Best Sims 4 Knitting & Sewing CC (All Free)

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For people of all ages, knitting and sewing are popular hobbies.

Back in the day, they were skills born out of necessity. But nowadays almost everyone knits and sews simply for pleasure… and maybe out of the hopes of earning a little extra cash.

There’s even a specific knitting pack for The Sims 4, it’s so popular!

And while we may not have any official sewing content yet, Simmers have definitely gone a long way to fill in the gaps.

This list contains everything you’ll need to integrate these relaxing hobbies into your Sim’s lives, from mods to décor.


“Functional” Sewing Machine

Functional Sewing Machine for The Sims 4

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Now don’t get your hopes too high, note that “functional” is in quotation marks.

Your Sims will be able to sit down and “use” this sewing machine in the same way they use a computer, but they won’t be creating any masks or quilt squares with it.

Those capabilities just aren’t in the game… yet.

CC makers can’t work magic!

However, this is still a pretty awesome item.

It looks just like a real sewing machine, complete with buttons, dials, and plenty of Simlish writing, as well as some material.


Crafting Room – Sewing

Crafting Room - Sewing Set / Sims 4 CC

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For devoted sewers, having a whole room dedicated to your craft is a dream come too.

This is not an endeavor that comes without a lot of supplies.

You’ll need thread, fabric, pins, and needles – and a whole lot of all of that.

You’ll get all of the above and more in this amazing set.

There are two sewing machines, one modern and one vintage, as well as the appropriate pedals.

You even get a dedicated realistic sewing machine table to set them on!

Then there’s quite an assortment of décor to really deck out this sewing room.

From spools to pin cushions and even a little pile of patterns, you’ll have everything you need to give your Sim the sewing space they deserve.


Knit Happens Clutter

Knit Happens Clutter Pack / TS4 CC

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Whether you yourself are a knitter or you simply know one, it’s pretty easy to tell if someone knows the way of the needles shortly after entering their home.

It’s a hobby that’s highly portable, and can be picked up or put down at any time.

So for an avid knitter, there will probably be remnants of their projects in nearly every room.

Balls of yarn here, big skeins there – things can get a bit out of hand with the clutter, but personally I think it makes a home look rather cozy.

There are also some rolls of material here as well, since a crafter rarely sticks to one outlet.

Everything is base game compatible, too. So don’t worry if you don’t have Nifty Knitting – you can still have a bunch of yarn!


Tailoring Career Mod

Tailoring Career Mod / The Sims 4

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Career mods are always some of my favorite things for The Sims.

In real life, a town usually has more than 7 jobs – and a lot more opportunities to turn your passions and skills into a career.

This Simmer, Midnitetech, really went all out to make an amazing & developed tailoring career mod.

She did the best she could since we have no workable sewing skill – and the results are honestly incredible.

Your Sim will be able to rise through 10 levels of this career, starting out as an Alteration Assistant.

With a lot of work, pin pricks, and determination, they may even make it to the Master Tailor position, eventually.

Each promotion has a fun & detailed description, and your Sim will have to build some skills along the way – unless you want to cheat your way to the top, which is always an option in The Sims.


Basket with Knitting

Basket with Knitting for The Sims 4

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Here’s another simple way to decorate your knitter Sim’s home.

It’s a little wicker basket with some yarn and needles, perfect for coffee tables, nightstands, and fireplace mantles alike.

And the yarn balls have a really great texture – there’s no doubt what they are!

And the way the needles stick out really makes them look like this was just sat down in haste, for a Sim to go answer the door or cook dinner.


Sewing Clutter

Sewing Clutter Pack / Sims 4 CC

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When you’re in the heat of a sewing project, things may not be very neat.

Now you can reflect that in your own game with this clutter set from Cocomama.

It includes everything like bundles of fabric, cones of thread, scissors, a mat for cutting fabric, and even some quilting magazines!

Everything looks great and comes in several different styles and swatches, making plenty of opportunity for mixing, matching, and varying your room to make it unique.


Knit Quickly Mod

Knit Quickly Mod / TS4 CC

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For real knitters, speed comes with skill.

Have you ever seen a little old lady who has been knitting her whole life working on a project?

Those needles are flying.

After a certain point, many small projects can be finished in a matter of hours! Now it can be the same for your Sims, thanks to this mod from RobinKLocksley.

There are a few different options for how quickly you can speed up your Sim’s knitting interactions, from a reasonable boost to super quick.


Decorative Yarn CC

Decorative Yarn CC for The Sims 4

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Any dedicated knitter will tell you that you can never have too much yarn.

That’s like having too much air to breathe – it just doesn’t make sense!

With yarn being the lifeblood of this hobby, you can imagine how much knitters accumulate.

These little decorative stacks of skeins will really make your Sim’s home look knit-friendly – not all yarn comes in balls!

And there are six color variations here, so you could really build quite the collection.


Loom Knitting Set

Loom Knitting Set / Sims 4 CC

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Believe it or not, knitting comes in more than one form.

There’s the way everyone knows about, with two needles. But there’s also loom knitting, which includes, well, a loom.

Those come in several different styles and shapes, two of which are reflected here in this CC set.

There’s a round one as well as a long one, which would keep any knitter plenty busy!

My favorite part of this set, however, is the yarn.

These detailed Red Heart skeins have a very authentic look, and it’s fun to be able to include a well-known and beloved real life brand in your game.


Victorian Sewing Set

Victorian Sewing Set for The Sims 4

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It goes without saying that sewing is a pastime that goes way back.

People have been stitching stuff together for centuries upon centuries, and only slight technological developments have been made through the years.

In Victorian times, sewing was not only a hobby, but a necessity for families who didn’t want to shell out money for new clothes every time they got a hole.

But ya know, it was the Victorian era. So things were tough.

Sewing was done solely by hand, until the sewing machine came out in the mid-1800s.

The popular style actually looked pretty much exactly like the one pictured, and I’m assuming the creator did that on purpose.

So if you like playing the Decades Challenge or just making vintage builds, this is some genuinely vintage décor worth grabbing.

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