Sims 4

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As fantastic as SLYD’s dress is, it’s only available in three colors.

That’s fine for most formal events. But if you’d like a little more, don’t worry, another Simmer gave the already gorgeous dress some extra swatches.

These really pop, and might not be the most appropriate for film festivals or fancy dinners… but they sure are beautiful.

The bulk of the dress is a solid color in these, including great options like yellow, purple, black, and pink.

But the real kicker is that the ruffle is a separate color from the dress!

In most of these swatches it’ll stand out even more, adding even further dimension to an already awesome outfit.

Black and yellow, blue and brown, two different shades of pink… now those will really make a statement.

There are also three options with patterns in this recolor. Two of them have floral patterns on the dress, and the third has a vibrant multicolored design on the ruffle.


3. Hugo Boxers

Hugo Boxers TS4 CC

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Underwear is a much bigger deal in the real world than it is for Sims.

They don’t ever even change them, really… Yuck.

Most players, myself included, never really think about a Sim’s undergarments since they play such a small role.

Their outfit is really what we’re interested in, since it’s what we see.

But everybody has their preferences, and I’m sure more people would love having designer drawers if they could afford it.

With no cost to you (or your Sims), they can sport these Hugo Boss boxers.

That style is already quite handsome in many people’s eyes. But throwing that brand name on there is really the icing on the cake. And we all know the icing is always the best part.

Note this is an edited mesh, so the texture is a little different from the base game boxers. They have a more definite “fabric look”, and the waistband is much more defined not only by the text, but by the new colors too.


4. Functional Hugo Boss Perfume

Functional Hugo Boss Perfume Sims 4 CC

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Hugo Boss was already massively successful when they started a fragrance line in the late ‘80s.

They’ve had nothing but success since then, eventually branching off into various colognes for men and perfumes for women.

Not only are they regarded highly among their customers, but the perfumes have pretty cool packaging, too.

You get the best of both worlds with this set.

It’s dedicated to all different kinds of perfume, but the Hugo Boss bottle is available to download by itself.

And it’s almost an exact match to the real thing, right down to the labeling.

There are even two options for the label here: English and Simlish.

The best part is that you can choose what you want: just download the Hugo Boss perfume as a decorative item, or you can add the mod and make it functional!

Note: you’ll need Outdoor Retreat for this to work. But if you have it, you’ll even get animations of your Sims splashing it on.


5. The Perfumery For Him

The Perfumery For Him for Sims 4

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I’ve never understood why perfume is considered feminine, and cologne is considered masculine.

Maybe it’s rooted in linguistics. But it seems like one of those random things, like actor and actress, congressman and congresswoman… you’d think there could be a collective term for most stuff.

Well, “The Perfumery For Him” has a better ring to it than “The Colognery For Him” so it’s understandable why this Simmer went with one title over the other.

Jonsims made a whole shop based around designer colognes, and these decorative objects are among the items included.

They’re available to download individually, and you’ll get both a bottle and box.

The sheer luxuriousness of such a fine fragrance is captured very well with the bottles – you can practically feel it.

And this might be packrat behavior, but when I get something I really like (especially if it’s expensive), I always want to keep the box just to look at it.

That somehow enhances the experience, at least until it gets in my way one too many times.

So it’s nice that we get the box included here too – it’ll add an extra bit of designer clutter to match all your designer clothes.

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