Sims 4 Injury CC: Scars, Bruises, Bandages & More

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Long-time players know that in The Sims, you don’t just create random characters for fun.

Before gamers started capitalizing on YouTube fame, the freedom to craft stories around Sims played a big part in keeping the franchise relevant since the year 2000.

From conceptualizing a vampire love story to a modern ugly duckling remake, The Sims have unlocked unlimited potential for virtual storytelling.

But whatever Oscar-winning plot is being developed for the small screen can get dragged into the trash without interesting characters. Your Sims can be generic, or they can be extraordinary, with just a few CC add-ons that help spin their development in a more compelling direction.

And what’s better than a few scars, bruises, and injuries to make a unique cast out of your Sims?


20. Scar 07

Scar 07 Sims 4 CC

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Before the liberating decade of the 2010s, people were on autopilot to cover up scars and other imperfections.

Now it’s not at all surprising to see them out in the open or in inspiring Elle articles.

Make your statement with this Scar 07 Set from Scarlett.

Wear plunging necklines for days to show off your newest beauty signature.


19. Bruised Face + Body Scars

Bruised Face + Body Scars for Sims 4

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One of life’s guilty pleasures is spending precious hours binge-watching Sims 4 stories.

But among the sea of common love stories and badly edited videos, it can be hard to find a worthy series.

Unless there’s an uber hot bad boy looking ready to wreck a Sim’s life.

While I’m a sucker for the tall, dark, and handsome visage, a bad boy backstory of bar nights then street fights is exactly what I live for.

To nail that bad boy archetype down to the last detail, add some realistic-looking bruises and scars. Then become the newest fantasy of teenagers 16 and below.


18. Assortment of Scars

Assortment of Scars Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Flawless beauty used to be the golden standard for most people.

Until the power of hashtags and social media exposed it for what it really is: flawed, unrealistic, and unapologetically toxic.

We can’t choose what kind of scars we can wear in real life. But this CC can provide your Sims that creative choice.

With 17 facial scars available, there’s no shortage of options to distinguish your Sims from the rest.


17. Face Scars N04

Face Scars N04 for Sims 4

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Ever since creators mastered the art of making Alpha CCs, it’s been much easier now to perform the ultimate act of vanity – creating a Simself.

The Simself challenge is a fun exercise to scour the internet for CCs that can capture how you actually look.

Even your little imperfections can be replicated in aesthetically rugged ways.

This pack from Pralinesims has 10 scar variations, compatible for all ages and genders because life doesn’t choose its victims.


16. Band-Aid

Band-Aid Modded Sims 4 CC screenshot

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TS4 is a minefield of accidents. Where death awaits on command, or when Sims try to cook using free will.

It would take more than a few adhesive bandages to heal the physical and mental traumas we subject our Sims to… but it’s important to see modern heroes surviving small wounds.

Until, you know, your Sims get choked to death, stabbed in the gut, or shot in the head courtesy of the Extreme Violence Mod.

But before their impending doom, a few Band-Aids on the nose and knees can do just the trick to make a false sense of safety!


15. Black Eye

Black Eye - Sims 4 CC

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Ah yes, there’s nothing like a classic knuckle sandwich black eye to prove that your Sim has actually been in a fight and lived to tell the tale.

With the amount of dumb stuff Sims can interact with (including other Sims), it wouldn’t be surprising to see them beaten up or just dead on the sidewalk.

Sims have a terrifying life to lead.

But if they could survive the sadistic actions of players, then they should consider themselves lucky for going home with just one black eye.


14. Zuko’s Scar

Zuko’s Scar Sims 4 CC

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Calling all diehard ATLA fans, Zuko stans, and Zutara shippers!

It’s time your Sims find their honor by embracing the iconic scar of our favorite Fire Lord, Zuko.

Although permanent scarring is not exactly Crown Prince material, it has been the crux of Zuko’s character throughout the series.

And a constant reminder that Ozail will forever be ATLA’s number one prick.

This CC will have you wishing Sims received the same character development as Zuko, while still looking hot with a burn scar.


13. Love Bites

Love Bites for Sims 4

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There are bruises that we proudly show as a sign of hard work and determination.

Then there are bruises we desperately try to hide, hoping against hope that Cosmpolitan articles will have the answers we seek.

When love bites, it’s not like the sensual piercing of a vampire’s fangs as indicated by YA novels.

It’s more like watching a confused and hungry full-grown adult trying to suck a baby bottle for the first time.

When love bites, you don’t magically end up unscathed.

You leave with 14 different bruises all over your body because your Sims are too naughty for their own good.


12. Bruises from Crash

Bruises from Crash Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Seeing as TS4 doesn’t have any functional cars, there’s really no way for your Sims to get car crash injuries.

But of course, we live in a game of make-believe with outrageous storytelling that could put theater productions to shame.

We could say that it was a fine sunny day when your Sim was waiting at her usual spot for the carpool, when suddenly BAM!

A truck swerved and ran her over, but miraculously, she survived with only a few minor bruises on the face courtesy of this CC.

And because you have the wounds to show for it, your Sim’s boss won’t screw her over for trying to lie her way out of a Monday shift.


11. Patched Up Knees

Patched Up Knees for Sims 4

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Bruised and patched up knees isn’t my idea of a style must-have, but who knew that a bunch of bandages randomly smacked around the knees could be so… chic?

Of course, there’s the question of why a Sim would have knee injuries in the first place.

Was she in a brawl? A taekwondo fight? Did she accidentally bump into a table corner twice?

Is she a whiny teenage girl by day only to cover the fact that she’s a crime-fighting hero at night?

There’s a lot to speculate and more to fantasize with this crude collection of Band-Aids, and that’s why it’s a great CC set to have.


10. Harry Potter’s Scar

Harry Potter’s Scar Sims 4 CC

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There aren’t a lot of scars in pop culture that had as much impact as Harry Potter’s lightning bolt scar.

Drunk or sober, a lot of fans had no qualms in getting this magic mark permanently tattooed on their forehead. So why should your Sim?

Consider yourself lucky that no Dark Lords and Avada Kedavra spells are needed for this scar to amaze.


9. Scar 09

Scar 09 Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Although scars highlight a piece of our lives, I’m not particularly keen on learning why a Sim has his or her face almost cut wide open.

We’ve seen some pretty okay scars in terms of severity, but this CC from Scarlett is on a whole new level.

I can only describe its possible origin as The Girl with a Box Cutter Swinging Blindly at a Ghost, which sounds about accurate.

This CC pack has editable intensity as well as compatibility for adult male and female Sims.


8. Face Bandages

Face Bandages Sims 4 CC

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Unless you have the Brawl Mod enabled, I would understand the need for these many face bandages.

But if you think bandages can be used as regular accessories, then my 10-year-old self would agree with you.

I used to think bandaging a non-existent wound on my fingers or the back of my hand was cool.

Until 5th graders bully you for being a fake resulting in actual injuries showing up.

Being young and stupid has its perks and disasters. But don’t let that stop you from wearing these bandages like a model on a runway!


7. Face Scars

Face Scars - Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Living in the era of filters, it’s easy to make someone believe that thousands of twenty-something influencers have unblemished skin.

Unless they can afford a derma team on demand or have customizable skin like the Sims, it’s highly unlikely that many survived acne scars.

Facial scars might be an acquired taste for your Sim’s skin detail, but a few cuts on the cheek or lip can trump superficial beauty at any time.


6. Lightning Scars

Lightning Scars Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Scars remind us of funny moments, of past wrongs, and battles fought.

In this case, it reminds us of our Sims getting struck by lightning because they were dumb enough to go out during a storm.

Death by lightning is an agonizing way to go. But surviving it can give you one hell of an awesome scar.

Thanks to Nell, you can now commemorate your near-death experience with spiderweb-like scars that you can place all over your Sim’s body.

Even though becoming a lightning bender is a better outcome, a lightning scar can do just fine for now.


5. Body Hickeys and Nail Scratches

Body Hickeys and Nail Scratches Sims 4 CC

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There are good WooHoos and bad WooHoos. But how can you tell the difference?

Ever since The Sims 2 introduced the wonders of WooHooing, I’ve been unhealthily obsessed with finding out what happens under the sheets.

But even though we now have mods to see uncensored sexy times, the end is always the same: exhausted Sims looking as if they didn’t just make literal sparks fly.

With all that shaking, it’s physically impossible for both Sims to simply leave in one piece.

Hopefully this CC from Nell can fill in the gaps and deliver a more satisfying… yeah.


4. Noir Stitches

Noir Stitches Sims 4 CC screenshot

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It’s common sense that makeup is a Halloween essential.

A Joker costume without the iconic ear-to-ear lipstick is just your typical sad clown at a children’s birthday party.

A witch getup without an exaggerated smokey eye is just Professor Minerva McGonagall, not the Wicked Witch of the West.

But a Sim with full-body Noir Stitches? No badass introductions are needed.

Style your Sim’s spooky ensemble with this CC and become the Queen of the Night in no time.


3. Cat’s Scratches

Cat’s Scratches for Sims 4

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Cats rule the Internet.

Even if they have attitude problems and are probably plotting bloody murder behind those beautiful eyes, cats have an online army that could survive the nine circles of hell.

Cat owners are just fascinated with them, despite the fact that their love is often reciprocated in unprovoked scratches.

This makes them perfect pets for Sims, who are beings with inhumanly high pain tolerance.

If your Sims are adopting a stray or are currently worshipping the devil’s spawns, then this CC from Nell is a familiar sight.


2. Scars N7

Scars N7 Sims 4 CC

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Everyone has a different concept of beauty.

Some drool at six-pack abs, paper thin waistlines, and thigh gaps.

Some spend hours painting their face with concealer and makeup like it’s the Renaissance.

While some are enlightened enough to admire this CC and the rawness it exudes from start to end.

Scars N7 has 10 more versions to prove to you that imperfections can be beautiful if you give it a chance to shine.


1. Mark of the Wolf

Mark of the Wolf Sims 4 CC screenshot

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At the top of the pack is taraab’s Mark of the Wolf!

Made in ferocious detail, this CC will make you question how a Sim can survive a wolf scratch that gouged out an eye.

But for whatever reason you plan to use this mark, you’ll be clawing for more than the 2 versions included in this collection.

Savage and wicked, the Mark of the Wolf is imprinted as arguably the best scar CC in the game!

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