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Marketed as a “casualwear and dress” clothing brand from Arleta, Juicy Couture blew up in the 2000s.

If you were around, then you know.

Brightly-colored velour tracksuits proudly displaying the word Juicy—bold, bedazzled, and position in such a way that they’re splayed over certain areas of the body.

Even if you never subscribed to it as a brand, I’m confident you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So why not let your Sim relive a bit of iconic 2000s luxury?

Here’s the best Juicy Couture clothes for your Sims to strut around in.


1. Juicy Couture Request by cantransimmer

Juicy Couture Request (Tracksuits) by cantransimmer / TS4 CC

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Let’s start with the classic Juicy Couture getup.

The stylish cropped jacket, the distinctive velour fabric, and the big, bold “JUICY” written on the seat of the pants in beautiful, stylish font.

All I learned about Juicy Couture was that it was considered a luxury fashion brand way back when because all the celebrities seemed to be wearing it.

Why they seemed drawn to this specific style, I couldn’t tell you. But, there you go.

There is nothing more characteristically Juicy Couture than this sweater-pants combo.

Each piece of this outfit (top and pants) comes in 20 color-and-texture options.

And since they fall under two separate categories (instead of under the Full Body category), they can be customized individually.

Want a black jacket with hot pink JC pants? Totally doable.


2. Be Juicy Bandeau by oversimply

Be Juicy Bandeau by oversimply / Sims 4 CC

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You’ve heard of juicy peaches, but how about a juicy bandeau?

This Be Juicy bandeau by oversimply gives off a very distinct vibe.

I’d say it’s incredibly reminiscent of “slim-thicc” Instagram influencers sponsored by pure protein bars and/or detox teas. Yeah, it’s pretty specific.

But hey, iIf your Sim fits this vibe, then this custom bandeau is absolutely perfect.

Don’t forget to download the mesh from Cleotopia, otherwise it won’t work!

P.S. If you’re having trouble navigating the creator’s website to find the download link, here’s the direct download link from simsfinds.


3. Discover University Gym Outfit by sixam-hearts

Discover University Gym Outfit like Juicy Couture (sixam-hearts) / Sims 4 CC

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Note: you’ll need The Sims 4: Discover University for this to work!

The creator did an awesome job with both the custom outfits and the preview photos (specifically the fourth photo, bottom right). Really shows off the quality of the items before you even test them.

It may not say Juicy Couture specifically, but there’s no mistaking That Word and the placement of That Word on the tracksuit pants.

This is totally inspired by good ol’ JC.

I love that the creator put in the effort to create different swatches of the joggers with different words. Aside from Juicy, your Sim can also pt for Princess, Sul Sul, or Namaste right on the butt.

Jokes aside, I do love how the cinched hoodie and cuffed jogging pants look together.

The limited color palette (five swatches) doesn’t bother me at all since all of the available choices are pretty—and pretty solid.


4. Juicy Tracksuit by ridgeport

Juicy Tracksuit by ridgeport TS4 CC

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This juicy velour tracksuit by ridgeport looks almost exactly like Juicy Couture’s iconic outfit set.

The only thing missing?

The bedazzled branding on the bottom.

But you know what? The vibe is totally on-point.

The creator may not have named names specifically, but all the clues are there. This tracksuit is totally early 2000s luxe fashion.

Plus, it’s a really cute outfit with a really distinct look, so. I’m keeping it on this list.


5. Juicy Couture Babe Top with Sequins by Froya Vexx CC

Juicy Couture Babe Top with Sequins / Sims 4 CC

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This custom clothing item was based off of an actual Juicy Couture top that the creator saw.

They apparently took this project as a chance to improve their 3D modeling and rendering skills, and lemme tell you; those are some skills.

The top is Gorgeous with a capital G. It’s pink, pretty, and oh-so sparkly.

I have no idea what 3D sequin application is (as per the creator’s notes).

But I do know that the effort paid off. This sequined Babe top is perfect for fashionable, high-flying Sims who know they look hot.

It comes in two colors (which can also be seen in the preview photos) — hot pink and powder pink.


6. VFiles x Juicy Couture Sweater by hypesim

VFiles x Juicy Couture Sweater by hypesim / Sims 4 CC

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If bandeaus, tubes, and tracksuit sets aren’t your Sims’ thing, why not a cool cropped Juicy sweater?

This is the creator’s first time making original meshes, and I think they absolutely nailed it.

And while it would have been cool to have this sweater in a couple different swatches, the sort of super-pale pink swatch it’s got right now is really working for it.

Especially with the bold, black outline font on the front.

Plus, this piece has a pretty different vibe from the other custom Juicy Couture pieces in this list, which I think sets it apart in a good way.


7. Juicy Couture Bottoms + Juicy Couture Top by scampsims

Juicy Couture Bottoms + Top by scampsims / TS4 CC

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Here’s a juicy set that isn’t a velour tracksuit.

To celebrate hitting 400 well-deserved followers, scampsims gifts us with a pair of what look to be cotton or light denim pants (that are a wee bit tight, but nothing too extreme) and a really saucy, low-cut tank (with matching colored bra peeping through).

The tank comes in two swatches, and the Juicy bottoms have five swatches.

You can wear both as a sort of makeshift JC set (believe me; both pieces together make one heckuva statement) or you can enjoy each piece as is.


8. Lycra and Patterned Leotard Body Suits by blewis50

Lycra Patterned Leotard Juicy Bodysuits by blewis50 / Sims 4 CC

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I have the utmost respect for people who can rock rompers, leotards, and similar full body one-piece suits.

Like, I could never. I have so many questions. Doesn’t it feel like a onesie?

Isn’t it uncomfortable to shimmy in and out of?

And how do you go to the bathroom? That’s my main concern.

But I digress.

These Juicy Couture Lycra leotard bodysuits are the epitome of fashionable.

The cinched, wrap-style bodice, the tight-to-the-curves fabric, and the super posh-looking JC symbol on the middle of the torso—all these details just lend to the overall look.

And the overall look is gorgeous.


9. Jumpsuit Juicy by babyetears

Jumpsuit Juicy by babyetears / Sims 4 CC

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Check out this juicy bottoms-and-bandeaus set.

The texture is just chef’s kiss! Absolutely stunning.

There’s something just so mesmerizing about the iconic Juicy Couture velour that makes me want to touch it—even if it is just through the computer screen.

Babyetears’s custom top and bottom have Juicy proudly displayed in rhinestones along the chest and across the bum, respectively.

Both the top and bottom come with four color swatches.

This one’s for those sassy and chic girls out there; you can’t get any more unapologetic than this.


10. Juicy Suit TS4 by vittleruniverse

Juicy Suit TS4 by vittleruniverse / TS4 CC

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This sort of feels like the boss outfit to end all boss outfits.

I dunno if it’s because of the preview photos, or just the general vibe of the clothing itself (both in CAS and in-game).

But this Juicy Couture tracksuit set gives off strong bad-b-IG-influencer energy.

It looks like the kind of outfit donned by those uber-confident girls you see all over your Instagram feed and feel utterly awed by.

I guess it speaks of the creator’s skills that they managed to embody that in a simple JC suit, but there you go.

It comes in ten swatches & has a pretty neat texture in-game.

Also, if you’re having trouble finding the download link on the creator’s website, try this direct simfileshare link.

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