Best Kanye West CC For The Sims 4

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I don’t know if Kanye West plays The Sims.

If he does though, I’m willing to bet my entire life savings that his favorite CCs would be Kanye West stuff.

Because no one – and I mean no one – loves Kanye better than Kanye.

And in all honesty, I don’t blame him. He’s a producer, a rapper, a fashion designer, and an overall icon.

With a resumé like that it’s hard not to be at least a bit egotistical.

Your Sim may never love Kanye more than Kanye, but they can at least try with this awesome custom content.


1. Wyoming Merch

Wyoming Merch CC for The Sims 4

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After The Life of Pablo, Kanye released a string of EPs that showcased his god-like production abilities.

One of them was the self-titled Ye, a brutally honest deep dive into his erratic personality and mental health issues.

Aside from instant classics like “Yikes” and “Ghost Town,” this EP produced one of his most creative pieces of merch to date:

A collection of shirts and hoodies inspired by the state where Ye was conceived.

Show your love for this underrated gem with this free CC.


2. Yeezy 700 Intertia Sneakers

Yeezy 700 Intertia Sneakers / Sims 4 CC

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When Kanye dropped the first line of Yeezys with Adidas, people thought he would fail.

The footwear’s unconventional design made it look like it belonged more on a runway than in the average person’s shoe closet.

But, three years later, we got the Yeezy 700 “Intertia,” a dad-inspired running shoe that combines comfort and Yeezys’ signature weirdness.

The retail price for this shoe is around $300. But you can have it for absolutely free in The Sims, all thanks to HypeSim!


3. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian for Kanye / TS4 CC

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Like almost everything in Kanye’s life, everyone expected the worst when he married Kim Kardashian.

Their friendship started back in 2003 when Kanye met Kim while he was collaborating with RnB artist Brandy.

He fell in love with her immediately, but it was only nine years later in 2012 when they finally made it official.

Four kids, twelve houses, and a million tabloid headlines later, they filed for divorce in February 2021.

It’s sad to see their romantic relationship come to a close. But at least they’re still friends, as evident in Kim’s participation in the Donda roll-out.

Despite the abrupt end, they still proved that an egotistical artist and a reality TV star could make a great couple.

So get your Sim a Kim today with this CC by Jolea!

And if you need even more Kardashian-themed CC, we’ve got plenty to share.


4. Kanye Face Tee

Kanye Face Tee / Sims 4 CC

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There was a time when artist merch was simple.

Slap their face or name on a t-shirt, and that was it.

But nowadays it’s become business-as-usual to get a big-name designer attached and have a line of merch that looks like high-end streetwear.

Although it’s arguably changed for the better, the older style of merch still has its charm.

A perfect example is this t-shirt with Kanye’s face on it. Because of course it has his face on it.

Anything less wouldn’t be Kanye.


5. Yeezy Season 3 Boots

Yeezy Season 3 Boots CC for The Sims 4

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Believe it or not, there was a time when the fashion world didn’t take Kanye seriously.

“His designs are too out there,” they said. “He’s not a designer; he’s a rapper.”

Well look who’s laughing now.

Your Sims can now rock Kanye’s distinct sense of style with these Yeezy female boots.


6. Yeezus and “Power” Shirts

Yeezus and Power Shirts / TS4 CC

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Kanye’s fanbase seems like it’s split into two camps:

The fans of the old Kanye, and fans of the new Kanye.

While the two sides are typically passionate about their preferred versions of Ye, their stand on songs like “Power” and almost everything on Yeezus are pretty much unanimous: they’re indisputable hip hop classics.

Let your Sims show off their love for these timeless bangers with shirts from McLayneSims.


7. The Life of Pablo Merch

The Life of Pablo Merch / Sims 4 CC

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2016 was a crazy year for Kanye. And it was all thanks to his masterpiece, The Life of Pablo.

There was that huge album listening party at Madison Square Garden, the constant tinkering on the album even after it was released, and – of course – the infamous line on “Famous” that reignited his feud with Taylor Swift.

It all feels like child’s play now compared to the chaos surrounding Donda.

But it’s just one of those pop-culture moments you’ll remember forever.

And there’s no better way to do that than with this Life of Pablo shirt added into your Sim’s closet.


8. Yeezus Tour Bomber Jacket

Yeezus Tour Bomber Jacket for The Sims 4

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Coming at a close second in my list of “Most Chaotic Moments in Kanye History” is the entire Yeezus era.

Ditching the maximalism of his two previous projects, he went for the jugular with an industrial sound and a punk rock attitude.

Whether or not you love this polarizing album, you can’t deny that this Yeezus Tour bomber jacket is fire.

I think your Sims will love it.


9. Kanye West Outfits

Kanye West Outfits (Preview) TS4 CC

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Everyone knows that Kanye has had his fair share of unflattering moments in interviews and paparazzi encounters.

But no matter how stupid or nonsensical he seems, he always looks good while doing it.

That’s just Kanye.

And now your Sims can snag Kanye’s impeccable sense of style with this CC collection.

Note that the link above goes to a YouTube video tutorial of how to use the attire, but there’s a link in the video description to grab the build.


10. Kanye West CAS

Kanye West CAS Build / Sims 4 CC

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Why stop at getting a bunch of Kanye-themed outfits and shirts?

In The Sims 4 you can just turn your Sim into Yeezus himself.

Shylaria got him to a T with this instantly recognizable goatee and signature smirk.

Aspirations are set to “Creativity” and “Musical Genius” while traits are “Materialistic,” “Music Lover,” and “Self-Assured.”

If that isn’t a perfect distillation of Kanye West, then I don’t know what is.

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