The Sims 4: Best Legend of Zelda CC & Mods (All Free)

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The Legend of Zelda isn’t just one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. It’s also one of the most influential media franchises in the last few decades.

This high-fantasy action-adventure video-game series was created by Shigeru Miyamoto way back in 1986 – and it has defined what it means to be a gamer and a kid ever since.

A long time has passed since LoZ first released, and the series keeps evolving with every new installment.

But you don’t need a history lesson to know how cool it’d be to rock some Zelda & Link CC in your Sims game. So let’s get right to it.


10. Triforce Earrings

Triforce earrings Sims 4 CC

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One of the most discreet-but-appealing ways to show your allegiance to Hyrule (and love for the TLoZ series) is to have your Sim wear these Triforce Earrings by well-known creator PralineSims.

The Triforce is an omnipotent relic that grants the wishes of whoever holds it.

I doubt your Sim will see any of these powerful effects, but having Triforce earrings is a wish come true for any Zelda fan.


9. Gerudo Link Character Set

Gerudo Link Character CC for The Sims 4

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This women’s garb helped Link slip through the no-boys-allowed Gerudo Town.

It has gone on to become one of his most memorable attires, and now you can have it in your Sims 4 game.

This CC is brought to us by Triforce-Sims, who’s taken it upon themselves to get all things Zelda into TS4. Specifically this set is really high-quality, and it comes in several swatches to suit your tastes.

Note: To make Gerudo Link, you might also need these pointy ears and this Link hairstyle by SimpleSimmer.


8. Triforce Hand Tattoo

Triforce Hand Tattoo CC

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Triforce tattoos might be one of the oldest, most widespread gamer tattoo ideas ever.

It’s the mark of a true Zelda fan that’s committed to the series and plans to follow it ‘till their dying breath.

That said, it may be a bit inaccurate to call this creation by Triforce-Sims a “tattoo” considering it also shows up over clothing.

If anything, it’s the Triforce’s shiny magical mark – the real deal.

It’s available for both hands and comes in a total of 24 swatches, so you can play around with your Sim’s magic tattoo/mark/whatever to match any outfit.


7. Ghirahim Character Set

Ghirahim Character Set CC for Sims 4

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Ghirahim is one of the most unique villains in the Zelda series.

His character brings together a flamboyant appearance with a psychopathic personality. All things considered, he’s one of the scariest antagonists in the series.

Creator Triforce-Sims offers us this fantastic set to bring him into your Sims game – though I don’t know why you’d want to do that to your Sims, but hey you do you.

Also available from the same creator is Ghirahim’s Final Form – a darker, more muscular appearance you only get to see in the final battle against the demonic fiend.


6. Fi Character Set

Fi Character Set For The Sims 4

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Fi is a fragment of the Goddess Hylia that inhabits the Goddess Sword and serves as your navigator throughout TLoZ: Skyward Sword.

She did the job much better than Navi, but also managed to become one of the best characters in the game through character development and all-around cuteness.

This CC set by Triforce-Sims will let you transfer her essence from the Goddess Blade into The Sims 4. That way you can watch her live her best life and slowly recover from the emotional impact of her last scene in the game.

Specifically this CC set includes all necessary skin overlays, eyes, hair, dress, tights, and the big diamond on her chest – all in remarkably high quality.

It also comes in different colors so you could have a golden or silver Fi too.


5. Fairy Familiar Override

Fairy Familiar Override CC - Sims 4

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There was always a fairy among the familiars you could get in the Realm of Magic expansion – but this mod by IllogicalSims will make it way cooler by turning it into a Zelda fairy.

By “Zelda fairy” I mean a round blob of light with delicate wings, like the ones you can trap in bottles, and your navigator throughout Ocarina of Time: Navi.

Navi may have gained a reputation for being annoying and always chiming-in at the worst times.

But she’s still iconic – and this Fairy Familiar Override is perfect to go with TLoZ-themed outfits.


4. Twilight Princess Bedroom Set

Twilight Princess Bedroom Set - Sims 4 CC

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In all of my time hunting Sims 4 CC, I don’t think I’ve ever been as mesmerized by a bedroom set as I am with this Twilight Princess-inspired creation by Duodraconis.

It takes Link and his adventures through the Twilight Realm as his inspiration – as made evident by the large Link portrait, framed in an incredibly cool Twilight Portal-style frame.

The wallpaper and flooring also mimics the Twilight Realm’s patterns, with colors reminiscent of the many dank dungeons and stone corridors you find yourself traversing in the dark and gritty game.

There’s also a closet, a chest, bedside tables, and many other pieces of furniture – all inspired by the Twilight Realm, with a distinctive design and an eerie but cool aquamarine glow.


3. Breath of the Wild Bedroom Set

Breath of the Wild Bedroom Set - Sims 4 CC

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Even better than the Twilight Princess set is this fantastic medieval-looking Breath of the Wild Bedroom CC Set – also modeled by genius Duodraconis.

It includes plenty of Sheikah-themed decorations and colorful fabrics reminiscent of the Kingdom’s golden age before Calamity Ganon struck.

With a dummy to hang armor on and lots of sober furniture, it seems like a room fit for a knight – a very wealthy knight.

My favorite items in this set are the gorgeous Triforce rug, and the bright blue bedsheets, which remind me of Link’s suspended slumber chamber.


2. Zelda Character Set

Zelda Character Set - TS4 CC

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Zelda has come a long way from her origins as a mere damsel in distress.

In the latest few games she’s always played a significant role in defeating evil – and her Breath of the Wild incarnation might be the most bad-ass of them all.

This CC set by Natalia-Auditore will let you bring this adventurous Zelda into your Sims game.

It includes the whole outfit, boots, hairstyle, and several accessories – all in varied colors so you can make the type of Zelda that suits your tastes.

I’m amazed at how incredibly detailed and high-quality this outfit looks, yet it also seems like something that’d fit right at home in TS4.


1. Link Character Set

Link Character Set - TS4 CC

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If we’re talking about TLoZ CC, getting Link in his most iconic garb into your game has to be our top priority – and nobody does it better than creator Natalia-Auditore.

This incredibly high-quality CC set includes everything you need for the character. Like his green robes, his hair, boots, and accessories such as the Hylian Shield and Master Sword, which can be placed on his back or in his hands too.

The set also includes his cloak from Breath of the Wild, which is easily my favorite part of the set, and something I’ll be using for other characters as well.

There are many colors available for all of these, so I’m sure you’ll have fun playing around and switching palettes like your very own Super Smash Bros: Sims Edition.

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