Sims 4 Ice Cream Shop Lots, CC & Mods

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Ice cream (or sorbets for the lactose intolerant) are one of those little quality of life things that nobody should have to give up.

But carving out the time and money to get ice cream in the real world can sometimes be a little difficult.

As with everything else in The Sims 4, it’s way easier to gift your sims weekly (or even daily) trips to the ice cream shop, than it is to do that for yourself.

And there’s no better way to experience all the delicious glory of ice cream shops, parlors, stands, and cafes than with some of snazzy CC!


1. Ice Cream Parlor Furniture

Sims 4 CC Ice Cream Parlor Furniture

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This custom furniture set has the absolute bare minimum needed to make your own ice cream parlor build: the ice cream freezer and the toppings counter.

Obviously, it would be great to go ham (ice cream?) on decor CC and other goodies.

But downloading that many things and getting them all to work can be a chore, if not impossible.

Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great build!

This pack is here to prove that you can do lots with only a little.

If you feel like you need more, of course, there are plenty of decorative items to act as the cherry on top for your lot!


2. Freezer Bunny Ice Cream Stand

Sims 4 Freezer Bunny Ice Cream Stand

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Contrary to the name, this lot is way more than just a stand.

Not only is it a full-fledged ice cream shop, but it has the look of a well-established chain store, like Dairy Queen or Baskin-Robbins.

Freezer Bunny’s logo is a quirky but adorable pink bunny, and it’s plastered all over the uniforms, walls, and even machinery of the store.

Although the lot itself is great, SimDoughnut also has a “franchise kit” for anyone who wants to open their own sims ice cream shop underneath the Freezer Bunny brand.

I know Sims 4 is a life simulation game, but this CC takes realistic company builds to the next level.


3. Ruby Red’s Sweet Delights Lot

Sims 4 Ruby Red’s Sweet Delights Lot

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Picture this:

A small, upscale ice cream shop, smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Newcrest.

The cafe itself is clean and professional.

But just upstairs you’ll find a sim family living their lives, coming down early every morning to work at their family-owned store.

This custom lot can be used as a make-believe home and ice cream shop in any Sims 4 game, but it can also be a fully functional cafe with the help of the Dine Out gamepack.

Whatever you do with this lot, one thing is for sure:

Your sims will be able to carve out their own scoop of happiness in here.


4. Sweets Decor

Sims 4 Sweets Decor CC Set

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Every bite of ice cream should be filled with fun and childlike wonder.

But why stop there?

With this cute sweets decor set by Soloriya, you can fill your entire ice cream shop with the same magical feelings.

Most of the items included are little containers stuffed with sweets (like cake trays or bouquets of lollipops) that can be placed around just like any other decoration.

Even if you leave them out all month long, they won’t go bad!

There are also a couple of cloud designs you can toss into the mix. And yes, they are recolorable.


5. Ice Cream Café Lot

Sims 4 CC Ice Cream Café Lot

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An ice cream cafe is just the place for a sweet first date.

But if your sim takes their lover-to-be to this avant garde location, I’m pretty sure there will be a second date, too.

It’s also completely CC-free, and the tropical vibes make it the ideal place for your sims to get a beachside treat.

But seaside or not, the partial glass ceiling and walls will give a great view.

If you’re curious as to how this build was made, you can watch Sims 4 creator Marmelad in the YouTube link above to see the whole thing in a stop motion video!

Or find the lot download link in the video description.


6. Ice Cream Cups

Sims 4 Ice Cream Cups CC (Preview)

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As the long-lived war between cake cones and waffle cones rages on, those who prefer ice cream cups sit on the sidelines and watch as ice cream spills.

Although some people could never imagine giving up on that delicious cone, there’s bound to be customers who just want to eat out of a cup.

This basic CC offers 6 ice cream cup recolors with different labels and colors.

No matter what kind of shop you have (and no matter what your customers prefer), you’ll find the bowl you need in this set.


7. Ice Cream Parlor Lot + CC

Sims 4 Ice Cream Parlor Lot + CC Set

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Out of all the lots I’ve shared, this one is the most colorful by far.

It’s also the only one to come with its own set of custom décor and furniture!

But let’s be real:

With that many pieces of quality CC, you might as well get creative and build your own ice cream parlor.

And with this set by your side, it’s not anywhere near as daunting as it looks. Functional retail displays, counters, and fridges make it easy to use with the Cool Kitchen Stuff and Get to Work gamepacks.

It even has ice cream uniforms for use in the Dine Out gamepack.

And that’s just the gamepack compatible stuff – you can’t forget all the indoor and outdoor deco you’ll have at your fingertips!

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