The Sims 4: Best Industrial Interior CC (All Free)

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I’m more of a semi-modern crazy-simple build girl myself.

All of my Sims live in no-nonsense boxes that have no feasible organization system and way too much free space. I’m the furthest thing away from an interior designer, and it shows.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a well-built house in TS4 from time to time. And thanks to the fact that I religiously watch Sim YouTuber’s build houses that I could never, I kind of have an idea about different interior styles!

So for this article I’ve rounded up a bunch of custom furniture packs and objects that could contribute to the Industrial-themed build of amy Simmer’s dreams. Check ‘em out!


1. Elevare Part #1 by Syboubou

Elevare Part #1 by Syboubou TS4 CC

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You know those intimidating, heavy-duty stairwells that are always used as fire escapes, back entrances, or back-of-the-building service stairs? The kind that look like they weigh a couple tons heavier than regular wooden or laminate stairs?


They may be seen as impractically clunky in any other scenario, but in an industrial-style context?

They’re absolutely perfect.

As are these bold, raw metal Elevare Part 1 CC stairs from Syboubou.

There are four variations for the stairs themselves, and three for the railings. All variations have that heavy, rough-hewn quality to them that instantly brings to mind renovated factories.

One variation in particular fits the theme to a tee: grilled steps, heavy metal mesh edges, darker, unpainted colors… all that fun stuff.

Paired with the industrial railing – which has pretty much the same elements – and you’ve got a flight of stairs that could very easily have come from an overhauled warehouse.


2. Industrial Lamps by SIMcredible!

Industrial Lamps by SIMcredible! Sims 4 CC

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These are genuinely some of the most inventive and creative lamps I’ve seen for The Sims 4, ever.

And that’s saying something, given how the Sims team can get pretty eclectic and innovative with their designs.

As the name suggests, these lamps have been designed with the industrial theme in mind. And boy, do they fulfill!

There’s plenty of vintage-y vibes with the sconces, the desk lamps that look like old-school oil lamps, and the spikey Sputnik chandelier. And given how tasteful they all look, I think they’d work well in even non-industrial styled interiors – as accent pieces or avant-garde installation.

Personal favorites are the Magic Beans Ceiling Lamp and the Roller Wheel Sconce.

The former because I genuinely do love round bubble-like light fixtures, and the latter due to the vintage film reel vibe.


3. Industrial Brick Walls by Torque

Industrial Brick Walls by Torque for Sims 4

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The thing about the brick wall coverings in vanilla TS4 games is that they lack the wear, tear, and time-stained quality of industrial walls.

The principles of industrial interior design are all about showing the building materials, instead of hiding them with wallpaper and paint.

Torque has the right idea with these Industrial Brick Walls.

They’re very much in the “exposed brick” vein; rough and worn-down in a way that’s kind of artsy and visually appealing.

The subtle cracks, scratches, and jagged edges of this wall covering make it seem the walls are old, unkempt, and only standing because they’re too stubborn to collapse.

And the four colors this comes in fulfills the “neutrals and no-nonsense” color palette that’s pretty much a standard for the theme. The red gives that classic commercial-building-red-brick look, and the grey/off-white looks aesthetically paint-chipped.


4. Keep It Simple by soloriya

Keep It Simple by soloriya Sims 4 CC

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This furniture/décor pack by soloriya isn’t specifically marketed as industrial, but a lot of the pieces here fulfill the principles of that interior style:

Simple, no-nonsense, and can make a bold statement in an understated way.

The color options for these items are as neutral as they come: white, black, brown, and the occasional mint green.

The furniture and décor in this pack may be a bit too soft for industrial style – and there’s a distinct lack of jagged edges – but the use of unpainted wood and small hints of metal are enough to warrant a few pieces being used as accent or supplemental pieces.

Take for instance the string of hanging lights (raw, exposed elements), the wire-cage coffee table (metal grills), and the ladder (salvaged/reused furniture pieces).


5. Minimalist Posters + Industrial Wallpaper by hvikis

Minimalist Posters + Industrial Wallpaper by hvikis TS4 CC

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The minimalist posters in this set are pretty cool (and a cute bonus if you really like clean, contemporary builds). But what I’m after is the coarse time-beaten wallpaper.

Because nothing says run-down warehouse or old refurbished industrial space quite like bare, weathered concrete.

Again, the principles of industrial interior design are all about showing materials that are commonly concealed.

And what could be more in-your-face than some unwallpapered concrete and raw metal walls? Well, along with a section of chipped paint at the bottom to add some color.

The plain white paint walls are good for “product photos” (if you really want the item to stand out), but I much prefer the “overgrown concrete jungle” feel of the exposed concrete and the raw metal wall in red. Those are more my speed.


6. Bedroom Industry by BuffSumm

Bedroom Industry by BuffSumm for Sims 4

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You get a canopy, and you get a canopy, and you get a canopy!

Wasn’t expecting it, but this industrial bedroom stuff pack is bed canopies galore.

A little odd to have in surplus (I think the set has six individual canopies all in all?), but I will admit that they contribute to the overall look: worn, rough-hewn, and salvaged.

Maybe it’s because of how sheer the sheets are, or because of the obvious metal bar frame keeping the canopies suspended. It just adds an older, slightly-dusty, vintage-y vibe to the place.

Don’t get me wrong: this is not to say that the bedroom set looks dilapidated.

It’s all very gritty and grungy in a very artistic, aesthetic way. It’s a far cry from the clean, solid hues of a minimalist style or the smooth, clutterless appeal of Scandinavian, that’s for sure!

This bedroom CC is factory-born and proud.

Special shout-out to the ladder being used as coat/bag rack, and the wire mesh tool cabinet in place of a sideboard. Ingenious and creative, just as the industrial style is intended to be.


7. Loft Dining by ShinoKCR

Loft Dining by ShinoKCR Sims 4 CC

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Lofts are practically synonymous with the industrial interior design style—especially since media often portrays disenfranchised twentysomethings living in renovated upscale factory lofts.

Ergo, ShinoKCR’s Loft Dining set is incredibly on-brand for this article.

I’ll even go so far as to say that it’s the epitome of the industrial style: mismatched furniture that looks like it was recycled, raw metal, unvarnished wood, a mishmash of raw, unpolished textures and wire mesh grills… it’s got a huge window-like mirror to act as wall décor, too.

An overall excellent (and functional!) CC stuff pack that perfectly executes the concept of “materiality exposure” in industrial style.


8. Industry Construction (Beams & Fence) by BuffSumm

Industry Construction (Beams & Fence) by BuffSumm TS4 CC

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These purely decorative construction beams, columns, and fences add the perfect finishing touch to any shut-down-factory-turned-refurbished-living-area.

Metal support beams, concrete columns, and broken-off beam extensions? That stuff says “industrial building” like nothing else.

Plop these in rooms with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete floors, and mismatched furniture, and you’ve got the interior of most factories and production plants.

They add to the grunge-y industrialized vibe of a cool, out-of-the-way art studio. Or for an artsy passion-project studio apartment.

You know, the kind that’s nestled inside abandoned warehouses.

This specific look is pretty difficult to replicate in vanilla TS4, but these beams can definitely help!


9. The Warehouse Dining Room by kardofe

The Warehouse Dining Room by kardofe Sims 4 CC

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More interior design style principles!

Industrial design is very about utilitarian objects and metal surfaces. Selecting pieces that are just as much function as they are form.

Apparently creator Kardofe knows all that, and their Warehouse Dining Room CC set achieves these concepts perfectly.

Most of the items here use both wood and metal to create a clean-cut commercialized style. Very minimal wear or aging to be seen, but the principles of “raw” and “exposed” materials are pretty prevalent.

There’s one unvarnished wood table, but several different dining chairs (as well as a stool) to go with it.

Really great for creating that mismatched & cobbled-together effect that can up the industrial ante.

But what really got my attention here was the huge tarp painting, and I’d consider that to be the centerpiece of this set.

It’s got four variations – including a blank canvas one – and all of them add a pop of bold color that compliments the otherwise muted palette ridiculously well.

My favorite is the swatch that looks like it was painted on a brick wall. But the one where the maid is lifting the tarpaulin to reveal bricks behind it is a close second.


10. Livingroom Industry by BuffSumm

Livingroom Industry by BuffSumm for Sims 4

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If BuffSumm’s Industry Bedroom set was just full of bed canopies, their Livingroom Industry set is all planters.

I’m not even kidding.

There are a total of – count ‘em – eight planters here. All different heights, styles, and leg numbers, and with their own individual color palette, too.

Crazy amount of planters aside, this CC set is also one of the most extensive on this list, with a whopping 33 items in total.

Eight of them may be planters, but the rest are curated odds n’ ends that look like they belong in a catalogue for inventive ultramodern industrial furniture.

You’ll find a sectioned sofa, throw pillows, throw blankets, a Ferris-wheel-shaped candle holder (yep), and some caged geometrical end tables.

I also want to point out how intensive the customization is for this set.

The throw pillows, blanket, and sections of the sofa are all separate files with their own individual color palette. So you could, theoretically, make different parts of the sofa and loveseat different colors to really hit that recycled furniture look.


11. Athena by SIMcredible!

Athena by SIMcredible! Sims 4 CC

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SIMcredible! is one of those CC creators known for delivering quality custom content every. single. time.

I’ve literally never been disappointed or had a problem with the stuff they put out, regardless of what patch my game is running on at that time.

So when the Athena furniture set was listed as one of the packs used in an industrial-loft build, I downloaded it with high expectations.

Again, never disappointed.

This furniture/décor pack is also kinda more suited for the fuss-free Scandinavian style, if I’m being honest. Simple wood textures (very little metal) and clean lines push it more into Scandinavian interiors than under the industrial blanket.

However, I will say that the use of exposed metal for the wire mesh Athena chairs (and the Athena Wire Wall Grid Panel) places this set into the industrial camp, too.

The Athena easel also utilizes a metal grill design and a bare-bones frame that seals the deal.

If you’re looking for a great blend of contemporary and cozy-industrialist, this Athena pack is an awesome option.


12. Industrial Décor by soloriya

Industrial Décor by soloriya for Sims 4

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To be honest, I was a bit on the fence about this one.

The preview photos had me thinking this set was a little gimmicky. The items felt like they belonged in the workshop of some eccentric (but still genius!) inventor who loved making clunky-but-functional object.

But I think that’s just because they were all grouped together.

When I put the items down in-game, separately, their unique quirkiness definitely stood out.

Now I can freely say this CC pack by soloriya is full of tiny oddities that are as cute as they are clever.

And they’d make great design accents for any factory-loft-turned-loft bedroom.

I especially love the Industrial Décor Books and the Industrial Décor Bottle with a Key.

Both are just way too cute for me, and I want them on my desk IRL.


13. Industrial Set by hvikis

Industrial Set by hvikis Sims 4 CC

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This stuff pack of recolored conversions by hvikis is marketed as an industrial-themed set.

And holy plumbobs, does it deliver.

The preview photos alone should be enough to tell you that there’s metal, worn wood, and raw materials galore. Unpretentious wire and metal mesh dining chairs, a cracked-wood, bare-bones dining table, and beautiful floating shelves made of stone, wood, or concrete (depending the swatch).

The items in this pack are certainly more high-end. Industrialized panache.

More like furniture that was specifically chosen and ordered, not found and salvaged.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a cleaner, less-organic approach to this interior design style.

This CC offers a beautiful mix of commercialized minimalism that I think a lot of TS4 players would really love.


14. MarcusSims91’s Bronze Office (Sims3 to Sims4) by ddaengsims

MarcusSims91’s Bronze Office (Sims3 to Sims4) by ddaengsims TS4 CC

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Here’s another set that isn’t specifically industrial, but some (if not most) of the items here fit the style principle.

If you’re sick of reading the words “metal grill” or “wire grill,” I’m sorry.

But that’s exactly what the corkboard/wall grid and the floor bin are styled in: wire grill and metal mesh to create that simple, no-fuss-storage style that’s practically a staple in industrial homes and offices.

My favorite piece in this set has to be the tiny vintage desk fan.

I grew up seeing one just like it in my grandfather’s office, so that was a lovely shot of nostalgia for me.

The metal mesh wall grid is also quite lovely, as it would an ultramodern or ultra-minimalist style as just as well.

The floor bin also adds a nice touch to the overall functional & no-nonsense vibe of this CC pack.

And if you’re a big fan of wooden textures? The swatches of the sawhorse desk are stunning.


15. Industrial Chic Living Coffee Table Recoloration by Sims4Luxury

Industrial Chic Living Coffee Table Recoloration by Sims4Luxury for Sims 4

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This gorgeous & straightforward coffee table comes with about seven color/style swatches, and they are all some variation of worn, scratched, and/or very stained wood.

Which, in the context of an industrial theme, is something you want.

I genuinely like all the style variations that this CC piece comes in. But I’m particularly in love with the white-with-blue-wash swatch.

It looks like beautiful wooded planks that got paint splashed all over one side.

I know there are other furniture packs on this list that have wooden coffee tables on top of the other items in them, so I get that a single table download seems pretty redundant (or lacking, since we have a huge list of em!)

But aside from the pretty-yet-roughed-up design (that doesn’t have an exact replica in the other packs), I think having just the one coffee table on-hand is an easy way add a bit of industrial flavor to a room that isn’t meant to be decorated entirely in that style.

If you want subtlety, or if you just want a sort of contrast/accent piece to go with a neutral or muted color palette, this is a great option to have.

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